Debunking the myth of the white demographic timebomb

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

One of the reasons that’s being continually trotted out by those who wish us to stay in the EU and open our borders to increased migration is because “white people just aren’t having children anymore and so there won’t be anyone to pay the pensions of the elderly if we don’t let in millions of migrants.”

This has come to be known as “the demographic timebomb”. But if you look at the actual birth rates figures, the demographic timebomb is about as real as the Millennium Bug, the hole in the ozone layer and the weapons of the mass destruction.

Not only is this is a scam – but it is an evil scam which is covering up a deliberate attack on the family across the Western world that has been socially engineered through government policies.

It was Ian Duncan Smith, one of the leaders of the  Leave EU campaign, who recently resigned from the cabinet, telling all who would listen that the government’s policy of austerity was NOT for economic reasons, but for political reasons.  He complained about George Osborne’s Treasury continually insisting on cuts to welfare, which was under Duncan Smith’s department’s remit, rather than finding those cuts from other areas. It was as if the government wanted the people to be poorer – meanwhile, all that austerity has done nothing to pay off the deficit, which is now higher than it was before the Conservatives took office.

So let’s just examine the evidence, so that we can see through the lie of the demographic timebomb.

Firstly, if there is any shortfall in the pension pots of the Babyboomers, who were part of the booming birth rate after the Second World War, it is because their savings have been gambled away by high rolling pension trust players in the casinos of the global financial markets.

That’s the first point.

But secondly, add in the high unemployment among the young Millennials (a person reaching adulthood around the year 2000) and also among the older Generation X (born 1960-1970s), and you quickly see why there are fewer of them earning salaries from which to contribute into pension savings which can be paid forward to pay those of the Babyboomers. (This is how it’s been done in the past – the pension savings of the generation which is working is used to pay the pensions of the generation in retirement.)

Then thirdly, it’s extremely difficult for young Millennials to get on the housing ladder with current house prices and lack of mortgages being available. So no work and nowhere to live are hardly optimum conditions for a young couple to decide to have children.

But despite all that social engineering being thrown in their path, which was designed to stop them breeding, it hasn’t worked! It hasn’t stopped married couples having babies, and lots of them!

It’s simply NOT TRUE that Brits are having fewer children – to such an extent anyway, that we need to bring in millions of people from other countries to make up the shortfall. Total tosh!


The graph above from the Office of National Statistics for 2012 shows the usual sine wave of fluctuating rates of growth, which is how Nature does everything – it’s never a flat line. Now look at the upturn since 2001 – it’s not far off from the boom of the Babyboomers after the Second World War. Some of those children will soon be in work – if their jobs haven’t been taken from them by people from abroad – and they will be able to pay the pensions of the generations ahead of them.

It’s true that a small proportion of this increase is from foreign born mothers, who now reside in the UK. But that’s only a small proportion. What has happened is that, for some reason, more white women in their 20s now are having children, plus women who postponed having children until after they got their careers sorted are also now starting families.

This is a far cry from the fatalistic and demoralising message that we’re getting some in our government, who are lying to us in order to justify creating a vast pool of cheap labour – which is what open borders and uncontrolled immigration is really all about.

It’s people trafficking

The migrant crisis has not really been about refugees – not much, anyway. There are some, but even European Commissioner Franz Timmerman admits that 60 per cent of the influx that came last year were from countries where there was no conflict. If he’s admitting that, the figure is probably closer to 80 per cent.

And it seems now that the EU has given up any pretence of mass migration being about “helping the refugees”. They cite mass migration into Europe as the perfect answer to the problem caused by the “demographic timebomb” – which, as we’ve now discovered, has about as much veracity as climate change and the dodgy dossier. So now mass migration has become a sophisticated form of human trafficking, in which millions of euros are changing hands with the leaders of Third World countries that border Europe. Very few of those ‘sweeteners’ – let’s call them bribes – will trickle down to the poor North Africans.

Meanwhile, we are being made to feel as if the days of the white man are over, or that they will be shortly, by 2050 … that’s the date they’re giving us. They’re telling us that we only have until then, so that we should just give in gracefully, without a fight – that’s what they hope. They are wearing down our will and our morale, as if we are their enemy, which we are. We are the enemy to those pursuing this repopulation agenda which they follow, known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.

The Kalergi plan was written at the beginning of the 20th century, and its aim is for the peoples of Europe to become identical ‘coffee coloured people by the score’.  The EU elite even give awards to those who do the most to achieve this aim of white genocide. Previous recipients of the Kalergi Award include Herman van Rompuy and Tony Blair.


It’s as if those in our governments are traitors to their own people. Many of our political leaders don’t have the interests of their people at heart, but solely that of their paymasters in the big global banks and in Brussels who want to turn the whole of Europe into a vast pool of cheap, migrant, coffee-coloured labour.

Time to vote them out, I say!

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4 thoughts on “Debunking the myth of the white demographic timebomb

  1. How I wish this would go viral before it’s too late. It’s like they are purposely trying to kill off the tribes of Europe, just because of our white skin colour. This:(


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