Turkey is ‘flabbergasted’ at David Cameron’s lies

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

President of Turkey Erdogan’s chief adviser, Ilnur Cevik, confesses to being flabbergasted at the lies that David Cameron has told the Turks about them joining the European Union. He should try living in Britain for a while – you just get used to it. So much so, that it’s difficult to be sure about to whom Cameron is lying when he insists that Turkey will not join the EU until at least the year 3000. Is he lying to us, or is he lying to the Turks, to whom he’d promised to pave the way from Ankara to Brussels?

Ilnur Cevik told Kirsty Walk on last night’s Newsnight…

“We’re really really flabbergasted. We thought Mr Cameron was our chief supporter in our quest for European Union membership. The Turks felt that Britain was the driving force behind our EU membership and that they were supporting us right to the hilt.

“But the way that Mr Cameron put it, he didn’t believe anything apparently, in our full membership. He was only deceiving us, and he was just buying time while the others, at least, were very frank, and said ‘We don’t want you in the European Union.’ The Germans said: ‘We will offer you another kind of partnership.’ The French said ‘We don’t want you.’ Many countries said this … But the way Mr Cameron put it, we feel really really taken in, because the way he is putting it, he says ‘They were never going to go in, anyway, and so we’ll just go along with them.’

“That kind of attitude is deeply hurting the Turks…. We feel that he was taking us for a ride. This kind of attitude is very, very insincere. We felt that when we needed him, he was going to be there. Now we just feel that he was just saying ‘Let me just toy around with them…'”

Of course, all this may just be a double bluff – it’s difficult to believe either of them when foreign office cables leaked recently show that the British embassies are working hard to get 1.2 million Turks into Britain, visa-free, and slipstreamed behind them will be 1.2 visa-free Kosovan migrants – all by October, this year.

In other words, you no longer need to be a refugee from a war torn area to have free travel in Europe, if you know how to grease the right palms. It’s open house.

This by the way, is similar to the ‘another kind of partnership’ that Mrs Merkel is offering the Turks. It’s also known in military terms as swarming. Swarming is the latest kind of warfare which uses columns of humans as weaponised battering rams to swarm into countries as a means to open the borders. We can expect a lot more swarming, if we don’t regain control of our politicians and our laws at Thursday’s referendum.

So while Cameron and perhaps Cevik too, are keeping the spotlight of the debate firmly on Turkey’s membership of the EU, this visa-free arrangement is in the shadows where it is being kept out of public view.

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