The Naked Shaman – Episode 13 – The Sanctuary of Avalon

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

The Sanctuary of Avalon, set up in the early 1960s by Ronald Heaver and Polly Wood was, I believe, the setting for the magical stimulus and catalyst within what I call the inner planes Realms of Potentiality for the Winds of Change taking place today on the world stage. As Heaver himself said …

“It is because all things are being shaken that those things which cannot be shaken may remain, a process now actually taking place – it is because of this that statesmen and politicians find themselves up against stalemate. They are being pushed around by an invisible force that they don’t understand. Men no longer control events. On the contrary the impact of events is controlling them through the reaction they are forced to make in respect to the pressure of over-ruling outward circumstances, evolving all the time.”

It seems to me that long before the first Glastonbury Festival of 1971, an etheric arrow was fired and its trajectory is what we need to follow to be on the ‘on the side of the angels’ as events play out over the course of the next few generations.

In this episode of The Naked Shaman, I explain how one can be in tune with that trajectory, and how to tell when you’re ‘off’, and also how to avoid getting trapped by New Age hijackers – those jockeying for position in the shifting sands and sandstorms.

I also talk about the trauma curve that many of are following in the wake of revelations about the real nature of the current geopolitical world. We all of us have to process the trauma of revelation as we die to the old world understanding and wake up to a new one. Death and rebirth. It doesn’t happen overnight and it is a journey in itself – you might almost say a rite of passage – and if you know your spirit guides, they will be able to help you to process it faster.

Here’s an example of a typical trauma curve.


The video is here…

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