Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…


Up until now, those who’ve wanted to avoid the worst of the corruption in the food industry ~ e.g. horse meat, E-numbers and GMOs in animal feed ~ have relied on fish, and farmed salmon has been very popular for a number of reasons. Salmon is rich in omega oils that are good for our hearts. In addition, for those who eat halal foods, fish has always been a safe option. And grilled and poached salmon is also a great menu option for anyone that’s trying to lose weight.

So anyway … and I expect you can hear the ‘but’ coming… the food industry has finally found a way to destroy farmed salmon as a safe and viable source of nutrition.

But hold on to your hat… because this next bit is almost unbelievable.

How are they destroying farmed salmon as a viable source of nutrition?

Instead of giving the salmon its usual feed of plankton and tiny fish, the food industry wants to give them pig meat. That’s right, you heard correctly. Pig meat. Not only that, but the EU is trying to rush through legislation on the quiet to allow salmoneries to be able to legally use a meat mix of feed that contains pork ~ and, to add insult and injury, they will not be required to say so on their labels.

Avaaz has got a petition going about it, and here’s what they have to say:

    In weeks, fish secretly raised on pork will be on our dinner plates unless we raise a massive resistance now.

Europe just decided to allow ground up pig meat into fish feed. This fish is imported and sold in vast quantities across the Middle East and there won’t be any labels to let us know that the fish we are eating and feeding our families were raised on pork!

The new rules allowing pig meat into fish feed take effect in weeks and the European Commission is hoping that no one will notice. If we raise a massive outcry now, our governments will have every incentive to ban porkfish from entering our markets or risk a massive scandal!

When we get to 100,000, we’ll create a media storm to deliver our message straight to government officials.

Click the link and sign and then forward this to warn others!

This EU legislation is being rushed through by stealth and if we don’t make a huge noise about it – enough to stop it – salmon fed by pig meat will be in supermarkets across the whole of Europe and the Middle East within weeks, and there will be no way of identifying them.

This is not just about people getting pig-meat when they don’t want it, via the food chain. The fish also doesn’t want it! How often do you see a fish hunting a pig? You’re more likely to see pigs flying. And this pig meat will destroy the health of the fish, and we will be eating fish that contains fewer nutrients and at worse, is actually diseased.

It’s been said that our problem is that we are fed by a food industry that knows nothing about health, and looked after by a health industry that knows nothing about food. Never before has this divide been more apparent, and more scarily dangerous. These people have completely lost their minds.

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