The Fall of Milo, Ted Heath and the Paedo Elite

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

The sudden plummeting from grace of the journalist Milo Yiannopoulos reminds me of the story about Icarus. In the ancient Greek myth, the artisan Daedulus makes wings for his son so that he can fly to the sun. However, the wings were made of wax, and so once Icarus got near to the sun, the wax started melting – and it wasn’t long before his wings disintegrated and he fell to the Earth.


The reason for Milo’s sudden fall is much the same as it was for Icarus. His ‘wings’ were made of a totally unsuitable material for being in the vicinity of a red hot flaming star and so he was unprepared for being suddenly shot to such dizzying heights of stardom.

The ‘wings’ finally fell apart when, in a live streamed internet interview and later circulated on Twitter, Milo declared his support for sex between younger men and older men. He defended sexual relationships between men and boys as young as 13 years old, and he also speaks approvingly of his own sexual relationship with a 29-year-old priest when he was 17.

What caused the ‘wings to melt’ was because Milo, who admits to being sexually abused as a child, hadn’t yet ‘worked through his stuff’ as we like to put it. He is still psychologically in thrall to the sexual abuse he’d received at the hands of Catholic priests as a child. It’s known as Stockholm Syndrome, when you feel forced to regard your captors in a more favourable light than they deserve. Fair enough – it’s difficult for everyone to admit that their guardian or parent was a bad person, and so we tend to almost deify them, to over-compensate. It’s a sign of maturity when we can finally face the fact, like Luke Skywalker had to, that he or she is Darth Vader.

Milo hasn’t yet reached that stage of maturity and so he was oblivious to the gaping hole opening up in front of him as he basked, only a few days ago, in the adulation of the crowd on the Bill Maher show for his good looks, impeccable English accent and Puckish sense of play.

Now he faces a world in which his autobiography, Dangerous – which had been forecast to be a best seller – has been cancelled by his publishers, Simon and Schuster; his colleagues on the online news outlet Breitbart are threatening to walk out if he is not fired, and his invitation to give a talk at the most prestigious Conservative event of the year, CPAC, in the presence of the President, has been cancelled.

In one sense, you could say Milo is an early victim of a wake up in the minds of the general public as a huge dragnet is now being thrown out to ‘drain the swamp’ of all sorts of evil critters, and they don’t come any worse than the Paedo Elite.

The law enforcement agencies under President Trump have already arrested more than 1,000 child sex abusers and traffickers, and released hundreds of children from captivity – and this is just the start of the unravelling of a huge criminal web which will be shocking to many not only in its size and complexity, but also because it stretches right up to the top echelons of society.

To the global elite, child sex abuse, which includes torturing them and murdering them in Satanic rituals, is a privilege for the chosen few. Many will soon realise that the currency of the global elite is not money, but children, and that they are bound together by the cement of blackmail.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pond …

Former Prime Minister of Britain, Edward Heath, signing Britain into the European Community (the EU) in 1972

A rising tide raises all ships, on both sides of the Atlantic, and even the Morning Cloud, the yacht of a former prime minister of Britain, Edward Heath, who it now turns out was “120 per cent a paedophile”.

These are the words of Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale whose force has been investigating these claims for about two years, despite much harrassment from the global elite-owned fakestream media. More than 30 people have come forward with claims of sexual abuse against the former Tory Prime Minister, and Veale believes that the allegations are “totally convincing” because the accounts “dovetail”.

“There are very close similarities in the accounts given by those who have come forward. The same names used for him, the same places and same type of incidents keep coming up.

“What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail. It contains disturbing stuff. Investigators have been shocked by what they have learned.”

Another source said: “The police were initially sceptical about the allegations, but now believe them. And they have come round to the view that they were covered up in the past because of who Heath was.”

But these testimonies are just from those who are still alive to tell the tale …

There is a strong possibility that many of the victims were from a children’s home on the island of Jersey and that they were taken to Heath aboard his yacht, Morning Cloud, moored just offshore, by the disc jockey Jimmy Savile. The rumours are that these children had their throats slit and after Heath had finished with them, they were thrown overboard.

These allegations, shocking as they are, have even more resonance when you consider that it was Edward Heath who took Britain into the European Union in 1972 (or the European Community as it was known then) by lying to us that it was just a loose trading arrangement – a “common market” – and not a complete sell-out of our Sovereignty as a nation. One wonders if he was blackmailed …

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