Can 5G technology cause you to get the coronavirus?

Well … only in as much as high electromagnetic frequencies have been shown to damage the organs and the immune system, thus creating the well-known “underlying health conditions” that gives the coronavirus free rein to cause havoc in the body.

5G does have the capability of reaching those high frequencies although, in the small pockets where it has been rolled out, it is being operated at much lower and safer levels.

However, there are other factors actually in existence right now that cause equally bad underlying health conditions, such as:

  • Cities like London and New York – both coronavirus hotspots – which are like moving traffic jams pumping out high levels of carbon monoxide that damage the lungs.
  • The Standard American Diet, which creates a high level of glucose in the body that the virus feeds off. SAD also causes obesity and diabetes – these were two major underlying health conditions of those who have died this year.
  • Smoking – even cigarette manufacturers now agree that smoking harms the lungs. Vapers also inhale harmful chemicals and very fine particles which cause lung disease.
  • Hard drugs, like cocaine, meth and even Ecstasy, gradually weaken the body and destroy brain cells.
  • Alcohol – too much damages the liver.

The other thing we have to consider is that the coronavirus is now in more than 180 countries, but many of them barely have 4G, let alone 5G.

I agree, though, that 5G is a risky thing. I’ve written several articles pointing out why such high electromagnetic levels are bad for our health, and how 5G has the capability of reaching those levels. On top of that, it could also be used to mine our data and control us, and there is evidence that certain people would use it that way in a trice.

However, I do believe that the coronavirus has swept the Chinese telecoms company Huawei off the table for now, and that should set the 5G agenda back for a couple of years. President Trump won’t have them in America. But here in Britain, we were stuck with Huawei building our 5G infrastructure because the previous PM Theresa May had signed the deal before leaving office. But another major set back for Huawei is it can no longer get its computer chips manufactured by Taiwan … and they had forgotten to steal the intellectual property.

So I think 5G is something we should keep an eye on because of the high frequencies it is capable of reaching – in the wrong hands. But for me, it’s not the most urgent concern. Right now, I’m concentrating on supporting those who are looking for a cure for the coronavirus, despite intense media derision. The sorts who are standing up to the Bill Gates of this world who want to vaccinate us all with Lord knows what, and who are defunding the WHO.  

He’s far from perfect. In fact, he’s a flawed genius – but then the best geniuses usually are!