Christmas is coming!

OK – Christmas is a good few weeks away yet. But knowing how quickly it creeps up on us, we’ve decided on The Holistic Works, this year, to be prepared well in advance. We’ve even started filling our stockings!

We’re going to be bringing you lots of great recipes – like my Ho Ho Ho Heavenly Chocolate! – which won’t leave you collapsed like a bloated hump-backed whale on Christmas afternoon, with your body already signalling that it’s going to make you pay big time, in the loo later on!


There will be articles with some great tips on how to survive the Christmas dinner, decorating your home with natural materials, making some lip-smackingly delicious nutritious beverages and much much more….

green man

We’ll also be bringing you some fascinating articles about how Yuletide used to be celebrated by our ancestors, all over the world. And we’ll be suggesting some great Christmas gift ideas which will make you very popular among your more health conscious friends!


Christmas doesn’t have to be a Roman emperor-style feeding frenzy of epic proportions – unless you want it to be!

So watch this space…. for a guilt-free and stress-free Christmas!


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