Give the harmonic healing of sea shells and sea flowers this Christmas!

FrequenSea Essences, Sprays and Spa

sea shellsWith these beautiful FrequenSea essences, sprays and spa products, you don’t need to live on the coast or be a deep sea diver to bask in and benefit from the wonders of the deeps. We’ve encapsulated the bioresonant qualities of sea shells, seaweeds and sea flowers to bring harmonic healing from choirs of marine life into your life in an easy and accessible way.

Frequensea Essence – Sea Urchin


The Sea Urchin sound essence is a quintessence which infuses life force and equality, transmitting the characteristic of unity. It’s a Master essence for oneness, to relieve the stress and anxiety that can be created by unsynthesised and chaotic duality – such as can be experienced during busy holiday seasons.

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