Countering the psych warfare of the psychos

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

Steve Baker MP, one of the Eurosceptic Tories in the British parliament, recently tweeted out about the problem of May covertly signing Britain’s military up to the EU’s defence force. At the same time, he sent out a link a new EU think tank paper, The Future of Warfare, and it makes for very interesting reading, particularly about how modern warfare will be mainly conducted psychologically online.

The strategy is to seek to cause division in our thinking, and then to widen those gaps. This is what we’re being subjected to now. All the real, grassroots evidence shows that most of the country wants to leave the European Union, but the material coming past our eyes on the mainstream media tells us the opposite because it is designed to make us suffer, feel isolated and lose confidence.

An example is the fake news released by George Osborne’s Evening Standard yesterday that most of the country now wants to remain in the EU, and I unravel this canard further down.

But The Future of Warfare quotes the 19th century Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz, who said:

“Hence to fight and win in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

Another quote concurs entirely with my understanding that whoever authors the narrative which gains the most authenticity becomes the authority to rule the land.

“Violence, like Twitter, is a means of communication, and future wars will be determined by those whose story wins.”

In other words, those who we allow to author the new narrative will become the authorities that rule us. We are in an information war, and it will only get worse as the weeks and months progress. They have to win “hearts and minds” to their cause because no government, unless it is completely Stalinist/Maoist totalitarian, can rule without our consent.

psych warfare

Alastair Campbell’s Acid Trip Maths

I’m putting these two maps up here to counter Alastair Campbell’s “Acid Trip Maths” which George Osborne’s Evening Standard used to bolster Campbell’s new campaign for a “Peoples’ Vote” aka a second referendum.

Brexit Britain
Blue equals Leave and yellow equals Remain. The map on the left shows the story on referendum night in 2016, and the one on the right shows the result of the vote last June.

The two maps, both from BBC News, show the real state of play as to how thinking has moved as of June. And if anything, since both parliament and the EU have now thoroughly uncloaked, I think the blue of the Leavers will now be completely drowning out the few yellow beach heads of the Remainers.

Don’t worry about the yellow of Scotland. Scotland is always shown much bigger than it is, geographically, on maps of Britain, and it accounts for only 14% of the total population. It shows here the vote for the SNP nationalists who ironically for a party that continually bleats on about independence, wants to remain in the EU.

Actually Campbell is intelligent enough to know that a second referendum would be suicide for the Remain camp. But holding the spectre of it over the heads of Leavers, accompanied by some distinctly dodgy numbers, will help to dishearten them so that they give in.

He’s done his usual jiggery pokery and cherry-picked some polls from just one government-sponsored source, YouGov, to produce the conclusion that most of the country wants a second referendum because “Britain wants to Remain in the EU.” This is also the line that the Republic of Ireland’s Leo Varadkar is following and it’s to give the impression that Boris is some kind of rogue prime minister.

But as a very wise woman once said to me, “Figures lie and liars figure”.

Campbell’s conclusions are not borne out by a) the other polls that he chose to ignore and b) the Euro elections in June that caused an existential crisis for both major parties, Conservative and Labour, by making Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party the biggest by far in the European Parliament. That’s why May was shown the door of Number 10 and swiftly replaced by another prime minister with a brand spanking new ‘Brexit do or die’ message.

Boris instantly stole all the clothes of The Brexit Party – the colours, themes, policies… everything – in his bid to save his party from extinction. Whether or not he achieves any kind of Brexit that is recognisable to most Leavers is still uncertain. But the latest poll from Opinium (see below) shows a huge landslide for Leave parties should they combine forces.


Other polls show a general picture emerging of about 50% wanting hard Brexit, a further 15% wanting soft Brexit, and the rest are Remainers and Don’t Knows. But you’ll be told a very different story by the Remainstream media over the next few crucial weeks in order to dishearten you. So please don’t fall for it.

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