Voting to Leave the EU is the real One World solution

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

Those who want to leave the EU are getting called racist, Enochian, Little Englanders for wanting to be free to trade with every country in the whole world, not just those within a protectionist prison.

Surely that’s some kind of double-speak, worthy of Orwell?

This picture of Fortress Europe gives the lie to the delusion that staying within the European Union is about a Brave New World of open borders.

EU trade barriers 1

There is no One World love-in with the EU – it’s a private cartel behind high walls which are there to keep member countries in as much as to keep others out.

It’s also not the most Green solution – in fact, it will be a Green’s nightmare, which is probably why Greenpeace leaked the details about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) three weeks ago.

TTIP on the tube


From the hundreds of pages leaked, we learned that TTIP will sweep away all our health and environmental protections.

The meme of ‘open borders’ has been a psychological trick which was designed to appeal to those with a saviour complex  – those who want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. They are voting to stay in the EU because of their belief in open borders, even though the Schengen agreement has collapsed since the migrant crisis, and borders are going up all over Europe.

Around Fortress Europe is a virtual but impregnable wall which is built of the boxes and boxes and boxes of pages and pages and pages of trade regulations, tariffs and quotas – and they are killing Africa. Death by a thousand paper cuts.

The Africans and those in other developing countries have goods to sell, but they don’t have the money and resources to be able to lawyer-up enough to get through all the flaming hoops and hurdles that the EU requires of a trading partner.

This is protectionism – and protectionism, like communism, stifles growth and creativity. You only create a trade barrier because somebody else has a better, cheaper product, and you want to protect your own manufacturers within your fortress walls by only allowing their products to be sold. But it also means that consumers in the EU are forced to buy shoddier goods at higher prices. In other words, protectionism leads to a race to the bottom.

“With protectionism, what you’re basically doing is trying to protect industries that otherwise wouldn’t do very well, in a competitive environment,” says economist Dr Ruth Lea, in Brexit the Movie.  “Otherwise, you wouldn’t bother to protect them.”

So surely, the real One World solution is to leave the EU prison, and to stand confident in our strength and ability to manage our own borders and boundaries, while trading with each and every country around the globe that makes the things which we would like to buy, and wants to buy the things that we make?

Free movement of goods is by no means the same thing as free movement of people – the former makes for a successful, thriving world while the latter, as past experience has shown us, does not – perhaps because goods and products don’t have conflicting values and beliefs? Nor do they want to establish a worldwide Caliphate.

The last chance saloon?

If we don’t vote for that One World solution on 23rd June, we may not get another chance.

Already senior Eurocrats are ‘kite-flying’ to change the rules, to ban all future referendums within member countries. This was because of the recent Netherlands referendum in which the majority voted against the EU trading with the Ukraine. So if this ban  goes ahead, it may also include the In and Out referendums of member countries, in which case, we’ll be able to check out any time we like, but we’ll never be able to leave. (apologies to The Eagles).

Basically, it is becoming clearer by the day that the unelected and invisible European Commission would like to do away with all that messy democracy business, because it’s getting in their way. This would make the EU more of a cult than Scientology, from which at least some members have managed to escape.

But whether we vote to stay or leave on 23rd June, let’s not pretend that staying in the EU is the morally superior thing to do because it’s about ‘open borders’ and being nice to people worst off than ourselves. That would be complete delusion. Just ask the Africans.

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