Let our Coral Luminaries harmonise your heartstrings with octaves of sound

If flowers are the stars of the Earth, then perhaps these extraordinary other-worldly and vibrant calcium carbonate blooms, built by microscopic sea creatures, could be called the stars of the bottom of the deep blue sea.

These stunning marine coral luminaries – like submarinal stars – create their own harmony of the spheres when they vibrate with octaves of sound that create frequencies of colour – and from which sound healer Colin Kingshott has derived essences which help us to bridge dimensions as well as connect with our Divine feminine and masculine selves.

This one will be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Bubble Coral, Note D over Stagshorn Coral, Note 6


gallery5-7This combination of two corals, Bubble and Stagshorn, impacts the body, the mind, all our relationships and our emotional and physiological interactions. These two coral energies create a harmonic relationship by supporting the heartstrings to harmonise into balance. This blend also helps with communications of feelings of love and compassion.

This essence is designed for the heart and throat chakras.

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