The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – Part 1

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Marines on Levels
It’s no wonder that when Chris Smith, the head of the Environment Agency, arrived on the Somerset Levels to examine the flooding,  he was running scared. Apparently, he didn’t let anyone know exactly where he would arrive, and when.

He didn’t even tell the local MP.

Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger, who represents Bridgwater and West Somerset, was blowing a gasket when contacted about it by BBC News: “I will tell him what I bloody well think of him – he should go, he should walk. I’m livid. This little git has never even been on the telephone to me. When I find out where he is, I will give it to him. He has not told the local MPs, the local council or the local press where he is going to be. He’s a coward.”

This failure to even contact the democratically elected MP of that constituency is typical of the fascist goose-stepping jackboots of this global corporatist takeover. Because even if you believe that all the recent stormy weather is an act of God – rather than an act of HAARP – there is one inescapable smoking gun. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist, because it’s all on record in the form of government consultations and EU Directives, to realise that the flooding of the Somerset Levels has been largely caused by a deliberate run-down of the necessary maintenance to drainage infrastructure which is required for geo-engineered land.  They call it “managed decline”.

The draconian slashing of the funding of the river dredging, and other necessary work needed for adequate drainage, has been carried out in line with EU policy which itself is aligned with UN Agenda 21, which seeks to move people out of the countryside and into the cities.

What will happen next is that the carpet baggers will move into the Levels to buy up the land at rock bottom fire-sale prices, which is all the farmers will be able to charge now that the land has been contaminated from overflowing sewerage and their farms are virtually uninsurable. The carpet baggers will probably make a killing in selling that land on to the frackers, as it stands over a huge shale gas field which they’ve been slavering over for some time. [Edit added 12 Feb 14: Greenpeace has confirmed that licences are being offered to frackers on land in the Somerset levels that is currently under deep flood water].

Chris Smith is trying to pretend that these cuts to dredging and maintaining banks and walls are all about austerity and cutting our cloth accordingly etc, like good little housewives. But it’s interesting to note that only £10 million is being set aside to bail out the Somerset Levels – (and it’s not new money; only the same £10 million that was cut) – while the big banks’ bail-out, just a few years ago, was to the tune of £850 billion.

The original problem-reaction-solution impetus in the EU directive, which wants to turn floodplain, like the Somerset Levels, into “Washland”, seems to be based on a now outdated idea of the sea levels rising due to ice caps melting because of ‘global warming’. But ‘global warming’ has now had to resign itself to the findings of real science, and so has had a swift rebrand to ‘climate change’.

However, ‘climate change’ is, in itself, a misnomer in that it indicates that a changing climate is a new problem which we have to deal with. In fact, our climate on Earth changes all the time…. the only constant in the climate on Earth is change…and just because the weather is behaving differently to how it has done during the course of our own allotted three-score-years-and-ten is hardly surprising. The climate on Earth is only a small part of huge cosmological cycles – even a 100 year cycle is as nothing, viewed from that perspective. We really have to stop beating ourselves up about this, and stop trying to control it.

Added to that, the very notion of going back to an imagined time of pristine, untouched wilderness comes from a deluded Victorian fantasy about the Noble Savage which has somehow infected the more idealistic of the Greens. They seem to forget that man is a part of that very Nature that they want to protect.

Geo-engineering is not a new-fangled or modern way of living on the land which is against Nature.

For instance, when Tim Lohrentz did some research into the Ilopango volcano in 535 CE, he found that the Mayans had blasted through rocks with gunpowder to open up a river to prevent their settlements from flooding after that volcano erupted. Even the so-called pristine Amazonian rainforest, it turns out, was not a natural wilderness when the Spanish first arrived, but a huge geo-engineered market garden.

In other words, man has long worked alongside Nature, and in a co-operative and sensitive way, to engineer it, to optimise its fruits. Geo-engineering doesn’t have to be about a war between man and Nature with one of them always wanting to run wild and roughshod over the other, as the UN Agenda 21 psychopaths want to do.

Richard North has a lot of experience in environmental issues and is one of the few honest journalists left. He has just published this article which gives more details about how the trajectory was deliberately set nearly a decade ago for what he says is “Not so much a man-made disaster as a government-made disaster”.


By Richard North

It is all very well for Chris Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency, to prattle on about “difficult choices“, and to tell us that “more must be done to protect the Somerset Levels”. But the flooding crisis over which he is presiding is one which he, at the behest of the EU, has deliberately allowed to happen.

Allowing the flooding of the Levels was a matter of EU policy, introduced by a 2007 Directive and consciously adopted by the Environment Agency in 2008, which then sought to increase the frequency of flooding in the area.

What then makes it impossible for the people on the spot, like Owen Paterson, is that they are having to deal with those decisions, which were made years ago. Only now are the consequences becoming evident, while the people (or agencies) who contributed to the disaster are entirely invisible.

In the “invisible” class is that classic elephant in the room, the European Union, which was behind the last great change in British strategy, heralded by a Defra consultation document in July 2004 called “Making Space for Water“. It introduced “a new Government strategy for flood and coastal erosion risk management in England”.

The clue as to its provenance came on page 23, under the heading “European Dimension”, which told us that flood risk management was being discussed at the EU level, and the themes under discussion were “all consistent with this consultation and the current approach in England”.

The outline of the EU approach had in fact been published in a COM final, (2004)472, the very same month as the Defra document, signalling the “European” interest and warning of further activity to come.

At the time, Charles Clover, writing in the Telegraph, was very far from being impressed. He complained that, while Defra calls it “Making Space for Water”, others called it “flooding”. And, in those few words, the future government policy was revealed. Flood defence was to give way to “management”. In EU terms, that meant more flooding.

Government consultation continued into 2005, making it very clear that a “new strategic direction” was involved, one which involved changing the emphasis from flood protection to allowing certain areas to flood. For Somerset, this had already been spelled out in an EU-funded conference in Warsaw in 2003, outlining the results of the Ecoflood projects at a cost of €350,000, finalised in 2005.

Flood defence for farm land, along with high levels of subsidies, had been for many years an important element of Britain’s production-orientated agricultural policy, wrote the authors. Many floodplain areas benefited from publicly-funded flood defence and land drainage schemes which reduced crop damage and facilitated a change to more intensive farming systems.

Recently, however, they continued, policy emphasis has been placed on environmental enhancement, on greater diversity of economic activity as a basis for sustainable rural livelihoods, and on public enjoyment of the countryside. Funds previously committed to support farm output are increasingly diverted to encourage land managers to deliver environmental benefits.

In this context, we were told, there is reduced justification for high standards of flood defence for agriculture. Indeed, there may be substantial benefits if some floodplain land is returned to its previous unprotected, un-drained condition.

Therein lay the death knell for the Somerset Levels, as a new term was to dominate policy: “Washland”. This was an area of the floodplain that was to be allowed to flood or was deliberately flooded by a watercourse for flood management purposes.

Unacknowledged by either government, the media or even Chris Smith in his current diatribe, this policy was given legislative force, not by the Westminster parliament but by an EU directive 2007/60/EC of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks, the so-called “Floods Directive”.

In recital 14, we saw spelled out the requirement that flood risk management plans should focus on prevention, protection and preparedness. But, “with a view to giving rivers more space, they should consider where possible the maintenance and/or restoration of floodplains, as well as measures to prevent and reduce damage to human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity”.

Implemented as the Flood Risk Regulations 2009, there, writ large, was Defra’s “Making Space for Water” policy. It was all that was needed, by way of legislative authority, for an already Green-dominated Environment Agency to abandon the Somerset Levels and to allow them to flood.

To reinforce the change, Defra commissioned a research project costing £105,032, carried out by Nottingham University, which noted that “EU legislation is really driving change”. The authors promoted an “ecosystem approach”, an idea at the core of EU policy, driving the move away from traditional flood control into the “sustainability” camp.

The shift in policy can be seen with brutal clarity on the Commission website which gives priority to the “environment”, citing a raft of EU measures, including the Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive, the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive. The Floods Directive is part of the package and this, we are sternly warned, has to be implemented by 2015.

Just so that there should be no doubts as to where the policy thrust lay, DG Environment in 2011 issued a note, stressing that flood risk management “should work with nature, rather than against it”, building up the “green infrastructure” and thus offering a “triple-win” which included restoration (i.e., flooding) of the floodplain.

By then, the Environment Agency needed no encouragement. In its March 2008 plan it had decided that, “providing a robust economic case for maintenance works on the Somerset Levels and Moors remains a challenge” (p.131).

We believe, the Agency said, that “it is appropriate to look again at the benefits derived from our work, particularly focusing more on the infrastructure and the environmental benefits, which previous studies have probably underestimated”.

We have, they added, “international obligations to maintain and enhance the habitats and species in the Somerset Levels and Moors, and it is within this context that all decisions have to be made”.

And, with that, they were “doubtful that all the pumping stations on the Somerset Levels and Moors are required for flood risk management purposes. Many pumping stations are relatively old and in some cases difficult to maintain. It is necessary to decide which ones are necessary particularly in the context of redistributing water”.

Of six policy options, the Agency thus adopted the sixth, to: “Take action to increase the frequency of flooding to deliver benefits locally or elsewhere, which may constitute an overall flood risk reduction”. This policy option, they said, “involves a strategic increase in flooding in allocated areas” (p.142). The Levels were to be allowed to flood, as a matter of deliberate policy.

Thus, when the BBC reported that the government had been “slow to act”, it could not have been more wrong. Our true government, the EU, had been there years before, planning to make the disaster that has overtaken the people of that part of Somerset a routine occurrence. The flooding was not so much man-made as made by government.

By the time Owen Peterson arrived to try to deal with the situation, he was years too late. Between the EU, the previous Labour government and the Environment Agency, the damage had already been done.

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Thanks to Richard North for this excellent article

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40 thoughts on “The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – Part 1

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  4. Agenda 21 is the Big Picture, from which smaller scenes are taken. This is one instance, after the storms in New Zealand, homes in Christchurch were compulsory purchaased, under Agenda 21? I have blogged about it a number of times, but the biggest threat to the UK and which also fits nicely into Agenda 21 is, the EU / US FTA. This agreement is all about selling off all public service rights, to foreign corporations, at the same time, turning us into Corporate slaves?


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    • In my humble opinion, people are already controlled wherever they live. Cities, countryside, remote regions, it’s all the same. I see the cities as under a greater barrage of advertising, but hey the TV is everywhere, so nobody escapes the belief that they’ve ‘gotta buy stuff’. This article is about those who live in more rural areas, and how they are placed under pressure by flooding, when it could/should and can be prevented, yet isn’t.
      Tribes people in remote areas of Africa being forced to leave their homes and ancient hunting grounds, city dwellers losing their homes from mortgage closure, or farmers losing their crops and revenue, it’s all about one thing – control!


      • I was agreeing with the article, maybe not fully expressing myself as I wanted people to read it and form their own opinion. Here in the UK it is still just about possible to get away from a TV or mobile signal – but it’s getting harder. It won’t last…. 😦


      • Thank you Nuvofelt, understood. Regards to the UK and getting away from it all, I guess it’s not about whether there is a TV/mobile signal or not, unless one is wishing to avoid microwaves which is another subject in it’s own right, but whether or not the advertising/TV/mobile/signal affects the life of the viewer!?
        For example, here in Spain, (I’m from the UK myself), Christmas doesn’t begin until two weeks before the day and advertising is seldom seen before the December month is in. There is no Christmas mayhem! Shops don’t look like Christmas has arrived until a week before! (OK I’m not in a huge busy city, but I am on the Costa Blanca, not too far from tourism destinations and larger cities.)
        It’s one of the reasons I’m here.
        For me I still revel in the joy of turning my mobile and TV OFF! 🙂


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    • Absolutely!
      Because of our ability to manifest what we see, we all to readily forget that it is us that creates our reality. If we don’t like something it’s not somebody else’s fault!
      That is to say that we are not necessarily guilty of anything, but we are often ignorant and worse still, apathetic.
      ‘Imagining’ and ‘acting’ upon our ideals, together, creates a shock wave that the ‘solely for profit’ and ‘see if I care’ attitude of the few, seldom expect.
      Did you know that the ‘peticion’ website of, has over 32,000,000 members!
      Acting on an issue can, is, and does, make a difference, Check out their website, especially take a look at their ‘Highlights’ page, to see how the world votes businesses and even governments down.


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  10. John Hi, my first time on your site, very interesting, and delighted to find such things discussed in the open, as they are above. For the benefit of those who do not know the long term effects/benefits, (and I do not mean for the people, but for those who control the Earth), it would be advised that readers take a long hard look at Aaron Russo’s Film “America Freedom to Fascism”. I suggest this movie, as the same things are happening in the UK and Europe throughout, as a means to educate and inform those who are unaware of the scale of our ever diminishing rights/landscape/and need to know information.
    Although from Southampton, I now live in Spain near Alicante.
    In the last few days our local Facebook friends, (Spanish and English alike), have all been discussing ‘Chemtrails’, which put dozens of people in local hospitals last week. This comes after a small Spanish town denounced the use of ‘Chemtrails’ for ruining both crops and health of it’s townspeople. It was the first town in the world to do such a thing!
    This IS relevant, as ALL subversive activity against the population of any country is happening daily and increasing ever more quickly.
    Thank you John for wishing to help people become aware!
    Kindest Regards,


    • Thanks for the feedback, Graham. We’ve published quite a lot about chemtrails and fracking in our Big Chem News section. You may also be interested in our GM (genetically modified foods)section. We’re also about to launch a phone app which will help people know which foods in UK supermarkets contain GM ingredients. We’re doing our best to wake up people to this globalist agenda, but it’s a bit like pushing water up hill! People are very attached to their beliefs that their governments are looking out for their best interests, instead of their own interests. Sadly!


      • John, thank you for replying. You are quite right, that the majority of the public in most countries are in the belief that their governments are ‘at least trying’ to sort out such problems, whereas in fact it’s the opposite. Just as a side note where you mention GM foods, the Spanish people are on the whole completely unaware of GM foods or products within foods. I bought a simple pack of butter recently, where, because Spain is being dragged by it’s heals to marking packaging correctly, the pack label read – unbelievably and to my horror, 83% GM. On investigation I discovered this is the percentage of GM feed to the cattle that provide the milk for the butter! Frightening!
        Keep up the great work John.
        I’ll be checking out the links too, thanks very much.


  11. Interesting article in the paper

    so googled for parrett catchment flood management plan

    then went for parrett catchment flood management plan 2008
    seems to have gone missing from the EA, but found on a council website –

    1. No active intervention (including flood warning and maintenance). Continue to monitor and
    2. Reduce existing flood risk management actions (accepting that flood risk will increase over
    3. Continue with existing or alternative actions to manage flood risk at the current level of
    flooding (accepting that flood risk will increase over time from this baseline).
    4. Take further action to sustain current scale of flood risk into the future (responding to the
    potential increases in flood risk from urban development, land use change, and climate
    5. Take further action to reduce flood risk (now and/or in the future).
    6. Take action to increase the frequency of flooding to deliver benefits locally or elsewhere,
    (which may constitute an overall flood risk reduction, e.g. for habitat inundation). Note: This
    policy option involves a strategic increase in flooding in allocated areas, but is not intended to
    adversely affect the risk to individual properties.

    Quite different from what they are claiming now


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  13. Hi Earl.

    I think you’re muddying the waters of this debate (no pun intended). That’s not what my article is about. What the people of Britain hadn’t hitherto realised is that the flooding of the Somerset Levels is a national emergency and a great human tragedy that has been deliberately carried out by stealth, as a result of an EU Directive.

    It beggars belief that criminal-minded and dishonest people, as some of the Environment Agency have now proved themselves to be, who don’t think twice about destroying the honest lives and livelihoods of other people while pretending to help them, would really want to conserve the land of the Levels for a wildlife reserve. What’s really happening is something else; it’s about moving people off the land and into the cities, in line with UN Agenda 21. Meanwhile, the globalists will clean up by piggybacking in on the Green agenda, and a lot of Greens, being good honest well meaning people like yourself, have fallen for it.

    In other words, the issue is not whether going back to Wetlands is a good idea or not. These are just distractions from the main issue … that what has happened here in Somerset has been a criminal land grab. They have deliberately set out to create conditions in which the farmers were bankrupted, and the land contaminated, so that they could buy up the land cheap, and quite probably, for fracking.

    This land is being stolen by people who have lied and cheated and juggled figures to pull the wool over the eyes of good, honest folk who’ve farmed on the Levels for generations. If those who influence these matters wanted to turn the Somerset Levels into Wetlands, why did they not come up with an honest and straightforward plan to achieve it? They could have offered compensation. Instead, the farmers are now near bankrupt and broken and exhausted by the efforts they’ve had to put in over years now, to try to stem the waters.

    It used to be the farmers who looked after the waterways of the Levels, and they were taught by their father and their fathers before them, and they did a very good job of it … until this role was stolen from them by government so that it could pursue this EU policy. This role should now be returned to the farmers from the Environment Agency, which has key energy company people running it.

    The chairman of the fracking company Cuadrilla, Lord John Browne, sits in the cabinet as an unelected place man for the energy companies and is in charge of Business Ethics, which allows him to make many top governmental appointments in the same way that Monsanto has spread like cancer into a hand-in-glove relationship with the US government. Browne has appointed many people to top governmental roles in energy and environment, including, so far, four people to the Treasury, three to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and four to the Deparment for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

    These are the wonderful “Green” altruistic people that have been managing the flooding policies for Britain. It would be incredibly naive to think they want to see good, frackable land turned into a Nature Reserve. I fear that you Greens have been conned.


  14. Somerset and the catchment area for this flood plain has received 3x the average January rainfall and February got off to a bang too. This has meant extreme flooding on the flood plain but less flooding has happened elsewhere due to this policy, which surely is a good thing overall?
    Whilst one cannot attribute any single extreme weather event to ‘Global Warming’ (because that is simply not how ‘climatology’ works), one can however say that the pattern of increasing extreme weather events, as seen globally over the past two decades, is entirely consistent with most of the models and predictions of climatology. Of course no two computer or mathematical models even agree, but the vast majority do agree on the basic ‘physics’ behind the science. Some things in basic science can’t be denied unless one wants to ignore science and invoke some ‘magical’ force which can’t be proved or disproved.
    The Levels are already a geoengineered landscape. They have been increasingly ‘drained’ by man for centuries. But is this a sensible use of resources? A flood plain is supposed to flood when there are above average deluges; and ‘farming’ has to adapt to produce things that can cope with floods or it is simply not sustainable or profitable for the farmers. Without a profitable form of ‘intensive’ farming, surely it is far better to allow our wetlands to revert to the wildlife sanctuaries and wildernesses they once were? Let nature have it back. If man can adapt to live in that environment as well, then that is a good thing surely? If not then let man retreat. If necessary houses can be build on floating rafts as they do in some parts of Holland. But to continue to throw millions or even billions at keeping a flood plain as large as the Levels drained, is a crazy waste of resources… and in my opinion, if it reverts to wilderness then good for the EU!


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  17. Just a heads-up. I’m sending straight to the Trash any libellous and personal comments about Richard North, who I happen to have worked with, in the past, and so can testify to his integrity. In any case, he backs up and references all his views in this article. If you want your Comment to be published, please don’t attack the person but address the thrust of his argument that parts of the Somerset Levels were deliberately flooded to comply with EU legislation.


  18. HAARP exists and it’s location used to modify weather using the technology installed there.
    Agenda 21 is well underway too.
    Has anyone published how much energy needs to be applied to create one only storm? How many people it takes to make this storm using technology at HAARP?
    What benefits does the UN get from flooding, Argentina, indonesia, India, Pakistan, China? All almost at the same time? What benefits does the EU or UN get from flooding Italy, Venice etc?
    Depopulation? Only?
    How many noticed the drastic visible to Earthlings Lunar surface rotation on an hourly basis independently of it’s cycle in the last 4 years? Has anybody tried to observe the exact Sun set and Sun rise to check if it matches to the minute? Because online you can find time tables with data for checking the exact minutes and location and U can tell you that it is way out of norm
    And some days the Sun does not rise up to 9 minutes later and on other days earlier!!! WHAT CAN EXPLAIN THAT?!

    So, having this said, all these entities in charge of modification either have impressive technology in their hands that is actually changing the magnetic compression on our Planet Earth and even waking up volcanoes as well as sinking land like in the Indo-Australian case of tectonic plates, or something else is happening that we, the common people, are not being told.

    Time will tell.

    None the less, this is a great article and it seems that the money will never be applied accordingly anywhere on the planet to solve any “flood crisis” because NOTHING cam be done when Nature just runs its course ( brown dwarf passing by and through our Solar System) and pile shifts have occurred in the past and will be occurring somewhere in our lifetime may be? Frozen Mammoths did not occur during a Poleshift that took centuries, things flip suddenly ( and froze immediately (1/2 day?)
    Just imagine two magnetic fields interacting getting closer and closer…


  19. Looking at the International panel for Climate Change and studying the process at Uni I find the dismissal of this process which is only just beginning as naive. Sea levels are to rise at least 60 cm by 2099 best estimate and if we do not divest from fossil fuel use 600 cm so the Somerset levels may well be outlined for fracking but climate change is definitely real and the sooner we swap to renewables the better.


    • Julia – are you reading the IPCC report, or the Summary? I think you’ll find they are two completely different documents bearing little relation to one another. Sea levels have not risen and that they are predicted to is based on the findings of computer models which have turned out to be faulty. I agree that the Somerset Levels are designated for fracking and deliberately flooding out and bankrupting the farmers would be the quickest and cheapest way to effect that outcome.


    • The weather is changing.. There is more waterfall recorded at the moment than there has been for over half a century.. This is the problem of regulations being constructed from with EU parliament outside of our country !
      We need to get our house in order.


      • Mr Hopkins, you might be interested in this article by a leading hydrologist who bases his figures on Met Office precipitation figures going back to the 18th century. It puts this current wet January into perspective and shows that these rains and storms are not that unusual, and more importantly, not linked to air temperature (aka ‘global warming’). The problem is that the drainage infrastructure has been allowed to deteriorate. Met Office Precipitation Chart

        Read more here:


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