Great and affordable holistic healing Christmas gifts for the friend who has everything!

Camberwell Beauty

VIO01Feeling a bit like a shrinking violet this Christmas? Containing added technology based on new discoveries about sound healing, Bach Water Violet Essence is designed to gently ease you out of your shell if your need for personal space and solitude is messing up your Christmas.

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Bach Flower Essence – Pine

christmas-tree-branchHave you been overcompensating for problems that are not of your making, reproaching yourself, feeling unworthy and constantly apologising? Perhaps you’ve been over-conscientious – and set too high standards for yourself? You and several million other mothers this Christmas, no doubt!  This Bach Flower Essence contains the bioresonance of Pine – for when you’re feeling put-upon and inadequate to the task of providing ‘the perfect Christmas’.

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 Bach Flower Spa Gels and Creams

woman-detox-bath-recipesBask in a luxurious Bach Flower bliss!

It’s Christmas Night and someone else is doing the washing up, so you can have some Me time….time to bask in sound healing luxury with our deliciously gorgeous Bach Flower Spa products!

Star of Bethlehem – Aloe Vera Moisturiser

Star_of_Bethlehem3“Star of wonder, star of night, star of royal beauty bright.” We recommend our Star of Bethlehem Bach Spa products for those experiencing shock and trauma, or feeling overwhelmed by events.

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FrequenSea Coral Luminesence

coralIf flowers are the stars of the Earth, then perhaps these extraordinary other-worldly and vibrant calcium carbonate blooms, built by microscopic sea creatures, could be called the stars of the bottom of the deep blue sea.

These stunning marine coral luminaries – like submarinal stars – create their own harmony of the spheres when they vibrate with octaves of sound that our essences encapsulate that help us to bridge dimensions as well as connect with our Divine feminine and masculine selves.

FrequenSea Coral Luminesence – Snowflake Coral

snowflakeFeeling exhausted from Christmas shopping? Losing the will to live over the whole business? Join the club! However, you could reach for our wonderful Red Coral over Snowflake Coral Life Force Luminescence, which will soon put a spring back in your step and even also balance and ground your root chakra.


Chakra Oils

chakrasEach of our beautiful Chakra Oils sings with bioresonant sounds of semi-precious stones and other gifts from Mother Nature’s rich cornucopia, the colouring is all from Her plants, and we’ve added fragrant essential oils and absolutes. These spray oils are excellent for clearing, purifying and balancing the chakras and are used by therapists over a range of different healing therapies.

Cooking Christmas dinner for mother-in-law this year? Get your chakras nicely balanced first with our bioresonant oils.


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FrequenSea Essences, Sprays and Spa

sea shellsWith these beautiful FrequenSea essences, sprays and spa products, you don’t need to live on the coast or be a deep sea diver to bask in and benefit from the wonders of the deeps. We’ve encapsulated the bioresonant qualities of sea shells, seaweeds and sea flowers to bring harmonic healing from choirs of marine life into your life in an easy and accessible way.

Frequensea Essence – Sea Urchin


The Sea Urchin sound essence is a quintessence which infuses life force and equality, transmitting the characteristic of unity. It’s a Master essence for oneness, to relieve the stress and anxiety that can be created by unsynthesised and chaotic duality – such as can be experienced during busy holiday seasons.

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Kiddyology Essences

tantrums KiddyologyToo-much-sugar tantrums, or sleeplessness waiting for Santa Claus? And that’s just you! Try our Kiddyology Essences – from bed wetting, thumbsucking and terrible twos to fear, shock, divorce and dyslexia, we have the right essence for your little one’s needs!

Kiddylology Essence – Terrible Two

This Kiddyology Essence contains the bioresonance of blackberry flower and the colour red. gallery8-19

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Kiddyology Sprays

harry potterKiddyology Sprays is a unique range of healing products that we’ve developed especially for children – although adults can ask their kiddiwinkles for permission to use them too! These beautifully aromatic sprays are for children to use around their rooms and aura for self help – and the Fairy Pillow Sprays for Boys and Girls are sprayed under the pillow about five minutes before going to bed.

Kiddyology Wizard Pillow Spray

babyPerfect for getting budding magicians off to sleep on Christmas Eve when they’re trying to stay awake for Father Christmas!

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Kiddyology Fairy Pillow Spray

Great Christmas idea for helping them to relax and slip into dreamland. faery asleep

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