Protecting your aura and astral wellbeing at Christmas

This is Aura BioSonics – a range of beautiful essences and sprays containing plant and flower songs made by sound healer Colin Kingshott whose products are on the cutting edge of what’s possible now that science is opening up to take into account the energetic resonant body.

This range is dedicated to emotional wellbeing at the cellular level, and protection of the aura, and they are all useful pick-me-ups to carry with you at this time of year when the Lord of Misrule reigns.

Sound healing is based on the precursor to the lowest common denominator of all matter – sound vibration. It is sound resonance that is found beating at the heart of every atom in the universe. If you want to make changes to the matter or the body, you have to make changes at the atomic level, and this is achieved with vibration or resonant sound.

These stunningly original resonant synergistic blends re-harmonise the aura, by balancing the chakras, through the subtle, enchanting songs of plants and flowers.  Choose from …

Emotional Realignment Essence


Emotional Realignment Essence contains the following bioresonance sounds of purslane, grape hyacinth, milk thistle, mistletoe and amber- all are NOTE-E.

Colin recommends taking this sound essence afterany  emotional upsets, which will help to bring stability to the emotional aura. It will calm  the shock waves of the upset which cause disharmony in the aura. It will also help to soften the upset and gradually support and stabilise the aura. Use for any emotional trauma and balance.

Dosage: 5 drops in water morning and evening.


Etherium Fluidium Essence Energise


Etherium Fluidium Essence Energise contains the bioresonance sounds of blue cohosh, yellow jasmine, tiger lily and lady slipper orchid – all are NOTE C . This essence is extremely good for revitalising after hospital operations, accidents and traumas. It should be used where you have weak points on the body.

Dosage: Place two drops on the body or by taking in water, but either way, you should direct the power of your intent to the part of your mind-body-spirit where you need the essence to work.


Etheric Shock Essence

gallery1-3Etheric Shock Essence contains the bioresonance sounds of mullien, crowea, whitebeam, wild licorice and aquamarine- all are NOTE C. Reach for this essence straight after a shock or traumatic event, and it will help the energy body realign. It will also aid the etheric body to reconnect to the harmonics of this body to stop further stress.

Dosage -4 drops in the morning in water, after an accident, a trauma event or when you’re feeling unduly stressed.



Astral Calm and Balance Essence

gallery1-4Astral Calm and Balance Essence contains the bioresonant sounds of blue flag iris, pennyroyal, cherry, wild indigo and peridot – all are NOTE- B

This combination is very protective for astral bodies –  in particular for childhood issues. It’s also great for co-dependency issues, astral shock from dreams and out of body issues. If you’re continually waking up after horrible nightmares, you probably need to find some sort of holistic or spiritual healing to address what your body is trying to tell you. In the meantime, keep this essence by your bedside, and it will help enormously.

Dosage 6 drops in water morning and evening


Mental Harmony Essence

gallery1-5Mental Harmony Essence contains the following bioresonance sounds of golden rod, yellow dock, bugleweed, lilac and garnet- all are NOTE-F.

The combination of these sounds is excellent for stress related problems which impact on the mental body, and it is equally good for people who have been mentally abused.

The mental body is supported by this sound essence and is excellent for helping to calm the mind.

Dosage 3 drops in water morning and evening



Spiritual Reconnection Essence

gallery1-6Spiritual Reconnection Essence contains the bioresonance sounds of elder, iris, lily of the valley, oleander and lemon topaz- all are NOTE-B.

This sound combination will help you to reconnect from your lower life chakras to our spiritual chakras. It is also extremely good to connect to our spirit guides – discovering our spiritual pathway and destiny help us to look at the bigger picture. Great for looking inwards to find solutions for self-healing.

Dosage 7 drops in water in the evening.


Aura Protection Spray

gallery1-7Aura Protection Spray contains essential oils of cedar, sage and lavender with the bioresonance sound essences of ox eye daisy, rosa alba, pennywort and mimosa. This combination is really good to use to protect your energy field from negative energies. It forms a protective barrier to overcome influences.  This spray will help with issues against psychic attack.


Aura Cleanse Spray

gallery1-8Aura Cleanse Spray contains essential oils of geranium, orange and rosemary with the bioresonance sound essences of yarrow, pennyroyal, fumitory and milky quartz. This combination spray cleanses the energy body of daily life and from negative energies leaving the energy field brighter with light. Use this spray to cleanse negative energy.

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