FDA approves mass production of vaccines derived from cancer tumours

By Josh Paniagua

For years, there has been loads of speculation on the safety of vaccinations. One of the most common theories states that vaccinations cause autism in children. And now, your good friends at the Food and Drug Administration have approved mass manufacturing of vaccines derived from human cancer tumors.

Now, I understand that some people out there prefer to give their government the benefit of the doubt. But even these people could not deny what was said in this FDA meeting in 2012. These people openly admit that they are manufacturing a product that they are not only uncertain of, but believe it could have harmful effects (such as… cancer).

According to Dr. K:

“We have really identified three major factors that could potentially convey risk from tumor derived cells.  And these include the cells themselves  ….and if they were tumor-derived cells then maybe they themselves could form tumors in a vaccine recipient…”

Translation: among the three major health risks behind cancer cell vaccines is the vaccine itself. Not only that, but the FDA is very much in support of vaccine manufacturers. Just like they are very much in support of the people that put silent poisons in our food to make them turn blue.

“….we are here to consider the issues that we would like to advise the agency to consider in helping the company continue the manufacturing process, what should they be concerned about, what should they be watching for.” (Dr. D)

“Also, of course, we welcome conversations with manufacturers who are contemplating doing things which are unusual, and we will give them advice on their specific set of circumstances as well.” (Dr. P)

The people at the FDA not only lack full understanding of what the cells derived from cancer tumors can do, but they also don’t have a confident way of finding out.

“… we are trying to evaluate these rodent models to find out whether they are appropriate…..but it’s really only now that we can start to assess whether these particular recommendations are sensible. We need to determine whether they are detecting oncogenic activity of DNA, which genes they are detecting, and what the sensitivity is of these. If they are not sensitive enough to detect DNA, whether it’s amplified ….. or not, then it doesn’t make any sense to use them … I’m not optimistic that we’re going to find animal models to assess oncogenicity of DNA. That’s why I’m feeling that maybe it’s the clearance aspect that we have to deal with, with respect to DNA” (Dr. P)

“…there is a level of concern that comes with using a human tumor cell line that is not necessarily based on science, that’s based on the fact that it just seems like there could be something there that maybe we don’t understand. That’s why I think understanding everything about this that we can is really important” (Dr. W of the CDC)

Ready for the kicker? The FDA is aware of the very real possibility of vaccinations directly causing cancer.

“They can cause tumours”

“What I think is qualitatively different about the tumor cell lines is the fact that they can cause tumors.” (Dr. L)

“…I’m guessing the safety concerns we have are ones that you typically wouldn’t observe in humans on the time scale that a Phase I trial takes place on…We are worried about these vaccines causing cancer in people many years down the road, well beyond the conclusion of the Phase I study.” (Dr. H)

“…But certainly, if you are going to address this question about tumor risk of vaccines made in tumor cell lines, it’s going to have to be a decade’s question …” (Dr. C)

“I think the best we’re going to be able to do is tell the agency that the risk appears to be very, very low, and secondly, that you are obviously on top of this and doing the right kind of approach and the right kind of testing and, perhaps more importantly, revising it as new technology becomes available.

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“Brave New World”

“So I’m not sure that we can give a certainty — there’s no risk, don’t worry about this.… It’s sort of a brave new world. We’re all doing it together. But I think you are doing a beautiful job.” (Dr. D)

They are not fully confident in safety.

“…then we get into the situation…… that we are in where the FDA does have to make decisions, and you cannot have 100 percent certainty that something is safe, but you are sure that you evaluated something to within the best limits that one can and the limits of the current technology.” (Dr. K)

The FDA fully realizes they will face from the public including doctors.

“I think there’s a brave-new-world aspect to this that we have to deal with….we have to tell providers about it in a way that they get it. I think we have to tell the public about it in a way that they get it. But I’m convinced after hearing the data today and the discussion today that these cell lines are important in continued development of vaccines.” (Dr. D)

“…. the issue of public perception. At the end of the day, information will need to be included in the vaccine safety information and the package insert.” (Dr. P)

“…The minute you describe something in the package insert in terms of potential clinical safety concerns, I think that really precludes using these cell substrates…” (Dr. G)

I think it should be noted that Dr. G, the source of that last quote, is the Director at the Office of Vaccines.

So through all of this, we’ve discovered that the FDA is aware of the dangers of vaccinations, they are aware of a very real risk that cancerous cells have on the human body, they don’t fully understand these cells, they have no current way to understand them, and they know that both doctors and people would be opposed to the idea. But despite this…

“To come back to the agency’s question of whether this Committee believes it’s correct scientifically to go forward with the development of these vaccines, our answer is yes.” (Dr. D)

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