Balance your heart chakra on Valentine’s night

If you’re looking to create a harmonic ambience on Valentine’s Night, for giving your relationship a bit of a boost, our Butterfly BioResonance Sound Sprays are just the thing to spray around – both your aura and your room – for clearing energetic pollution and creating just the right mood.

These cutting edge remedies are made from new sound technology which has encapsulated the vibrational sound of wings beating into each healing product.

In particular, our Gatekeeper Butterfly spray is known as the Heart essence, because it balances the heart chakra and the emotions.

Butterfly sprays consist of essential oils and absolutes and are formulated around the bioresonance soul sound of the butterfly – thus creating a holistic healing of the mind-body-spirit.

Butterfly Bioresonance Sound Sprays are great for spraying around your aura, as a personal spray. They also make excellent room sprays for creating just the right mood.

Gatekeeper – Heart

The Gatekeeper butterfly, also known as the Hedge Brown, is a beautiful golden butterfly which spends much of its time basking in the summer sun with its wings open.

Made from the resonance of the Gatekeeper butterfly’s wing as it flies over its favourite habitat of rough grassland, woodland rides, country lanes and hedgerows, this spray is very popular with those who use it for emotional support, because it balances the heart chakra, grounds us for everyday life, and helps with making difficult decisions.

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