The A – Z of GM Foods

Regular readers will know that we, at The Therapy Book, are in the process of developing a phone app which will enable shoppers in the UK, with one swipe, to identify foods on supermarket shelves that contain GM ingredients.

Currently, we’re in the process of writing to the supermarkets and food producers to ask them, straight out, whether and which of their products contain GM ingredients.

So how are we getting on with it?

Well, funny you should ask that….! Let’s just put it like this: it’s not going as fast as we would like because, surprise surprise, nobody seems to be able to answer a straight question. It’s as if you asked someone, “How many pets do you have?”.

And they reply: “We have a dog.”

And some of them even reply: “We have a black labrador called Prince with the shiniest nose and healthiest coat you ever saw. When we exhibited him at Crufts, last year, he walked away with the Top Dog award,” in the hope that they can distract you from noticing that they haven’t answered your question.

So you ask again, “Yes, but HOW MANY pets do you have?”

And they reply: “The next door neighbour’s got a goldfish.”

So third time lucky, you hope, and you ask the same question again:

“HOW MANY pets do you have?”

And the reply comes back, “Our policy on how many pets we have is explained clearly for all our customers on our website. Just put Pets in the Search box on our home page. In this way, we are completely transparent about all our policies regarding Pets, which also comply with EU regulations.”

So you try putting the word Pets in the Search box on their home page, and, yes … you’ve guessed it, you’re taken straight to

Error Page

So this is why, if you were wondering, it’s taking so long.

However, we are fast reaching the ‘put up or shut up’ phase of the operation. We will soon be informing supermarkets and food manufacturers that find themselves unable to answer our questions that they will be listed as being unable to guarantee that certain products that they either sell or produce are free from GM ingredients, or free from animals that are fed GM crops.

In conclusion, for now, I’d say that we have to prepare for the dawning realisation that a significant amount  of the processed foods on sale in the UK may be, at the very least, contaminated with animal products (egg, milk, dairy, meat) in which the animal concerned has been fed on GM crops.

By law, food companies do not have to show on the label when a food contains animal products in which the animal has been fed on GM crops. Monsanto, and other biotech companies, claim that this is irrelevant because they insist that DNA cannot cross species.

Nevertheless, scientists have shown that this is not the case, and that the main problem may not come from DNA crossing species, but from micro-RNA, which can, and which could be responsible for an otherwise inexplicable peak in the stats worldwide (but particularly in the US where 90 per cent of processed foods contain GM)  for a whole host of ailments, including birth defects and still births. (See GM Foods: The New Thalidomide).

Shop GMO-Free In The UK

The first definitive A-Z guide to the GM status of thousands of foods in the UK

Our book,  which has been endorsed by Steven Drucker, author of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, is first to show the genetically modified (GM) status of thousands of foods across hundreds of brands on sale now in British shops and supermarkets, with easy to search, at a glance A-Z lists.

With the Shop GMO-Free in the UK ebook at your fingertips, you’ll be able to join with us, to ‘persuade’ food manufacturers what sorts of foods they should be supplying us with, in a language they can understand. In other words, we can vote with our shopping baskets!

With this ebook, it couldn’t be easier – it’s the no hassle way to buy foods for yourself and your family that are guaranteed by their manufacturers to be free from GMOs and from products from animals fed on GMO-free feed.

And watch out for our new phone app …. due imminently!

Shop GMO-Free in the UK

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