A shaman’s predictions for 2018

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

As a shaman, I’m guided by various spirits in the other dimensions including what we call ‘power animals’ that are usually half-human and half-beast. And so with my  predictions for 2018, it’s been a great help to have the etheric equivalent of Dorothy’s Toto pulling back the green curtain of the Wizard of Oz!


So here goes ….

I’m not going to say I believe that we’ll win against the globalist New World Order because I think we’ve already won.

Since President Donald Trump signed an Emergency Executive Order just before Christmas that gave the right to seize the assets of the paedophiles and human traffickers who provide the cement of blackmail to keep the globalists’ war machine in-line, he now has their money and like it or loathe it, money makes this particular world go around. If you imagine dollars to be like counters in a board game, in the same way, whoever ends up with the most in their pile wins the game. Trump has won.

It will take a while though for the general populace to sense the change in the ‘mood music’ because this game takes place behind closed doors. So I think, over the course of 2018, we will gradually realise too that we’ve won – and in fact, that there was no way we could ever lose once these ambush predators were forced to uncloak. The globalist ‘elite’ can only ever gain victory by stealth and subterfuge, by hiding their true aims under a social worker’s guise. But because they were immature and greedy, they went too far and too fast, kicking up a load of dust on the horizon and so we saw them coming.

I’m not insisting though that 2018 will be a cake-walk. It’s a bit like when you corner a rat – it can go for your jugular. The rats are cornered and they know they are cornered. So we will need to be careful for a bit. Some of them will be ratting on each other, to try to buy their way out of jail. Others will try to retreat into Rothschilds’ protection in the British Isles – there’s a rumour that Obama’s asked for asylum here, although I think he should be sent to the back of the queue, like he said we would have to be over Brexit.

But I don’t think we have to worry about Brexit. It won’t be a question of hard or soft Brexit, I believe. It will be more a case of whether will we have managed to extricate ourselves with our paperwork intact before the European Union collapses. The EU is visibly now a failing project and the more it fails to force its member states into line, the faster it will fall as it was only ever a confidence trick in the first place.

The EU was the operating arm – with its forced migration across open borders – for the United Nation’s population replacement program that amounted to white genocide or ethnic cleansing over just a few decades. This is not a baseless conspiracy theory. I’ve already shown the evidence from their own documention – a discussion paper in which one scenario proposes that the overall UK population would reach 136 million by 2050, of which 80 million (59 per cent) would be foreign migrants or their descendants. So we have the smoking gun.

But now the UN is seriously on the back foot with Trump withdrawing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding over its anti-American stance on the embassy moving to Jerusalem. That was just a shot across the bows. He made it clear in his speech to the UN, in September, on the importance of Sovereignty, that the US provides more than 20 per cent of the UN’s funding, plus it generously hosts its HQ in New York, and all that could change.

NATO soldiers are made up of more than 75 per cent American military, and so Trump will be pulling the strings with the EU over NATO too. It’s probably why Juncker and Co want an EU army to replace their reliance on Trump’s America, but I think they’re too late with that.

But just like with any war in its wind-down phase, you always get stay behinds who will go to ground to await their next opportunity to try to rule the world again. They still have the command and control centres of the main universities and so we will have to think about whether we want to send our young to be indoctrinated while running up huge debts that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

There are also people in this country who have been funnelled here, through our borders, in great human battering rams. But the money flooding into into the coffers of government and the local councils to support them will gradually dwindle to a trickle, so what’s going to happen to them? They will need incentives to return to their own lands and so 2018, I think, will be the start of the Big Clean Up as we begin to sort out these matters through determined political pressure and as peacefully as possible.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Annie Dieu-Le-Veut is a shaman and author of books on shamanism, Earth magic, Celtic myths and sacred sexuality, including The Bright World of the Gods and The Grail Mysteries



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