Glastonbury Festival-goers are revelling in an EMF minefield

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Last weekend, a group of us drove around the site of Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset. We had an electromagnetic field radiation detector that was continually bleeping alarmingly and flashing red, indicating that the EMFs it was detecting were way above World Health Organisation recommended safety levels. They were penetrating on to the main road which runs past the site, and there were several hotspots in the quaint little village of Pilton itself, including the village hall and the Working Men’s Club.


A couple of weeks before, I had attended a meeting of Pilton’s parish council. It was standing room only as residents packed in to express their dismay about a telecommunications mast that had been erected, without any consultation with them, in the children’s skate-board park. Engineers had informed one of them that it was going to be made “5G ready” at the end of May, in time for the music festival.

Pilton 5G

We are now beginning to receive reports from inside the site of dangerously high levels of EMFs from Simo Zia who is broadcasting videos from the Glastonbury site, plus people going to the medical tents with bad headaches, nose bleeds, stinging eyes and digestive issues – all classic symptoms of EMF radiation poisoning.

5G technology was installed at Glastonbury Festival this year by EE as part of a governmental agenda called 5G Rural First. This is a promotional push dreamed up by urbanite marketeers that purports to be about giving better internet access to country dwellers. In reality, though, good folks have paid £250 a ticket to be used as guinea-pigs in a 1.4 square mile test bed for an untested technology that could have serious implications for their health.

Partners of 5G Rural First include US telecommunications giant Cisco, Microsoft, the BBC and British Telecom, the owners of EE who are bringing 5G to Glastonbury Festival.


5G Rural First also has testbeds on the Orkney Islands and Shropshire and it claims its technology will help dairy cows perform better.

But they are ignoring the evidence of 230 scientists and doctors who are appealing to the World Health Organisation to move the 5G wireless signal from a Group 2B carcinogen to a Group 1, the same as asbestos and arsenic.

They believe that the dangers to health from 5G include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being. And the damage goes well beyond the human race; there is growing evidence of harmful effects to plants, insects and animals.


So where are the protests to halt this threat to our health and wellbeing?

Well, we cannot turn to Extinction Rebellion for help. Last month’s state-organised protests by their “actorvists” against climate change, which brought central London to a standstill, were to provide “hearts-and-minds” support for the zero-carbon-by-2050 promises made by Theresa May in the dying days of her premiership that, unwittingly or not, will bankrupt the country over 30 years.

One of Extinction Rebellion’s founder directors, Gail Bradbrook, went on to head up Citizen’s Online as a “digital inclusion strategy specialist consulting with a wide range of clients such as EE, London Connects and the Cabinet Office.”  There is also a former head of Exxon Mobil on its board as well as Lord Anthony Tudor St. John, a senior consultant to Merrill-Lynch and legal counsel to Shell. Shell is heavily invested in the satellite and aerospace industries which will be involved in the roll-out of 5G.

So what about the Greens? Surely they will be concerned about a new technology that will require the culling of thousands of trees, to successfully transmit its signals? Well, Caroline Lucas and Co were very late to the party. As recently as September last year, she was supporting the “smart agenda”, although the Greens are now talking about conducting a moratorium while the safety risks are assessed.

Glastonbury Town Council, made up largely of Greens, has also been foot-dragging on the issue. It is only now making efforts to catch up with the local grassroots anti-5G movement which had been vigorously trying to draw their attention to the problem for months. However, it is too little, too late. One of the worse EMF hotspots we found on Sunday was when we drove past the entrance to the Chalice Well Gardens at the bottom of Coursing Batch, just before the town.

Glastonbury Town Council is not responsible for the festival site at Pilton, which is in its own parish, and that is why so many of us attended their parish council meeting a few weeks ago. However, it has made no difference.


Michael Eavis, the festival’s farmer founder whose daughter Emily now heads up the four-day event, was leafleted by a local campaigner in Tesco’s the other day.

She said he got annoyed with her and replied:

“Young people are the cause. I bet you have a phone.”

In response, she pulled out of her bag a decidedly unsmart, out-of-date Nokia that, she informed him, was only used for emergencies.

Eavis then told her that he didn’t own a mobile phone. Make of that what you will.

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Test the microwave radiation around you

The Acoustimeter Microwave Radiation Detector is admittedly a bit on the pricey side, but it is one most recommended by professionals who will then take you seriously if you need to make a complaint to your energy supplier or council. 

It accurately measures the totality of the radiation between 200MHz and 8GHz and it covers all mobile phone signals, DECT, Wi-fi, Wi-max, Smart Meters, Digital TV, TETRA and more.

It’s also very simple to use. So why not club together in your neighbourhood and get it here from Amazon, and then your community can keep an eye on what’s happening on your streets?


Please help us to continue supplying you with all the most up-to-date information on health and wellbeing – and also about how it is under attack. A small donation would make a huge difference to our research…Please give here.

9 thoughts on “Glastonbury Festival-goers are revelling in an EMF minefield

  1. Read about who Gail Bradbrook of XR Rebellion and Citizens Online. Find out who she really is and who is backing her financially. People are all so naive and easily manipulated! Humanity is going down the tubes because people are not discerning and just jump on the nearest bandwagon for change that comes by, without looking into the history of its formation and the ‘actors’ driving the movement.

    Please pass this link around so that everyone will know the truth.

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  2. I’m very glad I found your website… I am unapologetically a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist but with good reason. A decade ago I used to co run a monthly event where we exposed the threat of globalism, Agenda 21 etc to the public. Today, I am watching everything we talked about back then, unfolding before our eyes, and there’s little to nothing we can do to stop this evil juggernaut.

    Regarding 5G, I can see exactly where it’s all leading. It’s classic “problem, reaction solution. The so called “Green Lobby” will purposely ignore the protestations of the public about the tree culling (as evidenced in your article) because they’ve been bought and paid for by globalist megacorporations (the usual suspects).

    Eventually, the vile devil worshippers who run this world (politicians and their handlers) will acknowledge the adverse effects 5G is having upon the natural world as a whole… but not until the envirofascists at Extinction Rebellion (or whatever name they think of next) have blamed the devastation on Climate Change™, and have us human cattle earmarked for a miserable existence in whichever megacity we’ve been allotted to… But what about the trees that have been cut down? Well it’s the perfect excuse to begin “regreening” which is directly in accordance with Agenda 21. LOCK, STOCK AND BARRELL, IT’S ALL SEWN UP!

    Call me crazy if you like, but I’ll bet at least two thirds of what I’ve said is on the cards.

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    • Absolutely. You’ve got it a nutshell. Thanks for dropping by and putting it all so succinctly, so that others can benefit from your insight. We have lots on this site about Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, plus the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan of population replacement and Behind the Green Mask. I’ve been writing this stuff for years – so I’m glad to see that there’s been something of a mass wake-up lately. Annie Dieu-Le-Veut.


  3. Is the problem nowadays that not one of us knows who or what to believe anymore. I have read about the effects of 5G and that insects die and we have surely all read about the consequences of that. Plus that this may cause cancer . If I had bought a ticket for Glastonbury I would ask for a refund. i am 73 and it looks to me that finally its true, the lunatics HAVE TAKEN OVER.

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    • All of the 5G related technologies for the IoA are being brought in through Admiralty Law (Military) and Merchant Law (commerce). It bypasses the legal jurisdictions with which we are familiar. The government cannot install this technology unless the people say yes to it. YOU HAVE SAID YES TO IT UNWITTINGLY through SILENCE. Their motto is “silence is acquiescence” in Merchant Law. People need to learn about the Jurisdictions in which the elite are operating and learn how to take back the power that belongs to us. Things have been operating this way for a long time and it is only coming to light through the power of the internet (which is a double-edged sword).

      There is a mass “Notice of Liability” being launched in the UK by a group called InPower (founded by Cal Washington – look him up on Youtube). He started in Canada and then went to America, and now he is working with groups here in the UK, Ireland, Australia and other European countries. They have figured out the correct steps to combat this problem. Please get informed! There is also a website that is very informative about understanding JURISDICTIONS and knowing WHICH one you are in. I will list both these links below. London is INCORPORATED. It is a business.

      InPower –
      The Bridge –

      And yes, the green movements (ie, XR Rebellion – the Yellow Jackets – and the Chicago Plan – every country has their own version) – they are all false fronts that have been hatched and backed by Chatham House and top level people in government. They want to use climate disasters (which they engineer) to enforce smart meters and all things 5G. It’s a trap.

      Go out and do some serious research, and you will be amazed at what you find if you really dig.

      But don’t judge the corporations or leaders, because that would be to judge yourself. We are complicit for wanting easy lifestyles and little to no responsibility for our lands and communities. We all got lazy and now we have to get informed and work to take things back in hand. We have the power to turn things around by uniting and not letting them divide us. (Divide and Conquer is what they know best.) If we resist that tactic and come into unity and knowledge, we will shift the probabilities and take our proper places on earth as the custodians we were meant to be.

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