The people of Britain are all that stands against our green and pleasant land being sold out


Many in this country are waking up to just how much drilling for shale gas will destroy us as a nation.

Those who truly love and care about this country are turning out in droves to protect the land, despite facing false arrest and extreme violence by an increasingly thuggish and lawless police which acts more more like a fascist private militia.

Apparently, the Queen will be announcing in the Queen’s Speech to Parliament in June that the trespass laws will be relaxed to allow fracking firms to access the reserves of underground gas in the UK without the permission of landowners.

The Crown owns all mineral rights to the land in the UK, and so government ministers are preparing an overhaul of trespass legislation to make it easier for energy companies, like Cuadrilla and Haliburton, to ignore objections.

Chancellor George Osborne is falsely claiming that fracking for shale gas would herald an energy revolution which will boost the UK economy. He lies that it will make Britain more self-sufficient and “put an end to sky-high bills from greedy energy firms,” forgetting to mention that it’s the same “greedy energy firms” to whom he’s offering generous tax breaks to frack Britain’s green and pleasant land out of existence.

Under current law, the energy companies need permission from the owners of land over fracking tunnels. If the owners object, the energy company would have to take them to court to overturn their objections and agree compensation.

Greenpeace has started a campaign to get people in potential fracking sites to register objections to exploration under their land. Landowners in the Sussex Downs National Park, including City fund manager Marcus Adams, plan to use the existing law to block development.

Mr Adams said: ‘People across the country have legitimate concerns about the impact of fracking, from water contamination to air and noise pollution.

‘But all this happening in a national park just doesn’t bear thinking about.’ The reform of the law would extend the existing rights of water, gas and coal mining firms, set out in the Coal Act 1998, to go under people’s land without permission.

And all they would be offered in compensation is £100.

In this video, economist Max Keiser explains how fracking will not make our energy bills cheaper because it’s an energy negative process, as was found in America. In other words, it will cost more to get the shale gas out of the ground than they can sell it for. All of this destruction and pollution will be for nothing… unless the agenda is to destroy the great land of Britain.

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