Creating a magical, enchanting love feast with libido-enhancing foods

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

The subject of libido enhancing foods within shamanic healing is viewed from a wider perspective. To the shaman – who goes into trance to gain guidance from entities known as spirits – sex is all about fertility, and fertility is all about life.

Shamans see sex and death as closely related in that both bring birth: death is just a birth into another world. A shaman often knows which foods are designed to send us into the next world – and thus are passion killers in this one – just by looking at them; they leave the scientists to explain the biochemistry bit.

As psychoneuroimmunologists know, the body is very intelligent and often far wiser than the human being currently inhabiting it. While we may sometimes treat our sexual adventures as recreation, the body never forgets that sex is actually about re-creation and for that reason, it needs certain conditions to get its va va voom on fire.

The shaman observes natural, alchemical processes in the macrocosmic universe and then applies them to the human being as the microcosm. For re-creation of life, as the ancient alchemists knew, one needs a third party and he was known to them as Eros, Cupid or Mercury.

This third party cannot be bottled – no matter how hard chemists try with their spray-on pheromones. But we can create the optimum conditions for Eros to fire one of his arrows, and thus eroticism to quickly ensue, by preparing a romantic meal as we would a magical rite, and decorating the table lovingly with candles and flowers, as you would an altar.

So here’s a little bit of sex magic:

Anything to do with fertility is affected by the Moon, and so our love feast should ideally take place under a full moon, or at least one that is waxing, and never on a dark or waning moon.

Food-wise, we need to use fresh, vibrant, life-giving ingredients because processed and denatured foods are the kiss of death to the body. Scientists agree on this point, mainly because of the trans-fats these foods contain.

Trans fats surround the cells and thus coagulate them, meaning that the glucose from your food cannot be absorbed and thus the blood sugar is raised, which lowers the libido. The fats also clog the ventricles and this reduces the flow of oxygen to the sexual organs, and stops the spleen from producing enough white blood cells, so eggs and sperms have difficulty multiplying.

To boost the sex hormone testosterone, use nuts – particularly zinc-rich cashews and almonds. Broccoli has been found to increase the female libido, while cloves are a mainstay in Ayurvedic medicine for curing impotence – and it will make your kisses sweeter! Eggs, as we would expect from the ultimate fertility symbol, are great for stiffening of the sinews with the added benefit of bestowing greater stamina.

Instead of Chardonnay or champagne, choose aphrodisiacs like blackberry, strawberry or raspberry juice, or even non-alcoholic ginger beer.

Alcohol and its useless wing man, sugar, reduces testosterone levels by increasing oestrogen in the body. This female hormone is a big enemy of testosterone, causing alcoholic men to develop the ultimate turn-off for a heterosexual woman – ‘man boobs’. Another food which boosts oestrogen is soya, so avoid avoid.

The next one might surprise you …

The oyster’s reputation for its aphrodisiacal qualities has been tarnished lately. Yes, they are packed with zinc, which is known to be good for clitoral sensitivity. But oysters are the ‘dustbins’ of the seas – some of which are so polluted it’s a wonder they’re able to support any life at all.

We can often tell whether a food is a libido booster just by looking at it. It’s sometimes as if Nature is saying “Eat me, eat me…” to support the procreation of the species.

As the gamekeeper Mellors says in D H Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover, “By God, you think a woman’s soft down there, like a fig….” Scientists have found that the sweetly luscious fig is an excellent stimulant for fertility because it enhances the secretion of pheromones.

The pert and erect Iceberg lettuce – a far cry from the more flaccid, limper varieties – contains a kind of opiate which stimulates the sex hormones.

The watermelon, dripping with red juices, relaxes blood vessels in the same way as Viagra, because it contains an amino acid which boosts nitric oxide levels.

The Aztecs named the avocado after its shape – it was their word for ‘testicle’. Scientists find that the avocado is good for heart health – heart disease often leads to erectile dysfunction.

And instead of finishing off the meal with caffeine-rich after dinner coffee, which floods the body with fight-or-flight, stress related hormones, try ginseng tea. Ginseng contains a compound which increases sexual satisfaction and the ability to perform.



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