Microchips coming to a pharmacy near you soon

cpu-processor-macro-pen-40879.jpegNow is the time, if you haven’t done so already, to start relying on alternative or complementary or holistic health because the newest pharmaceuticals will contain, from September, smart microchips which will talk to medical teams through our mobile phones.

And speaking of mobile phones ~ the newest of which contain Carrier IQ which can track our every movement ~ does anyone still remember how odd it used to seem: the idea of being so important that one needed to be available at all hours of the day for anyone that might want to be ring?

It wasn’t so long ago.

Never mind that we only ever got called by that irritating boyfriend all day long, or our mother checking up us when we were trying to hold an important meeting. Still, even that was better than what soon became a whole new class of social misfits whose mobile phones never rang.

And that’s how quickly we will get used to microchips being implanted in us through pharmaceuticals, in which everything we put in our bodies will be monitored and messages will be continually going between our physical bodies and a datacontrol base.

Surely this is the thin end of the wedge? Next, ‘they’ll’ know everything we do.

According to today’s Financial Times, one of Britain’s leading high street pharmacy chains is to offer customers “intelligent medicines” that will allow them to better follow doctors’ orders and monitor their health.

Lloyds Pharmacy has signed a deal with Proteus Biomedical, a Californian company, to sell pills containing edible microchips that communicate with a disposable monitoring patch attached to a patient’s shoulder, in a service costing about £50 a month.

The patch, which will receive signals from the swallowed microchip and monitor other bodily functions including sleep patterns, heart rate and posture, will transmit the information to mobile phones and computers owned by the patient or their carers.

Privacy concerns

The excuse for having us all all chipped is because, they say, some people are not very good at taking their pills and get the dosage wrong.

“The action marks the latest effort by healthcare providers to boost compliance with medical regimes and improve outcomes for chronic conditions such as heart problems and diabetes.

“However, it could also raise concerns over privacy and raises the prospect for greater two-tiered provision of healthcare, with the package – called Helius – being paid for by the consumer rather than the NHS. “

For anyone who has seen the movie, The Matrix, the choice of colour of the pill containing the microchip will seem ironic. A red pill will carry the microchip and will be “entirely safe and soluble.” It will be swallowed alongside existing medicine and there will also be an adhesive patch which has to be changed weekly.

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Read more of this article in the Financial Times.

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