Butterfly love: room sprays for creating harmonious ambience on Valentine’s night

If you’re looking to create a harmonic ambience on Valentine’s Night, for giving your relationship a bit of a boost, our Butterfly BioResonance Sound Sprays are just the thing to spray around – both your aura and your room – for clearing energetic pollution and creating just the right mood.

These cutting edge remedies are made from new sound technology which has encapsulated the vibrational sound of wings beating into each healing product.

Butterfly sprays consist of essential oils and absolutes and are formulated around the bioresonance soul sound of the butterfly – thus creating a holistic healing of the mind-body-spirit.

Butterfly Bioresonance Sound Sprays are great for spraying around your aura, as a personal spray. They also make excellent room sprays for creating just the right mood.

By the way, please don’t worry – absolutely no butterflies or other tiny creatures were harmed in any way to create these resonant sprays, and they were also developed in complete co-operation with the nature spirits or energetic entities.

Each butterfly sound was recorded with a unique device which looks for the common musical note. From this, it can be determined which note will impact on the aura or the chakra system.

Read on to find out about each butterfly spray, and where to buy them.

 Tortoiseshell – Love


The love rites of the Tortoiseshell butterfly are based on bioresonance.  The male approaches the female from behind and starts to “drum” his antennae on the hindwings of the female, making a feint sound that is audible to the human ear.

This can go on for several hours with the couple spending a good amount of time basking together. Eventually, the female will lead the male into vegetation, often a nettle patch, and they remain coupled until the following morning.

The Tortoiseshell spray helps us to feel more loving and sociable and it also strengthens the willpower.

Gatekeeper – Heart

The Gatekeeper butterfly, also known as the Hedge Brown, is a beautiful golden butterfly which spends much of its time basking in the summer sun with its wings open.

Made from the resonance of the Gatekeeper butterfly’s wing as it flies over its favourite habitat of rough grassland, woodland rides, country lanes and hedgerows, this spray is very popular with those who use it for emotional support, because it balances the heart chakra, grounds us for everyday life, and helps with making difficult decisions.


Brimstone – Step forward


The Brimstone butterfly has beautiful, unique butter-yellow wings which are so exquisitely shaped, they can easily camouflage themselves in the leaves of tree.

Brimstone’s vibration will help you to create an openness within yourself; in other words, to release the bioresonant markers in your auric field of past traumas which may be standing in the way of you being more protective and affectionate in your relationships with people.

Use the sound healing resonance of the Brimstone butterfly to smoothly overcome the past and step into the future!

Comma – Let go


Sometimes we’re the last person to know that we need Comma! None of us likes to feel that we’re too stubborn, but it’s very often because we’re suppressing our emotions over feelings of guilt, and it can sometimes make us quite irritable towards our nearest and dearest.

The vibration of Comma butterfly’s wings in flight, used in this spray, will help you to let go of all that guilt, allowing you to open up to life and the love of others once more. It will also help you find your courage, and to act in a more confident and resourceful way.

 Common Blue – Open up


Common Blue, as you would expect from the name, is the most common butterfly in the British Isles. But there is nothing common about this great remedy for the blues!

When egg-laying, the female Common Blue makes slow flights, low over the ground, searching out suitable foodplants on which to lay. When a suitable plant is located, a single egg is laid on the upperside of a young leaf.

The vibrational sound from her flight will help you banish feelings of mistrust, sadness, insecurity, or if you’re feeling under some perceived or real repressions, and it will help to create openness in your body-mind-spirit again.

Painted Lady – Self esteem


The migration of the flocks of Painted Lady butterflies from Africa when summer arrives in the northern hemisphere is one of the most marvellous and welcomed events in nature.

They arrive in Britain in huge numbers and are often seen feasting on their favourite thistles.

The bioresonance flight of this exotically beautifully Painted Lady wll help you feel more supported, more confident, and give you greater self-esteem and creative inspiration.


Red Admiral – Express yourself


The flight of the stunning female Red Admiral is slow and deliberate as she flits from leaf to leaf on buddleias, ivy blossoms and brambles. That’s because she’s carrying eggs which she deposits on suitable leaves and then carries on feeding.

The spray made from the resonance of this flight will help to ease self-doubts and the need for recognition. Great for those who have trouble expressing their emotions and who are seeking creative inspiration.

 Small Copper – Friendly


The Small Copper butterfly lives in Germany, but sub species are found elsewhere in the world, including the British Isles.

The resonance from the wings of this fast flying butterfly has been gently encapsulated into this spray, and it’s helpful for when you’re feeling lack of emotional support.

It’s also great for the kind of anger that develop from lack of emotional maturity, and reduced holistic perception, and helps us to be more friendly and accepting.


 Swallowtail – Acceptance


A favourite with the butterfly watchers of the British Isles, the Swallowtail is mainly seen over a network of waterways, the Norfolk Broads, mainly because there it can find a plentiful source of his sole food, milk-parsley.

The vibrationary qualities of the Swallowtail butterfly in flight help one to be less self critical and also judgemental of others. It helps us to feel more sympathetic emotions, and less constrained from being in touch with our feelings.

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