The Therapy Book – the best and fullest guide to hundreds of holistic health therapies

By John Board

I’m very pleased to announce that my holistic health therapy guide, The Therapy Book, is now out in paperback. It seems a long time ago now, when the idea first came to me, that I had to write that book. It was because I’d found that there was no one comprehensive resource which contained authoritative information on every holistic therapy available.

I know some people call it alternative medicine, but really, once you understand how superior it is to conventional medicine, you realise there is no alternative!

As a practising hypnotherapist, I always have the client’s welfare at the forefront of my mind. And if I feel that the type of alternative therapy that I’m offering may not be the best one for them or their condition, then I always let them know. But it’s not always easy to tell this to a client, especially if I don’t know what to recommend instead.

So rather than just saying ‘sorry’ and showing them the door, leaving them frustrated and wondering in which direction to turn. I felt that I needed to have a complete ‘toolkit’ of other possible complementary therapies. That way, I could refer them to a more suitable therapist.

In other words, I ended up writing the book I needed to read!

Hours of research turned into weeks and weeks, and the more I searched, the more diverse were the therapies I found.

I ended up with just over 200 alternative therapies.

Then, as I gathered information about each therapy, I began to format it under different headings…

what the therapy is
how the therapy works
what the therapy can be used for
whether it is an effective form of therapy
whether there are any known side effects to the therapy

It’s a therapy handbook for the therapist, yes. But this is also a book for the layman who needs to find out about which possible therapies are available, how they work and how effective they are deemed to be.

It’s been a great success over many years in the version for Kindles… so that’s why I’m pleased to be able to offer it now in paperback format, for those who like to hold a real book in their hands and have the ultimate guide to holistic healthcare ready to hand on their bookshelves.

Why not check it out Amazon?


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