Welcome to The Holistic Works!

Pages and pages of mind-body-spirit solutions to help you get well and stay well all under one roof – from aura cleansing to zero balancing and everything in between.

In other words, this is the works!

We hope you enjoy browsing through literally hundreds of news and feature articles to find the best solution to your health problem.

Holistic Healing

In HOLISTIC HEALING you’ll find the most cutting edge complementary health solutions from homeopathic and ayurvedic remedies for Ebola and how to use colloidal silver, to the traditional ancient ‘youthing practises’ of Tibet and how massage helps people with cancer.

We ‘re the first to produce a book containing comprehensive and easily searchable information on hundreds of holistic health therapies. It’s The Therapy Book and you can buy it here:

3D-The Therapy Book smaller

Shop GMO-Free in the UK app

We were the first – and still the only company in Britain! – to bring out an app containing the GM status of more than 10,000 foods sold in UK supermarkets, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, which you can download for free!


Mind Body and Soul

We’re also leading the pack in coming up with MIND BODY AND SOUL healing solutions with masses of articles and books from leading energy healing practitioners, homeopaths, nutritionists, sound healers, Reiki masters and shamans such as:

*Annie Dieu-Le-Veut, author of

Stories in the Summerlands

Stories in the Stars

The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar,

The Grail Mysteries and

The Bright World of the Gods.

banner milky way square

*Ishtar Babilu Dingir, author of

Lord of the Dance: Life in an Indian ashram with Sai Baba

Herbal Medicine

In HERBAL MEDICINE you’ll find advice from Indian ayurvedic doctors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and even your own country’s indigenous folk herbal remedies that have worked well for thousands of years.

Nutrition Advice

In FOOD FOR THOUGHT you’ll get the very latest news on what’s happening with genetically modified foods in your country, plus vaccines and the chemicalisation of our food and waters. And we’ve lots about that in SHOP GMO FREE and BIG CHEM NEWS. We also have an app, Shop GMO Free in the UK, which is free and you can Download it here.

Sound Healing

Our new section on SOUND HEALING contains many interesting articles about this newly rediscovered form of ancient healing and also information about some exciting new sound healing products designed by  Colin Kingshott, which you can buy on our sister site, The Holistic Health Store.

So we hope you find what you’re looking for here! We’re sure you will!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Holistic Works!

  1. Hi there, would you be interested in putting up my books Energy EFT For Teenagers & Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie, both are available on Amazon? I am an EFT Therapist in Oxfordshire UK. There is lots of clinical evidence that EFT works in the classroom and for anxieties, stresses, fears, overwhelm, grief, trauma, PTSD and anything else with emotional attachment.


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