The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas

fracking mapThe kleptocratic criminocracy presently ruling the United Kingdom has been lying to the people about the benefits of fracking. These greedy robber barons will do or say anything to get the shale gas out of the ground in order to make fat profits for themselves and their friends, and they will not think twice about sacrificing the fertility and wellbeing of this green and pleasant land to do so. That much is now clear. They have no loyalty to Britain. Which means that we now have to consider ourselves, in this country, under attack by globalist environmental hooligans.

These guys who are supposed to be our public servants are, in fact, environmental terrorists and bandits who are trashing our lands, seas and skies with no thought for our grandchildren’s heritage. But we don’t negotiate with terrorists in this country. We arrest them and lock them up.

The UK government is planning to permit as many as 2,800 wells to be drilled here. And as you can see from the map above, supplied by the Department of Energy, every English county—with the exception of Cornwall—will receive a well.

Each site will have 120 pads, each pad the size of a football pitch… one vertical section going up with eight horizontal sections going off them, creating a network of gas fields, and unleashing into the geology millions of gallons of water containing hundreds of undeclared and unregulated chemical additives.

Special waivers are being passed through Parliament so that energy companies won’t have to abide by any legislation which is normally in place to protect the health and safety of the people and the land against such wanton ecogenocide. The frackers have already chucked a load of radioactive waste into the Manchester Ship Canal. They are capable of anything.

The energy companies do not have to declare which chemicals they will be pumping into the bedrock to release the shale gas…because if they did, there would be a huge public outcry. The Association of Chief Police Officers is already asking the Home Secretary for permission to use water canons… which is one hell of an irony considering what fracking will do to the waters of this land.

Around 90 per cent of the cocktail of chemicals that fracking companies have used to date are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and cause kidney damage, reproductive problems and nervous system condition. Among the many dangerous chemicals used are methanol, which is hugely dangerous to the nervous system, and ethylene glycol, of which pregnant women exposed to it have a much higher rate of spontaneous abortion.

County councils are being bribed with huge handouts to allow in the frackers, and those that protest peacefully at well sites, like Balcombe and Barton Moss, are savagely manhandled and beaten up by the law-breaking ‘police’. The ‘police’ are, in fact, no longer the police we grew up with, who policed by consent. They are now little more than hired thugs wearing police uniforms with a mandate to protect the interests of the fracking companies, not the people. They have a quota of people to arrest each day, and so they’re just chucking people into paddy wagons willy nilly.

Once the protesters get before a court of law, they are released… because there is still a right to protest peacefully in this country and so the police have broken the law in arresting them.

It’s fast getting to where there will be no point in having laws in Britain if the British police are going to keep breaking them.

All of this bullying and riding roughshode over our ancient rights and traditional values is just an ugly and terrifying omen of what’s to come in the UK if we allow in the frackers. We know what happens to the land and the people who let them in, because they’ve left a trail of destruction behind them in Australia and America.

This picture of desolation comes from Wyoming, where hundreds of shale gas wells have been abandoned, uncapped, when their operators went bankrupt.

It’s going to cost Wyoming taxpayers millions of dollars to cap these wells, and we will also be expected to pick up the cost here in the UK, too, to clean up the mess if the operators go broke. A proposal to make UK operators take out insurance against such damage has been ruled out by the government, as reported in the Guardian newspaper.

As Rob Cunningham, head of water policy at the RSPB, said:

“The prime minister promised one of the most stringent regulatory regimes for fracking in the world but his government appears more interested in tax cuts than managing risk. It really doesn’t matter if you are pro or anti fracking, this proposal would have simply ensured that when things went wrong, shareholders, not taxpayers, would bear the cost for cleanup if companies went bust or ceased trading. If government’s response boils down to concerns over cost of insurance it sheds an interesting light on just how safe they really think the technology is.”

In other words, the frackers can’t even get insurance… which says it all.

France has banned fracking because of the high risk of earthquake to their nuclear power stations. Has nobody noticed that we have nuclear power stations here too? And nuclear waste storage facilities…

If you’re still not sure about the whole issue of fracking, here’s a very good video which uses first hand testimony from people who live near fracking wells, and who are quite frank about the shocking health symptoms they are suffering from because of fracking.

“It’s an assault on our health, our wellbeing, our property and our homes,” says one.

I’ve no doubt after watching this testimony that the outcome (if not the aim) of what the government intends via fracking will render this green and pleasant land completely uninhabitable for untold generations to come.

Fracking hell: what it’s really like to live next to a shale gas well

Nausea, headaches and nosebleeds, invasive chemical smells, constant drilling, slumping property prices – welcome to Ponder, Texas, where fracking has overtaken the town. With the chancellor last week announcing tax breaks for drilling companies, could the UK be facing the same fate?
Guardian article and video here.

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