A shaman’s guide to the chess game on the world stage in 2017

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

When we analyse all the gloom-and-doom stories about what a terrible year 2016 was, one fact soon becomes abundantly clear. Yes, it WAS a terrible year for the globalists, and it is they who own the mainstream media that keeps bemoaning it.

But I also keep seeing high profile ‘shamans’ and spiritual leaders encouraging their flocks not to lose heart or give up in moving towards greater global community consciousness. I don’t know which spirits they’re in contact with, but it can’t be the ones I gain guidance from. Do these ‘shamans’ not know who the globalists are?

The role of the shaman is to protect the community from harm, and I don’t think there’s much greater harm intended to humanity than Kissinger’s New World Order’s declared post-democratic transhuman agenda. That’s why I work energetically on the land where the ancestors are buried to ignite the spirits of Sovereignty, which help us to gain control over own affairs as a nation.

So for those like me who want to reclaim Sovereignty for their nations, 2016 was an overwhelmingly brilliant year in which the spirits rose up from the land, and infused and enthused those voting to leave the European Union in June and five months after that, to Donald Trump winning the American presidential election.

If we look at what happened on the world stage on 2016 in terms of a game of chess, I think it’s clear that we’ve made great strides forwards. We’ve won the King and the Queen, and also a few bishops, like the Dalai Lama, and George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury.

The Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who is tipped to be the next pope, has also been quite vocal against open borders and mass immigration.  Even the Queen, Elizabeth II, seems to have been pro-Brexit, and we’ve won some important castles, too, like Downing Street and the White House. I reckon we’ve also got Putin and the Kremlin, on our side.

Kissinger’s globalists on the other hand, have lost considerable ground – not to mention credibility with all their lying – although they do still have lots of dim-witted pawns, often in the form of media whores,  who are just about good enough for throwing at us Sovereigns, like cannon fodder.

Witnessing the pawns trying to make an argument against our superior intellectual forces, and then quickly resorting to insults, is quite amusing. But not so amusingly, it reminds me of all those millions of poor men that died during World War 1 – who were sent over the top and straight into the line of fire of the enemy’s guns, as told in The Charge of the Light Brigade. As we can see from that one metaphor alone, the globalists have never had any compunction against employing human beings as collateral and even as we speak, globalists like George Soros are continuing to try to use them as human battering rams, against nations’ borders.

The globalists do still have the former US president, Obama, on their side, who seems to running all over the globe at the moment, trying to find as many ways as possible to overturn the chess board before Trump’s inauguration on 20th January.

Of course, Obama is right in that foreigners did try to interfere in the US presidential election, only it wasn’t the Russians. It was mainly high rollers from the Ukraine, England and Saudi Arabia.

This at-a-glance graphic is based on analysis from the Wall Street Journal showing the nationalities of donors that contributed to the Clinton Foundation – and what will come out in investigations, hopefully this year, was how that money was illegally funnelled into the DNC and Hillary’s campaign.


But I think why Obama is so busy lighting fires at the moment, all over globe, is not just to throw a spanner in the works of a Trump presidency. It’s also because he’s trying to fulfill, in just a few short months, what Hillary was promising to do for them, over her presidential term in office, if all these foreign super-rich donors got her elected. It’s either that, or pay all them all back. However, his influence on the world stage, already waning before the election, is diminishing fast and his final check mate move, that of starting World War III, needs two to play and Putin isn’t playing.

In response to all these set-backs, the globalists have tried to label all news that isn’t purveyed by them as ‘fake news’.  If these people had any knowledge about history, then they’d realise how Stalinist this makes them look. But they don’t and as we should never interrupt our enemy when he’s making a mistake, I’ll say no more about it.

But I have some more ‘fake news’ for the globalists – if they thought 2016 was bad, then they’re going to hate 2017, because the impact of a Trump administration that will have no truck with globalist measures – like big, unwieldy trading blocks, uncontrolled immigration and taxes and regulations related to climate change. All this will have a knock-on effect across the economies of the whole Western world.

The end of the EU?

The first day of the 2017 saw the resignation  of an EU ambassador who insiders say was a significant roadblock in the path of Brexit, the “gloomily pessimistic” Sir Ivan Rogers – a close associate of famous Remainers like Peter Mandelsohn, Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg. Rogers had previously prophecied that leaving the EU would take Britain at least 10 years.  Well, it might have done with him leading the negotiations!


Sir Ivan Rogers

Added to that, there are several important elections coming up in Europe that promise to swing the game of chess even further in favour of the Sovereigns.

To be fair, and to manage expectations, I’d say that it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that the Sovereignty or nationalist parties will win those elections outright, in France (April 23rd), the Netherlands (March 15th) and Germany (September). That’s because the globalists’ parties will gang up against what the mainstream media sniffily derides as the ‘populist’ parties. But the wins in terms of voter swings should be significant enough to fire a cannon shot or two across the bows of the ship of the whole EU project, when it will become clear that it needs to reform massively, or die. And as we know, so far the EU has shown no intention in reforming.

Other big wins to expect under a Trump presidency include reforms to Nato and even a breaking away from the United Nations. An American exit would mean that the United Nations wouldn’t be able to claim that name any longer, which would be great, because it would seriously damage the chances of UN Agenda 21 and 2030.

In recent years, the UN has been taken over by a large lobbying group, led by Cuba, of ‘socialist’ (crony-communist)  third world countries like Venezuela, with the intention of pushing the US into dropping its embargo on Cuba. But it’s also the power of this group that has largely led to last week’s controversial resolution over Israel’s settlements.

I don’t want to get into the rights and wrongs of that UN resolution, because it would invite idiotic comments from those who conflate Zionism with the country of Israel, but of one thing we can be sure. If Obama’s in favour of this resolution,  or at least won’t veto it, the outcome will be to the detriment of the people of Europe and America.

However, remembering how dumbfounded Obama was by the idea that Trump intended to put in place policies that would bring jobs back to America, asking if he had a magic wand, I can’t wait until the master of four dimensional chess is ensconced in the White House. Roll on January 20th!


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