The Big Pharma war criminals behind the European Union

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

The recent massive leak of TTIP documents and its intentions over GM foods came as a shock to those who had been lulled into assuming that the European Union were the ‘good guys’ in this debate, compared to our own politicians in the UK. But we wouldn’t have been so wrong-footed if we’d been taught our history correctly.

The warm and fuzzy story that we’ve been getting on the mainstream media – about Jean Monnet coming up with the idea of the European Union to help prevent war in Europe – is leaving out some unsavoury but enlightening information, according to Dr Matthias Rath of the Rath Health Foundation.

Dr Rath found that the EU has been conceived, birthed and nurtured by the guidance and blueprint of Nazi war criminals who had been top executives at the huge chemical companies which supplied the concentration camps. These men were tried for crimes against humanity, at the Nuremberg Trials, and many of them were sentenced.

He says that these Nazis designed the EU as a sort of “Politburo” of the pharmaceutical industry’s postwar rule over Europe, and to wipe out any alternative opposition to it – in their own words, “from Lisbon to Sofia.”

Much of what Rath believes is supported in a very well reviewed book, Europe’s Full Circle: Corporate Elites and the New Fascism by Rodney Atkinson.

If they are both correct, then it would seem that the dark shadow of this inauspicious birth hangs over the EU today – in the form of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. They might deny it – although so far, they haven’t responded – but we have to judge a tree by its fruits, and these fruits are covered in chemical pesticides.

As we’re beginning to realise, like panzer divisions rolling roughshod over the welfare of the people, the TTIP solely represents the interests of the multinational corporations that seek control over ever-increasing areas of our lives. And this includes patenting genes – in order to gain control over the very molecules of inheritance and life – as well as patents on genetically modified plants so that they control what we eat, how we live … and how we die.

As Dr Rath says:

“As a direct result of the influence of these interests, the decisions of the European Parliament have little, if any, influence on the laws and on the so-called ‘EU directives’ that are imposed on the lives of 400 million people in Europe.

“The elections for the European Parliament are little more than a masquerade, deceiving the people of Europe by portraying the EU structure as a democratic system,” as the diagram below illustrates:

EU header

Rath says:

“For six long decades, the records of the Nuremberg Tribunal against the managers of the IG Farben Cartel were hidden away in archives. In July this year, our foundation got access to these files and published over 40,000 pages of this important tribunal on the Internet.

“From now on, everyone, school children and adults alike, can read and study these important documents online anywhere in the world.”

Unmasking the Big Chem cartel running the EU

Dr Rath believes that the only way to ensure the survival of mankind is to publicly unmask the plans of the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical cartel behind the European Union, to enable the people of the world to look behind its curtain of deception.

Following are extracts from his speech to Holocaust survivors from Auschwitz in 2007.

In this speech, Rath described how, with the beginning of the Cold War, some of the IG Farben executives that stood trial at Nuremberg were reinstated into the highest positions of German industry.

He says:

“With the beginning of the Cold War, some of the IG Farben executives that stood trial in Nuremberg were reinstated into the highest positions of German industry. Karl Wurster, who was chairman of Degesch which manufactured Cyclone B for the gas chambers of Auschwitz, became chief executive of BASF.

Karl Wurster

Karl Wurster

“Fritz ter Meer, the Bayer and IG Farben director was convicted in Nuremberg for genocide and slavery crimes committed in Auschwitz. Bayer’s pharmaceutical division had used thousands of prisoners in deadly experiments to test their patented chemicals as ‘chemotherapy.'”

Fritz ter Meer was released from prison after only four years and, just six years after that, he was chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer again.


Fritz ter Meer

During the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal,  24 managers of IG Farben were tried for crimes against humanity and many of them were sentenced.

“According to the US Prosecutor Telford Taylor, without IG Farben, the Second World War would not have been possible,” Rath continues.

“Then there’s Hans Globke, who co-authored the Nuremberg racial laws. He was also responsible for writing the new laws of the Greater European ‘Reich’ in the countries occupied by the Nazis during World War II.


Hans Globke

“Globke became minister of the Chancellery in German Chancellor Adenauer’s office after the Second World War. As the ‘gray eminence’ and outside of any parliamentary supervision, Globke controlled essentially all aspects of political life in post-war west Germany, from the Secret Service to the continuation of the plans of the oil and drug cartel to conquer Europe under the newly constructed EU.

“Walter Hallstein, a prominent law professor under the Nazis stated in a speech in 1939: ‘One of the most important laws (in occupied European countries) is the Protection Law of German Blood and Honor ….’

“In 1957, the same ‘blood and honor’ lawyer became the key architect of the European Union’s basic structure and the first head of the European Commission  – the executive body of the EU designed from the beginning to rule Europe outside of any democratic control.

Walter Hallstein

Walter Hallstein

“In summary, Nazi and IG Farben men designed the European Commission as the ‘Politburo’ of the Pharma cartel’s post-war rule over Europe.”


“This document from the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, a letter written by IG Farben director Knieriem to the Nazi government on July 20, 1940 – shortly after the victory over France – outlines the tools by which IG Farben intended to cement its key role in Europe .

“The IG Farben letter specifies a common European currency, common European law, and even a European court system – all of that under the control of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition.”



Seems familiar, doesn’t it?

There are some nowadays who hold differing opinions about World War 2. There are those that say that one man’s war criminal is another man’s war hero; that these monickers are often dependant upon which side wins the war and gets to write the history of the event.

There is now also evidence that the CIA got involved at the end of the war, and covertly funded this cartel of Big Pharma companies calling itself the EU. The Truman administration apparently browbeat the French to reach an agreement with them by threatening to cut off US Marshall aid, in September 1950. All this because the United States wanted a buffer with the Soviet Union.

But we don’t have to get into all the geopolitics of the matter  – because that isn’t the point of this article.

The point is that, if Dr Rath and Rodney Atkinson are right, the  European Union was conceived, born and guided to become what the TTIP documents leak has revealed it to be today: a fascist dictatorship of corporate elites designed and steered by pharmaceutical and chemical giants that want to put an end to holistic therapies, natural remedies and organic foods in order to get chemical control over how we live and how we die.

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Thanks to EU Facts: The Dark Roots of the “Brussels EU” for some source information

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5 thoughts on “The Big Pharma war criminals behind the European Union

    • Nigel, the EU Commission often throws the parliament a bone, like the recommendation on neonicotinoids, although it’s not binding – just a recommendation. But if you look at TTIP, and how the Commission kept the EU Parliament in the dark about the details of that, with a plan to just rush it through with no debate, you can see how they usually get their own undemocratic way. This time, they didn’t – but not because of the EU Parliament. TTIP failed finally because of Brexit and Trump.


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