Mass microwaving of hundreds of thousands at Glastonbury Festival – here’s the video evidence

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In my previous article about the testing of 5G technology at this year’s Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, I wrote about how we tested the EMF frequencies around the Pilton site about five days before the crowds began to arrive.  At this point, EE and British Telecom were just setting up their presence, and promising to keep the voltage of their 5G EMF pulses low. However, our electromagnetic frequency meter was bleeping alarmingly and flashing red.

EMF meter

There is no universally agreed safe limit for this untested technology and 230 scientists have written to the World Health Organisation saying that the global watchdog’s deemed safe levels are in fact too high.


During the festival itself, we heard reports that some people were experiencing classic symptoms associated with 5G radiation such as bad headaches, nose bleeds and stinging eyes.

Over the course of the weekend,  Simo Zia made a series of videos in which tested the EMFs around the site. He found levels that he said were 1,000 times more than the natural voltage of the human body.

Simo had his account wiped off Facebook for reporting the truth that the telecommunications industry doesn’t want us to know about, but so far his videos have managed to survive on You Tube, and so here they are:

29 June – peaking at 6.00 


Simo explains in video this what these voltage readings mean for our health.

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Reduce your exposure to EMFs

The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by investigative health journalist Nicolas Pineault is a simple and unconventional book that will teach you exactly how to reduce your exposure to this brand new 21st-century pollution without going back to the Stone Age.

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Test the microwave radiation around you

The Acoustimeter Microwave Radiation Detector is admittedly a bit on the pricey side, but it is one most recommended by professionals who will then take you seriously if you need to make a complaint to your energy supplier or council. 

It accurately measures the totality of the radiation between 200MHz and 8GHz and it covers all mobile phone signals, DECT, Wi-fi, Wi-max, Smart Meters, Digital TV, TETRA and more.

It’s also very simple to use. So why not club together in your neighbourhood and get it here from Amazon, and then your community can keep an eye on what’s happening on your streets?

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12 thoughts on “Mass microwaving of hundreds of thousands at Glastonbury Festival – here’s the video evidence

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  1. Exactly…for the sheeple everything will be hidden almost to the last days of this inhuman system. Mon Dieu, poor festival goers, are they involuntarly being “engaged” as guinea pigs ???

    PS however, there is something positive even in word omerta : it contains OM 😉

    Greetings from France.

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  2. They pretend we are supposed to be ashamed of being “consumers”, then they make damn sure there is nothing else the economy will allow someone to be. They used organized criminal methods to ensure this, even while they have a monopoly on investigating organized crime with the full authority of the government arsenal. Then they at the same time encourage people to become avid consumerites for “faster speeds” on the internet, even while they are actively securing full censorship powers, both covert and overt, so as to make it nothing but a front for murdering people in a selective way, via that “social credit score” system, which is of course also split into “overt” and “covert” lists that enable the former to act as a screen for the latter. It is a multi-layered cake of evil.

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  3. you guys who have the technical knowledge write an article fit for Avaaz or another one of these mass mailers with good following or more than one, and you will collect hundreds of thousands signatures.

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  4. I contacted EE to which the reply was totally expected you know theres no problem with 5g so replied with a video of Dr Barrie Trower… no response

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    1. Good try. But they are under the law of ‘omerta’. I once had a guru who said: “If a tiger bites your head off, you don’t go to ask it to sew it back on again.” We need to awaken the people who live in the jungle that there’s a man-eating tiger around, so they can deal with it.

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