Healing from the musical notes written by Mother Nature

As you may know, we’re very proud of our sound healing products which you can get from our website The Holistic Health Store.  But it’s sometimes difficult to explain how the essence of a sea-shell or the subtle vibration captured from a butterfly’s wing can heal the body holistically.

So I was delighted to find that Mike Adams of Natural News has come up with some amazing discoveries about the sound healing frequencies of elemental molecules on the classic Table of Elements, which most of us had to learn by heart at school.

By translating the elements into their musical notes, which are heard by the physical body, Mike has found that all the nutrients that are essential for life sound attractive and are in the most beautiful harmony. When these elements are played together, it’s like listening to a life-enhancing and uplifting melody.

But he has also discovered how the auditory signatures of chemicals that are harmful to life, such as glyphosate and fluoride, are disharmoniously jarring and out-of-tune, which would explain why the body develops cancers upon being subjected to them by ingestion.

You can watch him demonstrate this system, known as Elemonics, on the video below. But first of all, here’s his explanation:

By Mike Adams

What you are about to witness is something I first performed live in Dallas at The Truth About Cancer symposium in 2016, in front of an audience of tens of thousands of people (live + online streaming).

It was so astonishing to the audience — truly jaw-dropping — that people couldn’t stop talking to me about it for days. They wanted to hear more about this extraordinary harmonic code found in the Table of Elements and the laws of physics and chemistry.

In the video below, I demonstrate what I now call “Elemonics” — the science of translating chemistry and molecules into audible music by sequencing elements using the inverse of their atomic mass units (i.e. frequencies) as documented in the Table of Elements.

In essence, I have discovered a way to map the elements to a standard 88-key keyboard using their documented atomic masses.

Hydrogen is mapped to 3,520 Hz (high A7 key on the keyboard) as the only arbitrary choice in this mapping, and the rest of the elements are mapped in relation to Hydrogen. Since Carbon has a mass of 12, for example, it gets mapped to 3,520 / 12 which equals 293.3 Hz. That corresponds to the D4 key on an 88-key keyboard.

Here is the video:

Thanks to Mike Adams of Natural News

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