How David Attenborough and the BBC betrayed our trust

Anyone who thinks about science but that still likes to believe that the BBC is an impartial reporter of world events must have been seriously disappointed by last night’s ‘special episode’ of David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet. Our Americans cousins, who have also bought the series, will not get the ‘global warming instalment’ because they’ve refused to be taken in by the Great Global Warming Scam. However, over here in the UK, we were treated to the usual alarmism and false reporting about rising CO2 linked to warming globally that “could” increase by more than the all-important two degrees over the next few years, leaving the poor polar bears and beloved penguins bereft of their natural habitat of the icy wastes.

But why, when the Earth has not warmed for at least 10 years (if you believe the official Climategate people’s data) and around 40 years if you go by other factors, such as tree rings and satellite figures, is the BBC still so flagrantly partial to reporting man-made global warming alarmism?

Why oh why?

Why does the BBC continue to ignore the inconvenient truth that temperatures are not continuing to rise as the IPCC’s computer models had predicted they should, and that the ice caps are not seriously melting; polar bears are not vanishing; sea levels are not dangerously rising; heatwaves, hurricanes and droughts are not becoming more frequent, as Al Gore and the IPCC panel had insisted they must.

And why was one of the best Nature programmes on television sacrificed to this unworthy cause when more and more scientists are throwing away their careers and their Nobel Prizes to stand shoulder to shoulder against the global warming scam?

Well, there is a reason for it. It’s because BBC science journalists have been briefed to toe the party line. Even before BBC environmental journalist Alex Kirby’s infamous ‘ho ho ho’ email leaked during the recent Climategate II, we knew that the Beeb was not the least bit interested in any data providing a different view to the aggravated global warming theories from a letter written by Peter Sissons when he left.

“For me, though, the most worrying aspect of political correctness was over the story that recurred with increasing frequency during my last ten years at the BBC” — global warming (or ‘climate change’, as it became known when temperatures appeared to level off or fall slightly after 1998).

“From the beginning I was unhappy at how one-sided the BBC’s coverage of the issue was, and how much more complicated the climate system was than the over-simplified two-minute reports that were the stock-in-trade of the BBC’s environment correspondents”

But there was a further indication, as Christopher Booker, in his report just published today for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, says:

“In January 2006, a secret seminar was held for the BBC’s most senior staff where the former president of the Royal Society, Lord May, told them that ‘the scientific debate over climate change’ was over, and that the BBC must ‘stop reporting the sceptics’.

“As a result, the BBC adopted a new editorial policy line, throwing any obligation to impartiality to the winds.

“The BBC’s journalists and producers were let off the leash — to line up with the more extreme environmental pressure groups, such as Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and Friends of the Earth, in pushing their global warming agenda for all it was worth.

Blue Peter and The Archers

“This bias was soon evident across the whole of the BBC’s output. Not just in the news and current affairs coverage, but from children’s programmes such as Blue Peter — which titled one show Green Peter, with top tips to save the planet — to story-lines in The Archers, one of which involved a farmer planting trees to combat climate change.

“Even producers of the BBC Proms got in on the act. In 2007 they commissioned a ‘music drama’ centred on a group of children who had lost their homes through floods caused by climate change.

“Programme after programme promoted the climate change gospel, including a two-part documentary series by David Attenborough in 2006, which featured practically every scare story ever dreamed up.

“These included predictions that hurricane disasters, such as the previous year’s Katrina, would soon be commonplace, as well as familiar claims that the polar ice caps were melting, threatening the world with a catastrophic rise in sea levels.

“The only trouble was that, even then, almost every claim Attenborough made was not supported by serious scientific evidence. The truth is that since the New Orleans flood of 2005, hurricane activity has, in fact, dropped to a historic low.

“And despite all the scary claims about the vanishing Arctic ice, its modest retreat has been counter-balanced by a striking increase in ice around Antarctica (a fact not exactly highlighted on Frozen Planet last night).”

So next time we wonder where our licence fee is going, we’ll know. Some of it, at least, is going into propaganda programmes to support a consensus for the establishment of higher taxes on all emissions of CO2, and to build thousands more wind turbines for which no cost-benefit analysis can make a business case for their use on any grounds, including cost and effectivity.

Betrayal on three counts

As Christopher Booker concludes:

“All this is why I am far from alone in concluding that the BBC’s coverage has, on this key issue of our time, gone hopelessly off the rails. The Corporation has been guilty of three separate betrayals.

“By making its coverage so flagrantly one-sided on the environment issue, it has betrayed its statutory duty to report on world events impartially.

“Second, it has betrayed the basic principles of science by giving such unquestioning support to a theory which the evidence has increasingly been called into doubt.

“Above all, however, the BBC has betrayed the trust of its audience, by failing to give a fair and balanced picture.

“This has become a national scandal. It is time we called this pampered, self-important organisation to account for having misinformed us for too long.”
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Christopher Booker’s report, The BBC And Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal, is available online today  from the Global Warming Policy Foundation. His quotes were taken from his article in the Daily Mail.

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