Health Apothecary is one of those unusual professions. There are people who work as herbalists, counselors and psychologists, but you are really dealing with health here! You come into contact with sick and dying people every day, and you have to deal with their families, friends and other clients. It just seems unappealing. On the other hand, if you choose this profession, then it will be exciting because it will involve working with plants and herbs.

Becoming an apothecary

The medical industry is one of the sectors that has been hit hard during the recent economic recession. That is why you will see more people out of work and looking for jobs. The job market is still hot, however. The reason why people are going back to school to get a new education is that they need the skills to secure better-paying positions in the future. If you go through an accredited program, then you will be qualified to work in the health industry. As an apothecary, you can start your own business and be your own boss.

Working as an apothecary requires that you have a degree from an accredited college. You will need to take a course in anatomy, pharmacology and physiology. These are all the basic medical courses needed to become a certified health care professional. Some of the other subjects you may need to take include statistics, accounting and business management.


In order to become a certified apothecary, you will need to complete two years of schooling and gain a Master’s degree. In the Master’s program, students will learn how to research health problems, evaluate health care plans and devise strategies for improving health. During the four- year Bachelor’s program, students will learn how to prepare patients for their first visit and learn the proper methods of dispensing medicine. Other important topics include infection control, anatomy and physiology as well as good oral hygiene.

Although these courses are important, there are also some other things you will need to learn if you want to work in the field. These include learning about the legal aspects of practicing in the state you live in, as well as business practices and accounting. In order to be a good health care worker, you will need to be a good planner as well. A background in English and Maths will help greatly as well.

Summing up


When deciding which career path to take, you should consider the skill sets you have as well as what your personal interests are. Most people enjoy helping people take good care of their health. If you like working with people, the health industry could be a great choice for you. Apothecaries can offer guidance on health and medicine while helping people understand how to take good care of their bodies.