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The Dummies Guide to what is REALLY happening with our climate

The real story of “climate change” can be told in just 300 words and three pictures. It is that while the temperature of the Earth has fluctuated by a matter of a couple of degrees centigrade over the past 120 years, overall, there’s not been much change at all.

This graph gives the true picture since the 1900s. It was plotted from real data by David Finch, a real scientist who used to be employed in that capacity by our government when it was interested in supporting the truth.

David John Finch's climate data

The green line shows the true picture. It is derived from the Global Historical Climate Network Daily database which comprises some 40,000+ weather stations around the globe. The red and orange lines plot the narrative that NASA wants you to believe, even though it purports to use figures from the same data source.

As you can see from the green line, there’s not been much change since the beginning of the last century. And if anything, it was much warmer in the 1920s.

You can zoom out to see the bigger picture by looking at this Greenland GISP2 map, which is based on ice cores that reveal data going back 10,000 years.


It shows that, even today when the Earth is recovering from a Little Ice Age, we haven’t reached warming to the level of the Minoan, Roman and Medieval warm periods, when grapes were grown in vineyards in the north of Britain. Do you see that small red upwards line in the bottom right corner, after the Little Ice Age? That’s what so-called “climatologists” are trying to cause mass panic about.

In fact, ice core data from Vostok tells us that the Earth has been fluctuating in temperature for at least 400,000 years, with long ice ages followed by equally long periods of warming.

If you’d like to know more about what our climate is really doing, David Finch has a Facebook group called Climate Learning Open Group which you would be very welcome to join.

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