The covert rise of post-WW2 communism-fascism within the Europe and the US

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

There’s one thing you never get taught at school – that far right politics and far left politics meet in the middle, around the back of the bike sheds of the Mobius strip, and when they meet, they form fascism, the traditional basis of tyrannical governance.

For instance, lots of people assume that the Nazis were always far right wing. They weren’t at their inception, in 1920. They were socialists then – that’s why their party was called the National Socialist German Workers’ party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei).

Once you get that, so much more of what’s happening currently on the world stage begins to make sense. While the mainstream media bashes on continually about the dangers of far right extremism occurring across Europe, we’re distracted from its cause. That is the real extremist and much more poisonous serpent that is rising behind our backs  – which is coming from the far left and its communist agenda at the heart of the EU, and the United States.

Knowing this also helps us to make more sense of why the EU project is essentially undemocratic – or as Nigel Farage says, “anti-democratic”. It would also explain why left-wing ideologue Peter Mandelsohn tries to insist that we’re in a “post democratic era”. It’s just Stalinism or Mussolini corporationism by the back door.

So how do we recognise the covert communist fascist agenda?

The word ‘Democrat’ gives us a clue. Both Christian Democrat Angela Merkel and Democrat Hillary Clinton were members of the Communist Party as young women.


Not all Democrats are communists, of course. But many communists hide within the cloaks of the Democrats and the socialist movement generally. I think two of them, Merkel and Clinton, are about to uncloak.

When we go back to their roots, we can discover what made these women into the hard-faced, intractable, self centred, murderous ideologues that they are today.

The problem with Angela

Some of the following is based on information in the book The First Life of Angela M (Das Erst Leben der Angela M) by Ralf Georg Ruth and Gunther Lachman.


In her young days, Angela was a devoted and passionate communist, joining the FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend “Free German Youth”) in 1981, which was East Germany’s version of the “Hitler Youth”.



She worked her way up the ladder to take a leadership role in agitprop (agitation and propaganda – from the Russian ‘agitatsiya propaganda’). She also learned Russian, perhaps a sign of her devotion to the communist ideal, her political ambitions, or a certain level of ‘Russophilia” common in East Germans growing up under Communism.

As a high-ranking and trusted party member, she was allowed to freely travel between East and West Germany, a privilege only reserved for the most fanatical ideologues. In the years leading up to the toppling of the Berlin Wall, Merkel used her position to feverishly denounce reunification.

Straight after the 1989 demonstrations against the ruling regime in Berlin, Angela Merkel joined the DA “Demokratischer Aufbruch” (Democratic Awakening).  This was a political initiative of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), the party that Mrs Merkel would use to climb to power.

Her rise was marked – rather like Rosa Klebb in the Bond movies – by stabbing the person in front of her in the back. (You can read more about that in this excellent article: Merkel – the Revenge of the DDR?) On several occasions, no sooner had Mrs Merkel taken up an appointment than the person ahead of her was suddenly beset with scandal, and had to resign. Anyone before her in the race to the top was a dead man walking, as far as Merkel was concerned.

Fast forward to the year 2000, and Merkel’s most recent victim was Chancellor Helmut Kohl, head of the Christian Democrats. The police were ‘tipped off from an unknown source’ about monies from donations not being entirely legit. She didn’t support her boss when the scandal erupted, but instead sat down and wrote an article for the very influential FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) which demanded Chancellor Kohl’s resignation for “moral reasons”.


So it’s a complete waste of time to appeal to this hatchet-faced, fanatical ideologue about, say, the huge and increasing numbers of German women being raped since her blanket invitation to the migrants, last year. She has completely ignored our cries that she is destroying Europe and, in fact, seems even more hell-bent than ever on her quest. She is a woman in a hurry, on a mission, and it’s not a mission she’s sharing with us – although her Eye of Horus hands position in this series of photos indicates that she is at least communicating with her dark secret society associates.


However, we do get glimpses of the true nature of Merkel’s mission in two ways – firstly, the statement of the former USSR dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky, who warned that the blueprint of the EU was based on an old Soviet model. This is confirmed by my earlier article about the Nazi roots of the EU.

Secondly, we find more clues in her relationship with the assistant American secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, Victoria Nuland – knowledge about whom is the key that unlocks so many doors in this Bluebeard’s castle, and whose name is now being touted as Vice President for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

But before we get to Clinton, let’s just take a look at how Nuland helped Merkel in the invasion of Ukraine in 2013-2014, which unseated the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych.

According to a recent speech by Lord Owen, the British prime minister David Cameron was on a plane at the time, and had been completely unaware of any invasion taking place, being led solely by Merkel and Hollande, until it was in mid-swing. That’s how democratic the EU  is – or should I say, ‘Demokratic’. From just this one instance, we can see that just two members –  Germany and France – can take the whole EU block into World War 3, without the other members even being consulted.

Afterwards, Wikileaks released transcripts of phone calls in which Nuland is heard instructing her George Soros-funded stooges in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, to dress up in uniforms of Yanukovych’s soldiers, and then to fire at the crowds from the rooftops, so that the people would believe that they were under attack from their own democratically-elected government. That’s just the sort of fluffy, bunny-hugging Democrats that Merkel, Clinton and Nuland are!

The problem with Hillary

The problems with Hillary Clinton are too legion to list here – so I’ll stick to her communist roots.

When she left college, she was described as a budding Leninist, with her ideology in line with the Communist party.  As she moved on through her college days, she became more convinced that the United States was not in line with her ideas or those of her mentors, one of whom she held in high regard, Saul Alinsky.

Saul Alinsky

(To learn more about Alinsky’s ideals, and how he created the blueprint for them in Chicago, the best place to start is in his book Rules for Radicals. This seems to be the playbook that both Clinton and the former Chicago lawyer Barack Obama are using to destroy America from within. It has certainly destroyed Chicago – from which many people are now moving out.)

In 1972, Hillary Clinton went to Berkeley to work as an intern at the law firm Treuhaft, Walker, and Bernstein, which was founded by current or former members of the Communist Party USA. This firm had long acted as a legal asset not only for the CPUSA but also for the Black Panthers and other Bay-area radicals.

Hillary Clinton

Founding partner Bob Treuhaft, head of the California Communist Party, had been called one of America’s most dangerously subversive lawyers. Associates say that Hillary, during her tenure with the firm, helped draftees to get themselves declared conscientious objectors so they could avoid serving in Vietnam.

Also around that time, Hillary developed a close friendship with Robert Borosage, who would later become a major figure in such leftist organisations as the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the Campaign for America’s Future, and Institute for America’s Future.

Hillary herself (along with her husband by then, Bill Clinton) would go on to develop close political ties with IPS and the Clintons gave them a great deal of money to further its cause.

hillary common good
Hillary Clinton speech, at a Democratic fundraiser, June 2004

“Throughout history, no tyrant ever rose to power except on the claim of representing ‘the common good'”, wrote the 20th century Russian-born  philosopher, Ayn Rand. “Napoleon ‘served the common good’ of France. Hitler is ‘serving the common good’ of Germany. Horrors which no man would dare consider for his own selfish sake are perpetrated with a clear conscience by ‘altruists’ who justify themselves by the common good.”

Hillary Clinton’s current closeness with Victoria Nuland indicates the way that her administration would go. Nuland is married to the hawkish Robert Kagan, and the ‘killing Kagans’ are well known international protection racketeers who are pursuing a family business of perpetual war. They demand regime change wherever they fancy a country is not playing ball with the interests of their bank accounts in the way that they’d like, all in the name of “the common good”.

Even now, Victoria Nuland is sabre-rattling against Russia and Vladimir Putin, who is no threat to the West currently, due to economic circumstances. However Putin is a threat to ISIS, the proxy army of these global terrorists.

But are Merkel and Clinton still communists?

Of course, many of us flirted with what we might now consider some fairly interesting political ideologies when we were younger. I remember buying Karl Marx’s Das Kapital when I was at college, although it just sat on my bookshelf, gathering dust.

And so we might think that both of these women could have matured and moved on by now, as we have. However, being a fully paid up, card carrying member of the Communist Party which is funding and supporting your rise up the greasy pole of politics is quite another thing. It reminds me of The Eagles’ line in Hotel California, “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

In any case, we can judge both these trees by their fruits. Are they really Democrats – or something else? Do they seem to be listening to what the people want, which surely should be what a professed Democrat is all about, first and foremost? Or do they appear to be marching to a different drummer, perhaps Saul Alinksy, the communist who taught them how to take down and shake down capitalist societies from the inside?

They do appear to be, at the very least, left-leaning, Alinskyite take down-shake down merchants  – and they both want to flood their respective countries with foreign migrants to achieve their aims. No one single strategy could be a surer way to destroy the social fabrics of both Europe and the United States.

The full-on, wall-to-wall media trashing of Donald Trump is to support the aim of the globalists, to have these two ladies running the Western world, so that they can bring in their fascist or corporate dictatorship.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands with US Secretary of State Clinton prior to a meeting at Chancellery in Berlin

One is leading the EU by the nose, into war with Russia, and the other wants to get into power in order to take the US into the same war.

[Edit added February 2018: Hence the current anti-Russia narrative in the mainstream media and the failing attempt to try to smear US President Trump with Russian collusion over his election in 2016. Russian President Putin is virulently anti-communist and to me, more and more, it seems that the communism being pursued by those supporting Clinton and Merkel seems to be the Chinese variety. The globalist-run UN has given China the licence to drill for more 95% of the world’s mineral resources in order to manufacture the technology needed for the Artificial Intelligence aka Transhuman agenda which will create such superintelligent computers that man will have to merge with the machines in order to survive. President Trump stands in direct opposition to the Transhuman agenda.]


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