A sound healing breakthrough with Bach flower essences

Welcome to an exciting  21st century upgrade on the original flower essences, originally discovered by the English homeopath Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s.

Already very successful in helping to dispel negativity and rebalance the mood at a deep level, Florachology has enhanced the potency of the original Bach Flower Remedies by adding in technology based on new discoveries about sound healing.

Florachology Bach Flower Sound Essence is on the cutting edge of what’s possible now that quantum science is recognising the importance of the energetic, resonant body. These enhanced mood-balancing essences are completely unique synergistic blends which contain sound vibrations from Nature that quickly rebalance and reharmonise our wellbeing at the atomic level.

Which essence is right for you?

Have a look at the descriptions below to see which remedy will suit you. It’s important to be honest about how you’re feeling…and if it helps, do remember that these descriptions are not about who you are, but are just a mood or feeling about life that’s passing through your energetic self. The essences, which come in 30ml bottles, will help to quicken that process.

Be kind to yourself… you deserve to feel better!


Agrimony is usually prescribed for those who generally put on a cheerful face to hide their problems. You may have a mental worry or tortuous thoughts which you’ve been trying to bury by over-using and abusing drugs and alcohol. All this anxiety and mental torment is hidden from view, so you appear, on the surface, to be carefree, but you’re actually concealing deep mental torture. You may even be jovial, to make light of your troubles. You’re uncomplaining, but you’re seeking stimulation to escape your problems. You may be feeling restless and have worries about future. You’re also experiencing a certain over-sensitiveness to others.

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Aspen is helpful for those who have unexplained fears and free floating vague worries which are not really rooted in anything solid and are of unknown origin. You’re often unexplainably irrational and feel nervous and anxious, with sudden flashes of apprehension and agitation, and your imagination can sometimes run wild. You may have mental fears associated with death or religion, and you’re frightened of going to sleep at night because of bad dreams.

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Beech is used as a treatment for those who have become over-critical and intolerant of others, and who experience a constant hankering desire for change. Your attitude has become quite judgemental, and find yourself being too intolerant, critical, arrogant, dissatisfied, irritable and fault-finding. You’re feeling easily annoyed by the habits of others, and you lack humility at times. Too often, you only see the negative aspects and are short-tempered with a compulsion to find minor faults. You want complete accuracy on the smallest of details, and often demand order and discipline, with an over-concern for others.

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Centaury has a good reputation for helping those who have difficulty in saying ‘No’ and are anxious to please. You may have weakness of will and are easily influenced and exploited. You sometimes feel that you’re ‘the doormat’. You’re over anxious to please and are easily exploited, and are too docile, timid, quiet, conventional or submissive. You lack individuality, and usually follow others’ advice, making you easily dominated and taken then for granted. Despite that, you are generally good natured and you serve willingly. You look for strong personalities in others, rather than trusting in your own self and your own judgement.

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If you doubt your own ability to judge situations,  distrust yourself and are constantly seeking advice, then Cerato is probably for you. You lack confidence, and so repeatedly seek the advice of others. This is because you doubt your own ability, making you easily led by others. You can be misguided, gullible, foolish, indecisive, vacillating, and you distrust yourself to be intuitive and original, so you imitate others. You have a need for self-reinforcement, and lack a sense of identity. You’re often unstable, changeable, uncertain and unreliable.

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Cherry Plum

Cherry Plum is prescribed for those who fear losing control of their behaviour, of their mind giving way. You’re may be feeling very depressed and even having thoughts about suicide. Your worry about losing control is a kind of desperate dread of doing something unforgiveable. You’re worried about losing your senses and going insane, or dissolving into hysteria. You’re feeling greatly distressed and desolate and have obsessive fears and delusions.

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Chestnut Bud

Try Chestnut Bud if you’re failing to learn from experience, and keep repeating the same mistakes. This mental state is making you feel impatient to move ahead, but you’re currently stuck because you’ve been slow to learn life’s lessons. You’re not able to observe life objectively, and you’ve become careless and impatient. You’re unable to give enough attention in the present moment, and this causes you to be beset with mental confusion. You’re feeling tortured by persistent and unwanted thoughts where the mind cannot rest with turning over worries and mental arguments. Thoughts are going round and round in your head with unresolved issues, which is exhausting and wearing you out.

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You’ve been feeling overly possessive about others, and are uncharacteristically wallowing in indulgent self-love and self-pity. This has been making you quite egocentric – craving attention, trying to direct others’ lives, and criticising and correcting others. You’ve even been using emotional blackmail to get your way, and have been a bit like a  fretful child who wants to be carried and always wants others near. This mood has been making you bossy and demanding while at the same time, feeling easily hurt or rejected. Your behaviour may stem from guilt feelings from your religion or your childhood. This causes you to be over-concerned for others, in order to keep power over them.

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Try Clematis if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burdened by responsibility or if you’re experiencing feelings of inadequacy – and you’re worried about letting others down. You may be feeling inadequate or of being overwhelmed by responsibility, and you’re experiencing a certain despondency from constant attempts to reach perfection. You’re naturally dedicated to what’s important to you, and happy to take responsibility and when you do, you’re capable, efficient and intuitive. But you tend to become indispensable in work situations and then you get tired from being overburdened and feel that you can’t cope or continue.

Bach-flower-Clematisbuy now

Crab Apple

Are you experiencing poor self–image or feeling ashamed and embarrassed by unpleasant physical symptoms?  Crab Apple is a very effective cleanser for those who feel mentally or physically un-clean, or experience self-dislike, self-disgust, despondency and depressed. You’re feeling obsessed with every little detail about your own appearance, are obsessed with trivial thoughts which make you fussy and finicky and usually overly house-proud.

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Elm is an excellent antidote for feeling overwhelmed or over-burdened by responsibility and temporary feelings of inadequacy. You sometimes find yourself thinking: “I can’t let them down!”. True, you’re capable, efficient and intuitive, but your desire to be considered indispensable at work will cause you to tire quickly from being overburdened. Otherwise, you’re generally dedicated and are happy to take responsibility, within reason.

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Gentian will be good for you if you’re feeling discouraged, hesitant and despondent, and are experiencing a lack of faith. You’re full of doubt and pessimism and also possibly depressed from a known cause, or you’re weak following an illness. Your mood is negative, you’re not believing in yourself  and this makes you depressed about the future. You’re sceptical almost to the point of enjoying your melancholy. Your fear of rejection is making you uncertain about giving to others in relationships.


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Gorse will lift your mood if you find yourself beset with hopelessness, despair and pessimism. You may be feeling on the verge of giving up on life, especially if you’re depressed from a long term illness. You believe that no change is possible, and resigned to your lot, with a loss of will to improve the situation. You experiencing a complete lack of ambition, and are not interested in digging yourself out of this slump – instead, you’re hoping for outside help.

Bach-flower-Gorsebuy now


Heather will be good for you if you’re feeling self-absorbed, disliking being alone, and are finding yourself uncharacteristically talking rapidly and incessantly about yourself, with the constant refrain on your mind: “What about me?”  This is making you conceited with an over-concern for your own needs of others.  You’re feeling greedy for attention in a selfish and self-centred way.

Unfortunately, this lack of interest in others saps their energies, and so they leave you alone and this causes waves of self-pity which forces you to try to gain their sympathy to get attention.

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Take Holly to dispel feelings of extreme jealousy, envy and suspicion; or feelings of revenge.  You’re feeling a distinct lack of love for others and have been treating them with distrust and suspicion. You’ve often been fault-finding, angry and argumentative with a violent temper in seeking revenge. You’ve been aggressive, intolerant and irritable. However, you’re over sensitive to insults, real and imagined, and easily hurt by others.

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Honeysuckle will be good for you if you’re finding yourself living too much in and glorifying the past. You’re feeling homesick or nostalgic and daydream about a time that may only exist in romantic fantasy. You’re full of regrets, of lost ambitions or friendships, mourning lost and past loves. Your life feels stuck because you’re unable to engage and interact enough with the opportunities of the present moment, to get your life moving again.


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Say goodbye to that Monday morning feeling with a little drop of Hornbeam before your coffee. Not just on Mondays – Hornbeam is great for any day of the week when you’re doubting your ability to face what’s to come. You’re waking up in the morning feeling tired, and everyday tasks wear you out quite quickly – although this may pass when you become interested in an activity.

Bach-flower-Hornbeambuy now


As the name says, Impatiens is good for those who are impatient and easily irritated. You’re feeling extreme mental tension and are unable to co-operate. You’re experiencing a mood of fiercely destructive independence, making you hasty and quick – both mentally and physically. Your mood is mainly irritable, and intolerant of interference. You’re naturally intelligent and intuitive, yet you lapse into intolerance and frustration with those slower to keep up. You’ve been quite demanding, bored without direction, have been experiencing short outbursts of temper and your prickliness has been driving friends away and so you’re feeling quite lonely.

Bach-flower-Impatiensbuy now


Larch will put you back on track if you’ve been lacking in self confidence and because you’re feeling inferior to others, it’s stopping you from trying – because you expect to fail. Your admiration of others, conversely, makes you doubt yourself and feel hesitant and despondent about your own abilities and qualities. You might find yourself disguising this state of mind by appearing overconfident at times, but you’ve been evading your responsibilities by this indulgence in unnecessary feelings of inadequacy.

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Mimulus is helpful for those whose fears are more extreme, like phobias. It might be fear of spiders, fear of death, fear of flying… to name just a few. You’ve been feeling shy, timid and introverted, and you’re often housebound or landbound.  You’re fearful of unplanned for events,  which  you can’t control, and have little faith in life.

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If you’re plunged into unexplained deep gloom from time to time, or a kind of black melancholy or depression which doesn’t seem to have any obvious cause, Mustard may help.  This mood may come and go for no apparent reason, and when it strikes, it sends you hurtling down into the depths of gloom, hopelessness, misery, deep introversion, despair, utter sadness, loss of interest or guilt. When it strikes, it’s as if you’re covered in a blanket of severe depression, making you pessimistic and despondent about life.

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Oak is used to root and ground those driven by a strong sense of duty and who insist on struggling on even when totally exhausted. If this sounds like you, you may have been suffering from illness, or you may feel like you’re slowly plodding on through a desert, like a camel who’s overburdened with responsibilities which should rightly belong to others. You’re struggling and persevering against all odds, uncomplainingly, refusing to give in to despair and despondency about the slow progress you’re making.  You’re irritated by anything interfering with your perceived duty, and you’re brave – hoping against hope. But you’re easily shattered when your strength suddenly goes.

Bach-flower-Oakbuy now


Take Olive if you’re feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. This kind of fatigue often comes after long-term stress and suffering when you feel general weakness, and a lack of interest in the world around you. You feel unhappy and can find no pleasure in life. You’re too tired to eat and even to sleep, Your vitality is completely sapped.

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Take Pine to knock on the head unnecessary feelings of guilt and blame for the mistakes of others. You’ve been overcompensating somehow for problems that are not yours, reproaching yourself, feeling unworthy and constantly apologising. Perhaps you’ve been over-conscientious – and set high standards for yourself? This is undermined by a negative self-image. You’ve been feeling undeserving of love and seem to need a lot of verbal reassurance that you’re OK.

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Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut will help if you’ve been over-anxious or over-concerned for others, and worrying too much about them. Perhaps you’re being a little too overprotective and are anticipating the worse? This negativity makes you project anxiety on to those you care about, and this isn’t good for them.  There may be a desire for self-sacrifice in this seeming protection of others – but they probably won’t thank you for it and may come to resent you for preventing them from finding their own strength, in the situation.

Bach-flower-Red-chestnutbuy now

Rock Rose

If you’re feeling stone cold petrified or terrified, Rock Rose will gently thaw you out. Fear is sometimes necessary – it’s part of the ‘fight or flight mechanism’ within the nervous system, and so fear can save our lives. But sometimes, once the fearful situation has passed, we can feel stuck in the remembering the horror, and this prevents us from being able to function normally. Rock Rose is a very good grounder and mood calmer if you’re experiencing unnecessary extreme fear, fright, panic for your own safety, hysteria or runaway fear. It also used successfully by survivors of  emergencies and accidents, and after any kind of event which has caused terror.

Bach-flower-Rock-Rosebuy now

Rock Water

If you’ve been feeling tightly wound or inflexible, caused by setting yourself too high standards, Rock Water will dispel that mood. You may have a desire to be an example to others, but are blindly wandering into a quagmire of  self-denial, repression and the feeling of being a martyr. This remedy helps those who are in self-denial, self repression, and who are rigid and tight, fanatical and self righteous. This is sometimes accompanied by the desire to set an example in an aesthetic way of life which is ruled by strict theories and values, in an attempt to be perfect.

Bach-flower-Rock-waterbuy now


Take Scleranthus if you’re been suffering from indecision, hesitancy, or feeling off balance. You’re uncertain, have been procrastinating, and your behaviour has been seen by others to be changeable and erratic. You’re feeling unstable and restless and are often unable to decide between two options. You’ve been trying to bear your problems alone but it’s difficult because you’re lacking in concentration and your energies are scattered. You’re unable to cope with any pressure or extremes of mood.

Bach-flower-Scleranthusbuy now

Star of Bethlehem

If you’re experiencing extreme shock or grief, reach for Star of Bethlehem. Your fright or trauma may have been so severe, you’re refusing to be consoled and are falling into deep despondency or despair. This essence has been effective for the after effects of trauma, shock, sorrow or grief, and it can help to counteract the feeling of numbness, sadness and withdrawal.

Bach-flower-Star-of-Bethlehembuy now

Sweet Chestnut

Sweet Chestnut will help if you’re feeling at the limits of your endurance and in deep despair. You’ve been in extreme mental anguish and torment,  desolation and intense hopelessness. You have a sense of utter loss and emptiness  – you feel like you’re deep in a void, isolated and completely alone. For you, there’s no hope nor any peace, although you’re keeping this great distress to yourself.  Your soul is suffering deeply.

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Vervain is very effective for ‘ranters’, in other words, those who are over-enthusiastic in pressing their own point of view about perceived injustices in a too forceful way. This dogmatic and overbearing behaviour usually causes strain and tension among friends. You’ve been living on nervous energy, overloading yourself with work in your desire to convert others to your point of view. But your friends are seeing you as fanatical, impatient and highly strung, and this over-concern for what they think is actually strangling their own creative problem-solving in the situation.

Bach-flower-vervainbuy now


Vine is very effective for those who are being too strong-willed, who have been displaying a tendency to be domineering or inflexible, or too ruthless. If your friends tell you that you’re being too inflexible, demanding or even tyrannical, this essence can help. You may have been setting yourself, and others, impossible tasks, and been very competitive and ambitious. Vine is good for reharmonising bossy and authoritarian leaders who have been over-confident in their entitlement to be unquestionably obeyed, to the point of cruelty.

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Walnut is good for those going through major life changes and who feel in need of protection from the influences of others. You may have been feeling oversensitive to strong outside influences or going through physical-emotional changes in life, like teething, puberty, changing jobs or moving home. You’re feeling insecure and possibly the need for protection against psychic or cosmic influences. This essence helps with deep-seated negative patterns or habits, or for the pain that comes from breaking family ties.

Bach-flower-Walnutbuy now

Water Violet

Water Violet will gently ease you out of your shell if your need for personal space and solitude is adversely affecting your relationships and your life. Past trauma can be causing you to feel proud, reserved and aloof, convinced that others don’t understand you. They may be feeling that you’re behaving in a superior, disdainful, condescending way. Water Violet is also good for one who suffers in silence and dislikes interference from others because of the feeling that others do not understand.

White Chestnut

White Chestnut will help if you’ve been finding yourself having unwanted thoughts, preoccupations and worries. You may be having continual mental arguments with yourself about an event or a conversation that you just can’t get out of your mind. This is having an adverse effect on your love of life; this obsession of something in the past that you cannot change is causing you to lose interest in the world around you.

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Wild Oat

Take Wild Oat if you’re uncertain of the correct path to take in your life, especially if you’re dissatisfied with your current lifestyle and cannot decide what changes to make –  possibly because there are too many options. You’ve been feeling that you’re spreading yourself too thin, in too many directions at once, and you feel frustrated over innate talents which you’ve been unable to nurture and express. You start something but fail to finish it and you have a fear of commitment. You have very good learning ability, but you need to find where to channel it, if you’re not to  become a bored and despondent drifter.


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Wild Rose

Wild Rose will perk up your mood if you’ve been unable to raise the mental effort to change your situation. You may be feeling apathetic, and resigned to whatever happens through a lack of ambition and loss of vitality. You’re feeling weary and find yourself draining the energies of others just to keep going. You’re unhappy with your present situation, but you’re resistant to change, because you can’t find the energy to make the effort required. This is about a kind of inner collapse and complete loss of interest in the world around one.

Bach-flower-Wild-rosebuy now


If you’ve been feeling bitter, sulky, despondent resentful and have been wallowing in self-pity, Willow may be for you. You often find yourself thinking ‘poor me’; you blame others for your mistakes and are unable to forgive. You’ve been feeling resentment, bitterness and a hopeless victim of fate. You’ve been focussing on the negative too much, endlessly complaining because of unresolved suffering and this is leading you to feel bitter. Sometimes you feel a kind of smouldering anger, which is difficult to resolve because you’re not sure of its cause.


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