Supergreen – Unique sound healing essences which are great for supporting detox

Supergreen Sound Essences come from the development lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, just like many other exciting new bioresonant health product ranges that we’re now selling on The Holistic Health Store.

Colin says that his Supergreen Sound Essences contain the subtle nutritional vibrations of Nature in her various edible forms, which nourish us on the mind-body-spirit level with her bioresonant songs.

Some of these essences provide great support for when you’re undertaking a detox, such as chlorella and spirulina. He has also produced an essence specifically for detoxing, which contains the songs of dandelion, flax, cilantro, black walnut, milk thistle and chlorella.

These sound essences can be used in your personal and professional life to promote a mental shift and emotional response as well as being incredibly nurturing and healing. It’s an essence that can touch you in a very subtle and respectful way because it honours your energies.

Dosage 6 drops twice daily in water or fruit juice. All bottles are 30ml

Acai Sound Essence

gallery10-1This essence will help with blocked and suppressed emotions, expressions, anger, fears and self –identity.

Chakra impact – Root, Heart, Sacral


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Barley Grass Sound Essence

gallery10-2This essence will help one to surrender and let go, balancing, transitional, control issues, self- protection and flexibility.

Chakra impact – Sacral, Solar plexus

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Camu Camu Sound Essence

gallery10-3This essence transforms negative emotions, will help emotional expression, fears will be calmed, removes out of date patterns and will help to cope with change.

Chakra impact – Root, Heart and Solar plexus

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 Chlorella Sound Essence

gallery10-4This essence will deal with all problems with the mind and acceptance of life, for self assertiveness, flexibility, to go with the flow, security and personal power

Chakra impact – Root, Throat and Solar plexus


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Detox Sound Essence

gallery10-4bContains the following ingredients:

  • Flax – Improves spiritual and inner levels of awareness
  • Dandelion – Helps to remove fears and old emotional patterns
  • Cilantro – Brings a increased sense of up-liftment and vitality
  • Black walnut – Helps remove blocks that have restricted the Life force
  • Milk thistle –  To clean away anger and stress
  • Chlorella – Aids in releasing negative energy

detox bottle

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Dragonfruit Sound Essence

gallery10-5This essence is all about balance in life and of loving yourself and others, movement and expression

Chakra impact – Sacral and Throat

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Ginseng Sound Essence (Siberian)

gallery10-6This essence will help to eliminate stress and tension and give a high level of protection and support while releasing emotional blocks and rigid mental blocks.

Chakra impacts – Sacral, Solar plexus and Heart

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Goji Berry Sound Essence

gallery10-7This essence will re-inforce the mind , body relationships ,loss of direction, unable to deal with emotions, addictive behaviour, purpose and balancing.

Chakra impact – Sacral, Heart and Throat


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Green Tea Sound Essence

This essence will help to unblock emotional attachments, denial, overcritical of oneself, comforting and harmonious.

Chakra impact – Solar plexus, Heart, Throat and Brow.

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Inca Berry Sound Essence

gallery10-This essence will help to detach from worries, self -sacrifices, inner conflict, inhibited personality and frustrations.
Chakra impact – Sacral and Solar plexus


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Kelp Sound Essence

gallery10-10An essence to give rise to” go with the flow”, inner – strength, equilibrium, lifeforce, emotional stability, and will clear messages from the deep mind.

Chakra impact- Rooot, Solar plexus and Crown

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Lychee Fruit Sound Essence

gallery10-11This essence will help us to express our feelings and conflicts of emotions, for digesting of reality events and will also help us to cleanse ourselves of unexpressed issues.

Chakra impact – Solar Plexus and Heart

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Maca Sound Essence

gallery10-12This essence will ease mental emotional tension, give direction in life, help to balance and reduce anxiety and to stimulate lifeforce.

Chakra impact – Root, Sacral, Heart and Brow


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Mangosteen Sound Essence

gallery10-13This essence helps you to move through self- criticism, to be more flexible to ourselves and others. Aids us in integrating life experiences and letting go when necessary .

Chakra impact – Solar plexus and Heart

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Prickly Pear Sound Essence

gallery10-14An essence to help deal with irritable emotional states present in our lives and also to be true to ourselves and will help to release negativity.

Chakra impact – Sacral and Solar Plexus

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Quava Sound Essence

gallery10-15This essence will help us to look at our relationships with ourselves, our feelings about ourselves and to be able to express and to let go and to release feelings of panic.

Chakra impact – Throat and Brow

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Reishi Sound Essence

gallery10-16Will assist with core emotions like love, compassion and grief and will also expand energy and open us to spiritual and inner levels of awareness, purpose and direction.

Chakra impact – Heart, Brow and Crown

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Rhodolia Rosea Sound Essence

gallery10-17Will help to strengthen the mind and the will and bring clarity, emotional release and will also boost the lifeforce to release stress, fatigue and conflict.

Chakra impact – Root, Heart and Brow

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Schisandra Sound Essence

gallery10-18An essence to give confidence and trust in oneself and will help to let go of surrendering attitudes connected to core.

Chakra impact – Solar plexus, Throat, Heart and Crown

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Spirulina Sound Essence

gallery10-19An essence for inner relaxation and will help to give self -control while balancing inner sadness-“Letting go”.

Chakra impact – Heart, Throat and Brow

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Wheatgrass Sound Essence

gallery10-20This essence will bring clarity of mind and it is a self -protecting emotional nurturer and will help to increase the flow of energy and bring a purpose to life.


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