The Ayurvedic herbal cure for Ebola-like symptoms

Most of us are beginning to see through the latest piece of Theatre of the Macabre – about there being a possibility of an Ebola epidemic in countries outside of Africa – and realising that it’s just the usual suspects up to their usual tricks. As we witness the booming share price of the Monsanto company, Tekmira Labs, which has developed the only possible vaccine for Ebola, we can start to get a handle on the real truth behind the so-called Ebola epidemic. (If you’re still not sure what’s going on, please read my article: Ebola Turning Out to be Joint Psy and Biowarfare from George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates.)

It is highly unlikely that Ebola will spread beyond a handful of people in the US or the UK, unless biowarfare operatives decide to try to deliberately spread it. However, Ebola is something of a problem in a small part of Africa, and so this article may be of some use there.

Along with colloidal silver, there is another totally natural remedy for a virus that sounds remarkably Ebola, which has been known about in India for thousands of years. The ancient Atharva Veda (one of the four books making up the Vedas) contains the medical branch of Vedic teachings and, within it, there is a herbal cure for a disease that sounds identical to Ebola. Herbs cannot be patented or copyrighted, and thus are of no use to Monsanto or Big Pharma generally, so you won’t get to hear about this natural remedy apart from on blogs like this one.

The Atharva Veda, which all ayurvedic medicine stems from, contains accounts of the biowarfare carried out in those times, at least three thousand years ago. For instance, bio weapons were used against Alexander the Great and his troops as they tried to cross the Sindhus river. Happily, the composers of these orally transmitted texts were also public spirited enough to include the antidotes and remedies.

The following comes from a blog called Ayurveda Tridosha Yoga And Ashana Ayurvedic Herbs. I have edited it, slightly, as the writer, while being an expert on Ayurvedic Medicine, doesn’t have English as their first language. So here it is:

Ayurveda is the ancient science of health. The word Ebola is obviously not mentioned in the AtharvaVeda, however, the sign and symptoms that we see today in ebola hemorrhagic fever are the same as the disease called Raktasthiwi Sannipat (Raktasthiwi Sannipat; रक्तष्ठीवी).

Rakta means ‘blood’, ‘sthiwan’ means ‘to spit out’, and ‘sannipat’ means the involvement of a different dosha, which is usually a complicated type of disease; difficult to cure and sometimes incurable too.

Let’s look at the symptoms as given in Yogaratnaakar.

रक्तष्ठीवी ज्वरवमितृषामोहशूलातिसारा, हिक्काध्मानभ्रमणदवथुश्वाससञ्ज्ञाप्रणाशा:।
श्यामा रक्ता विकृतरसना मण्डलोत्थानरुपा, रक्तष्ठीवी निगदित इह प्राणहन्ता प्रसिद्ध:।।२०।।

Where one spits out blood from the mouth, with fever, vomiting, trisha, delirium, diarrhea, hiccups, burning sensation in eyes, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, color of tongue is too black or red;  these symptoms are associated with the disease Raktasthiwi Sannipata. This is famous for taking away the life.

The symptoms that we see today for Ebola virus are similar to the symptoms described for this disease Raktasthiwi Sannipata.

Although it is fatal if not treated, there is a remedy for this disease given in the Ayurveda text.

It is described as Raktasthiwi Chikitsa in the Yog Ratnaakar.

रक्तष्ठीविसन्निपाते पर्पटादिकषाय:-

पर्पटधान्वयवासकवासाभूस्तृणकै: कटुकीफलिनीभ्याम् ।
शर्करया सहितोsपि कषायो लोहितमास्यगतं विनिहन्ति।।९६।।

Parpati kwatha preparation for raktasthiwi sannipata- Fumaria indica (Pittapapada), Alhagi camelorum (yawasa), Adhatoda Vasica  (Adusa), Bhustrina, Picrorhiza kurroa (kutaki) and phula priyangu – all taken in equal amount. This decoction of ingredients should be taken with sugar (sarkara); which helps to prevent bleeding from the mouth.

रक्तष्ठीविसन्निपाते जलदादिकषाय:-

मधुनिम्बजलानलचन्दनकै: क्वथितं मुखरक्तहरं सलिलम् ।।९७।।
इति रक्तष्ठीविचिकित्सा।

Nagarmotha along with padhma kastha, pittapapada, white chandan, jashmin, asparagus, mulethi, sweet neem, sugandhawala, chitrak, and red sandal wood; all are taken in equal amounts and made into a decoction. This also stops vomiting of blood.

This is just one small example of what I’ve found in the texts. We should check on other Ayurvedic texts to learn about further management of this disease. Please spread this information to everyone. Ayurveda is for the welfare of people. Let’s fight against Ebola virus. Let’s save people.


Since publishing the above article, we’ve published

Since this article, we’ve published The Ebola Crisis – Is It Time To Panic Yet?

We also found that in 2008, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) partnered with other federal agencies to conduct clinical research into the use of silver nanoparticles – i.e. colloidal silver – against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses. Colloidal silver was found to completely stifle the proliferation of Ebola viral replication within the blood or tissue cells of infected serum from African green monkey blood cultures that were infected with synthetically produced Ebola viruses. See the pdf of their paper here: defense-threat-reduction-agency-silver-nanoparticles-neutralize-hemorrhagic-fever-viruses


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The above article is from Ayurveda Tridosha Yoga And Ashana Ayurvedic Herbs.

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