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How to overcome a Death Cult

It’s easy to recognise when you’re being attacked by a member of a Death Cult like Extinction Rebellion. It’s when you point out all the geological, meteorological, archaeological, cosmological and genetic evidence for the continuing cyclical rising and lowering of sea levels due to climate change over at least 400,000 years, and they respond with the admonishment “but that’s just denial and hate speech!!”.

You can show them data to prove that even today, when the Earth is bouncing back from a Little Ice Age, it is still not as warm as it was during the Minoan, Roman and Medieval Warming periods.  But their eyes just glaze over.


They actually can’t hear what you say. All the facts you carefully present are totally ignored in favour of turning the discussion into one about your “terrible behaviour”. Instead of engaging with the real scientific evidence as opposed to massaged computer models based on fake data, they try to make it all about you and your shortcomings, which amount to an attack on them personally.

“So you’re calling me stupid, are you?”

Well, if the cap fits …

This is what’s known as identity politics. The real science is discarded or overlooked entirely to make the discussion all about what a horrible, hateful person you are and it’s all your fault if the planet dies. And this, by the way, is what they indoctrinate into our children and grandchildren, in the hope of putting the generations against one another.

My advice is. .. don’t let these destroyers talk you out of your ‘hate speech’. Our utter contempt and disdain for such a message of evil, which will decimate everything we have all worked for all our lives, is part of who we are. What they call our hatred is the flaming candlewick of the spirit of our survival, and unless we are going to live in a world governed by Stockholm Syndrome, we have to use its searing heat to fight back against our enemies with all our might.

My ‘hatred’ of my enemies is what keeps my spirit burning warm, alchemically, at night and it fuels my creativity. It is my sword … the sword of my intellect about which Jesus is quoted in Matthew:

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

In the information war that we find ourselves in, we need our swords, and we don’t make peace with our enemies because the “love and peace” they so stridently demand of us would actually be cowardice and appeasement.

3D Summerlands Cover small

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