It’s Time To Stand Up To Cancer Bullies and Scam Artists


It’s been said that the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and each time, expecting a different result. So I’m wondering why Stand Up To Cancer, a telethon to raise money for cancer research, is going to be aired on Friday,where rich celebrities will try to get us to donate to a problem medical research has been throwing money at for more than half a century, and failing.

Yet those who do find simple, natural and effective cures are bullied, hounded and raided by a medical establishment that is funded by the big pharmaceutical companies who don’t want these remedies to succeed because they are unpatentable.

Over the past year in Great Britain, Cancer Research UK has dedicated more than £330 million into finding a cure for cancer. In America, more than $20 billion has been invested in the search since 2005. And yet, what are the results? We are no nearer to finding the cure for cancer since research began back in the 1950s.

All medicos are capable of doing is nearly destroying the patient in order to try to destroy the disease. You could hardly call it healing. It’s known as the “magic bullet” technique because you have to pray the bullet finds and kills the disease before it kills the patient … and in most cases, it fails.

Success rates for painful and uncomfortable chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments vary, but it’s not generally advertised that they are very low … and that they cause death more often than not.

An investigation by the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Australia, into the contribution of chemotherapy to five-year survival in 22 major adult malignancies, showed startling results: The overall contribution of chemotherapy to a five-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3 per cent in Australia and 2.1 per cent in America.*

So does this mere 2.3 per cent contribution of chemotherapy to cancer survival justify the massive expense involved and the tremendous suffering patients experience because of severe, toxic side effects resulting from this treatment?  Or is selling chemotherapy as a medical treatment, instead of a scam, an act of gross fraud?

“Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy,” said Alan Levin MD. “Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade. Yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors… Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemo than without it.”

The average chemotherapy earns the medical establishment in America around $300,000 to $1,000,000 a year. And as this gravy train hurtles on, no-one is listening to those who may have have found a natural, simpler, cheaper cure.

The problem for the pharmaceutical companies, who run the Food and Drugs Administration, is that they can’t patent natural cures and therefore can earn no money from them.

Take Rick Simpson, for instance, who claims to have had very good results with hemp oil. The research, backed by hundreds of other studies done worldwide, shows that properly made hemp medicine provides relief and cures many diseases, even cancer. Simpson says he has provided hemp oil to hundreds of people with various medical conditions and that the results speak for themselves. In fact, using hemp as a curative isn’t anything new. Throughout man’s history, hemp has always been known as a powerful medicinal plant across the world.

There’s a very good interview with Rick Simpson about his hemp oil on Red Ice Creations. Just follow this link.

But Rick Simpson is just one of many who’ve been hounded and vilified by Big Pharma bullies over his natural remedies that help those with cancer.

The trouble is, our health care is provided by people who know nothing about food, and our food is provided by people who know nothing about health. A little joined-up thinking wouldn’t go amiss ~ if they were really wanting to find a means to prevent cancer taking root within the body in the first place. But that sort of preventative action would impact on the bottom line. Such cognitive fragmentation serves their cause. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to notice how much the FDA is hand-in-glove with Monsanto and other biotech companies.. and how they’re trying to sweep under the carpet scientific tests that show a link between tumours in rats and genetically-modified corn.

I’m just tired of the hypocrisy and I’m tired of the stupidity. And I’m tired of over-blown celebrities with more money than sense behaving like playground bullies in trying to fleece me for my lunch money in aid of this shameful scam. Yes, I do think the time has come to stand up … in fact, it’s well overdue. So why not join me this Friday night and Stand Up To Cancer bullies, hucksters and frauds!

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*Thanks to Andreas Moritz’s article in Natural News Can You Trust Chemotherapy to Cure Your Cancer?

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