68 per cent of people in Britain now want hard and fast Brexit

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

On the day that Tony Blair announced that the British people should rise up against Brexit, a new ICM poll for Change Britain confirms his delusion. 68 per cent of voters want the government to “get on with implementing the result of the referendum”, compared to just 15 per cent who disagree. Even more Remain voters (42 per cent) agree with the statement than disagree (33 per cent).

When this question was last polled in December, 26 per cent of Remainers wanted the government to get on with the job compared to 40 per cent who disagreed. The Blairite / Open Britain talk of Leave voters changing their minds is fantasy – it is Remainers who are changing their minds and now want the government to deliver Brexit.

Perhaps the Remainers are now realising about how they were lied to about imminent Armegeddon should we vote to Leave? Perhaps they’re now realising that we’ve been lied to ever since the first referendum under Ted Heath, and that the EU never was intended to be just a simple trading arrangement.


But just to show you how out of touch the globalists are with ordinary people – they chose to put Tony Blair at the head of Soros’s British Spring, one of the most hated people in Britain after his lies about weapons of mass destruction hat took us into the Iraq War in 2003.

The most recent poll taken by YouGov found that he had net favourability rating of -60.


However, the pockets of the globalists like George Soros are deep, and if Blair cannot get genuine protestors out on to the streets, they are likely to roll out violent antifa terrorists and students, as they have in America.

As Conservative MP Dominic Raab says of today’s ICM poll:

“These figures show how out of touch Tony Blair is with the mood of the country. Far from wanting to reverse the referendum, the overwhelming majority want the result respected and for politicians to get on with making a success of Brexit.”


Reclaiming Sovereignty

Shamanic Earth Magic


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When the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the word on everyone’s lips was Sovereignty.

But what is Sovereignty?

There were some who tried to convince the British people that Sovereignty didn’t really exist, or that if it did, it was over-rated. A few self-styled experts claimed that Sovereignty could be extended or pooled; others insisted that Sovereignty was merely “the ability to get things done.”

All of those pundits were wrong – although they were hardly to blame for their errors. Sovereignty actually starts off life as a spiritual transmission from the spirits of the land, but this is no longer taught to the general populace.

However, a few mystic types did know about Sovereignty, and so they weren’t at all surprised when its spirit rose up from the land on the Summer Solstice of 2016, and infused the hearts and minds of the ordinary people of Britain.

In this book, Reclaiming Sovereignty, you will learn all about the spiritual source of Sovereignty – and how to find it and reclaim it in your own life and on your own land.

(Reclaiming Sovereignty was originally published as The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar – both books are still available on Amazon.)

Thanks to Guido Fawkes for additional information

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