Economists for Brexit: the first truthful economic forecast for life after Brexit

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

“What does Leave look like, in economic terms,” the Remaniacs keep asking, as if they had at any stage produced a real, truthful economic forecast.

Despite being reprimanded by his own Treasury for telling us that households would be worse off by around £4,000 if Great Britain leaves the EU, George Osborne is still trotting out that lie, even though he knows that he has been caught out cunningly conflating gross GDP with household GDP, which are two very different animals.  And that wasn’t the worst of it – because it also turned out that the £4,000 figure came from a very different Treasury-based scenario to the one he was broadcasting. The real story was that we would be a lot better off in the future, Remain or Leave, but if we left, we’d be better off by not quite so much, to the tune of £4,000. Hardly economic Armageddon, is it?

Another of the Remainiacs’ lies is that nine out of 10 economists believe that Britain’s economy would be harmed by leaving the EU. That’s a real stonker! The real figure is nine out of 10 of the 17 per cent who could be bothered to reply to an online poll of EU funded economists.

Ipsos MORI polled online all its members of the Royal Economic Society and the Society of Business Economists – to which only 17 per cent replied. This means that 83 per cent of these economists didn’t consider the poll important enough to respond to. Out of the 17 per cent that replied, nine out of 10 of the economists believed that Britain’s economy would be worsened by a Brexit.

The more that the British people realise that they’re being lied to, the more likely they are to vote to leave the EU. This must be partly why the polls for the Leave campaign are so high. They lied to us in 1973 to get us into the “Common Market” – we’re not going to fall for it a second time.



The other heinous lie is that Britain needs foreign immigrants to make up the shortfall for the babies that white people aren’t having … except they are. Since 2001, we have been experiencing a surge in white births which, at current figures, is not far off the postwar Babyboom.

So what is the real economic forecast for Britain if we leave the EU?

Well, we have to understand that any kind of forecasting, particularly in the current turbulent economic climate, is going to be a bit of a stretch.


But at least the eight economists that contributed to this new report, The Economy After Brexit, are not being funded by the EU, and they are not being blackmailed by the cabinet or George Osborne.

The eight independent economists are Roger Bootle, Professor Tim Congdon, Professor Patrick Minford, Ryan Bourne, Neil MacKinnon, Gerard Lyons, Warwick Lightfoot and Professor Kent Matthews. They all believe that a Brexit would result in a better economic outcome for the UK than staying in the EU.

It is a 45-page pdf, so if you haven’t got time to read the whole thing, here are some key points which I’ve screen -grabbed for tweeting. You’re welcome to share these around too.

eco trade deals

eco trade deals 2

eco trade deals 3

eco trade deals 4

eco trade deals 5

These are extracts from The Economy after Brexit by Economists for Brexit.

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