Huge migrant crisis shake-down as other countries seek to profit

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

A plan announced by the European Commission today to tackle the migrant crisis will see €68 billion and ‘visa liberalisation’ going to countries like Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Niger and Ethiopa, in order for them to ‘process’ migrants before they travel to the EU.

However, as 92 per cent of migrants are coming from lands where there are no conflicts, according to EUStats, then they have no more rights to come to Europe than any other non-European citizen. So it seems that we’re now reduced to bribing other countries to respect our own laws and our own borders.

Around two million migrants came to Europe last year at the invitation of Chancellor Merkel, who should have been instantly removed from office for such flagrant disregard for the laws of her own country and for the good of her own people. These migrants will continue to flood in until Europe gets control of its borders, which is the only way to send a strong message that they are not welcome.

In saner times, that would be a no-brainer solution – but we’re currently ruled by ideologues who put their political agendas before the greater good of the people. This has led the EU into the trap of being blackmailable by other countries, such as Turkey, into handing over billions in ransom monies or ‘we unleash the migrants!’.

Kenya is already threatening likewise – and so in effect, what we’re ending up with is a very sophisticated form of people trafficking which will enrich the corrupt leaders of Third World countries at our expense, while it won’t even trickle down to their poverty-stricken people.

That this plan is being presented to us as a ‘solution to the migration crisis’ is an insult to our intelligence. I wouldn’ t mind, but didn’t David Cameron just host an anti-corruption summit, in London?

The root causes of migration

According to the Financial Times, the €68 billion will come in the form of a European External Investment Fund, made up mainly of private money for public works and infrastructure projects aimed at tackling the “root causes” of migration. Of course, this is actually our money – that we, in Britain alone, have paid into the EU at the rate of £350 million a week.

The FT says that the new proposal, which is backed by Italy and Germany, will be published tomorrow. It will include financial and other incentives — including visa liberalisation and trade access — similar to those used in the EU-Turkey deal which is already being worked upon.

In other words, if it goes through, hundreds of millions of Africans and Middle Easterners will be able to freely trade and wander around the EU, without having to claim asylum or citizenship. So this is not a solution to the migrant crisis – it is, in effect, a way of legitimising it, and making it much worse.

The FT says that it’s believed that the trickiest aspect of the policy to achieve will be in persuading countries outside the EU to accept the return of economic migrants and even processed refugees. This is where the Commission recommends  the use of combined EU and Member State influence to negotiate tailored migration deals which include what it calls “financial and political sweeteners” – or what’s known in common parlance as bribes.

A similar proposal made with African leaders at last year’s Valetta Summit was criticised because it would have yielded few results and could have even worsened the situation. Linking development aid to migration policy creates incentives for recipient states which distort relations and cause human rights abuses.

It seems that Kenya (pop. 44 million) is already trying to extort extra finance from the EU, similar to that intended for Turkey (pop. 77 million), by threatening to close the Dadaab Refugee Camp, the largest such facility in the world.

So amid all this international bribery, extortion and corruption,  the bottom line for Brits is that if we don’t vote to Leave the EU in the referendum on 23rd June, we will have to help pay through the nose for what can only be called gross incompetence at best, and a deliberate Saul Alinsky-communist shake-down of extortion with menaces at worst.

Alternatively, perhaps all the Europeans could band together and then walk into Saudi Arabia, and see how much the oil-rich shiekhs will pay to keep us out!

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