Especially for those little people we love in our lives …. Kiddyology aura and pillow sprays

Kiddyology Sprays is a unique range of healing products that has been developed by sound healer and synthesete Colin Kingshott especially for children – although adults can ask their kiddiwinkles for permission to use them too! These beautifully aromatic sprays are for children to use around their rooms and aura for self help – and the Fairy Pillow Sprays for Boys and Girls are sprayed under the pillow about five minutes before going to bed.

Featured image: © Paramount Pictures & Nickoldeon Pictures: Spiderwick Chronicles

Choose which one will suit your favourite little person’s emotional mood…

Brave Heart

babysitting a baby fairy by bebydendenFor children who need support venturing forth into life, with oils of orange, ginger and marjoram. Fgallery7-1buy now

Comfort Zone

comfort zone kiddyologyHelps children to feel at ease in this hectic world and especially when in stressful situations like at school.

Fgallery7-2buy now

Focus Fix


For children who daydream just a little too much, and need help with concentrating, particularly with their school work. It contains oils of white grapefruit, lemon and basil.

Fgallery7-3buy now

Short Fuse

short fuseExcellent for soothing tempers and tantrums, containing oils of chamomile, lavender and litsea cubeba.

Fgallery7-4buy now


spooked For children who are scared of the dark or frightened easily in life. It contains oils of chamomile, lavender and clary sage.

Fgallery7-5buy now

Fairy Pillow Spray for Girls

faery pillow girl

Just a few small sprays around her pillow will help her to slip into dreamland! It contains oils of rose hydrosol, geranium , nutmeg and grapefruit and the vibrational essence of rose hibiscus.

buy nowFgallery7-6

Fairy Pillow Spray for Boys

wizard pillowSpray around his pillow and he’ll soon be off to Never Never Land. It contains oils of lavender hydrosol, chamomile, clary sage, orange, grapefruit seed and vibrational essences of lavender and chamomile.

Fgallery7-7buy now

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