Protection from night-time astral attacks

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

In this new video, Sandi Adams and I pass on our expertise in creating and protecting sacred space, which we believe is more important than ever.

Now, with one in four US students being diagnosed with a mental disorder and on SSRI drugs, there can hardly be any surprise that so many of them are being manipulated into rioting over issues that they barely understand. Some call them the Snowflakes, because they are so easily triggered into total meltdown. But it’s not just the drugs – there are also attacks from the astral planes which act like unconscious subliminals in that they can influence the behaviours of weak minded and vulnerable people.

During the day, the one in four US students are given strong drugs, which have side effects that make them unreasonably destructive along with suicidal  and violent tendencies. At night, the drugs make them extremely vulnerable to attacks from the astral planes that, in turn, trigger even more crazy and chaotic behaviour.


Obviously, one in four students do not have a genuine mental disorder because that percentage is out of proportion with the rest of the population. So what is the agenda here? Why are they putting vulnerable young adults on strong drugs? I think we can guess, with the colleges and universities being used, these days, as command and control centres for the Soros-funded agenda. Anyway, in this video, Sandi and I go into more detail about this problem, explain what and where the astral planes are, and we share our own techniques for protecting ourselves from night-time attacks from the astral planes.


The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

Shamanic sexual healing and sex magic

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir


This book is about Sovereignty

Shamans and high priestesses in Neolithic times were in touch with the spirits of the land, and so were able to transmit their wisdom to the king or pharaoh in sacred sex rites during his coronation night. These became known as the Sovereignty rites, because they fired up the king’s higher brain centres, giving him a superior intelligence and thus the ability and the right to reign.

Our ancestors have left us magical keys in their orally passed on myths which, like messages in a bottle, can help us find the way to spark up that wisdom again, in ourselves.

Ishtar Babilu Dingir is a shaman and mythologist. In The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, she has laid out the way for the ordinary person to ignite their own route to Sovereignty through shamanic sexual practises and also by learning to communicate with the spirits of the land.

Get it on here

Get it on here

Get it for your Kindle here


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