The Biggest Story In Recorded Human History, Part 2

This is the second part of The Biggest Story In Recorded Human History, which was about recent scientific analysis of chemtrail fall-out. If you haven’t yet read that yet, you might want to do so before embarking on this one about how to clear the toxic products from this fall-out out of your body.

As discussed, the chemtrails fall-out consists of any number of microorganisms and/or microparticles of heavy metals, assorted fungi, sedatives, silicone polymer fibres and /or strange nanotechnology made up of dried blood cells, fibres and eggs.

These are the foreign bodies that need to be removed if we are return to full health and it’s not going to be quick or straightforward, like going to your doctor and just getting some pills. You will have use your intelligence, your discretion and also be prepared to do some research of your own.

In other words, you will have to take responsibility for getting yourself better and it is advisable to let your doctor know that you’re doing it although don’t expect an intelligent response in return because most doctors don’t know anything about chemtrails let alone how to rid oneself of their toxic effects. You are on the cutting edge of natural health here.

So here’s some advice to get you started.

Heavy metals

Heavy metal toxicity is often mis-diagnosed as other conditions such as anxiety/panic disorder, depression, mental disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, learning disorders and many more common health problems. In fact many conditions, such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease have been linked to toxicity of heavy metals and it’s interesting that statistics for those suffering from those health conditions have risen massively during the last 10 years, which is how long chemtrail spraying has been going on.

Anyway, the good news is that seaweeds have been proven to be great removers of heavy metals, and algae like cholorella and spirulina. Seaweeds are so well known as ‘heavy metal removers’ that they are used to clean up water coming out of redundant mines in Wales. This is because they contain a natural substance called ‘algin’ which binds to radioactive elements such as heavy metals. Alginates cant be broken down by bile or saliva and so they aren’t absorbed by the body, and whatever has bound itself to the alginates is then eliminated from the body.

If you’re iodine-deficient, and many of us are, seaweeds will also help to bring more iodine into your body. But it might be a good idea to get your iodine levels tested first.

Nano-technology and silicone fibres

Dr Mike Castle has found that the fibres emerging from the skin of Morgellons’ sufferers is a self-replicating form of nano-technology developed initially by NASA. He says that diatomaceous earth interrupts the communication between the different elements (fungus, heavy metals, parasites fibres, bacteria). An added benefit is that it helps to build stronger teeth, hair and bones, but make sure you get food grade diatomaceous earth (you can read more about organic food state diatomaceous earth here.)

The point here is that if you can break down the components, the body can more easily reject them.

Dr Castle also says that the trace mineral boron from Borax also helps to intefere with the whole matrix and this is interesting, because it correlates with a nutritional recommendation from Gwen Scott ND which is also a way of diagnosing whether you have the fibres in your body. She uses red grape juice and  the purple grape is the richest known source of boron. She believes that red grape juice not only rids the body of the fibres but also renders them unable to replicate.  Dr Castle says he believes the boron stops the little black “seeds” from maturing into full grown fibres.

However, one doesn’t drink the red grape juice but rather swill it round the mouth several times and spit out the fibres which will emerge from the network around the mouth, chin, gums, face, sinuses, nose, neck etc.  It’s best to follow Gwen Scott’s instructions carefully, which are here.

Finally, Dr. John Milewski has been having some good results with magnetite and water and you can read his findings here and also find out where to get the best magnetite.

Alchemical tincture

I’m currently working on an alchemical tincture which I hope will help those suffering with Morgellons. I don’t want to give away any secrets about the recipe just yet, but watch this space.

If anyone else knows of any other research in this area that might be helpful to add here, please either contact us or let us know in the Comments area.


Hi, this is Ishtar of Ishtar’s Gate. I wrote the above article. Tonight, I tried Gwen Scott’s red wine test, and loads of fibres came out. They were no more than quarter of inch in length but they were definitely fibres. I kept thinking that it might be a mistake and that the ‘bits’ in my sink may have come from the juice itself. So several times,  I poured the juice straight from the carton around the white sink, but it was pure and there was no bits in it at all.

I’m shocked but not surprised, because I live under regular chemtrails and I’ve have very bad neck and shoulder ache lately, which no amount of massage, osteopathy or physiotherapy has much effect on. I do feel jammed up around that area, and down my right arm which cannot stretch to its full length.

I’ve also ordered 500 grams of pure food grade diatomaceous earth for £7.50 from

But please do yourself a favour. Next time you’re in supermarket, pick up a carton of red grape juice and try this simple diagnostic test out for yourself. I hope it comes up clear. But there is a school of thought which believes that most of us are infected with this fibrous nanotechnology and that the so-called Morgellons sufferers are healthier than any of us, because the only reason fibres are emerging through their skins is that they have strong immune systems which are rejecting them.


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