Have a Supergreen Christmas! Great sound healing gifts for healthy friends!

Supergreen Sound Essences

Supergreen Sound Essences come from the development lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, just like many other exciting new bioresonant health product ranges that we’re now selling on The Holistic Health Store.

Colin says that his Supergreen Sound Essences contain the subtle nutritional vibrations of Nature in her various edible forms, which nourish us on the mind-body-spirit level with her bioresonant songs. Continue Reading

Protecting your aura and astral wellbeing this Christmas

Aura BioSonics

Aura BioSonics is a range of beautiful essences and sprays containing the vibrational resonance of plant and flower songs that have been created by sound healer Colin Kingshott whose products are on the cutting edge of what’s possible now that science is opening up to take into account the energetic body.

Take Aura BioSonics to benefit from emotional wellbeing at the cellular level and protection of your aura. They are all useful pick-me-ups to carry with you at this time of year when the Lord of Misrule reigns. Continue Reading

How to bring some real Christmas spirits into your Yule-tide


By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

If you dig deep enough, underneath all the plastic hype, bling and glitz, Yuletide is actually a real and very potent time of year for Earth magic, as the fiery arrow of Sagittarius flies towards the Bull of fertility, and the Horned One of Capricorn springs into action at the Birth of the Radiant Child on the Winter Solstice.

In this article, I explain how you can join in the magic too, wherever you are, by turning yourself into a living and breathing advent calendar!

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Kiddyology Fairy Pillow Spray – getting them off to sleep on Christmas Eve

Kiddyology Sprays

Kiddyology Sprays is a unique range of healing products that we’ve developed especially for children – although adults can ask their kiddiwinkles for permission to use them too! These beautifully aromatic sprays are for children to use around their rooms and aura for self help.

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Kiddyology Wizard Pillow Spray – gets budding magicians off to sleep before Santa arrives!

Kiddyology Sprays

Kiddyology Sprays is a unique range of healing products that we’ve developed especially for children – although adults can ask their kiddiwinkles for permission to use them too! These beautifully aromatic sprays are for children to use around their rooms and aura for self help.

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Sugar tantrums or sleeplessness waiting for Santa? Try our special flower essences this Christmas!

Kiddyology Essences

tantrums KiddyologySugar tantrums? Hyperactive? Can’t get to sleep waiting for Santa? And that’s just you!

Try our Kiddyology Essences – from bed wetting, thumbsucking and terrible twos to fear, shock, divorce and dyslexia, we have the right essence for your little one’s needs!

Kiddyology flower essences have been designed by sound healer Colin Kingshott to heal, empower and inspire children – but grown-ups can ask their children for permission to use them too!

They’re a wonderful support for toddlers, children and parents because they’re preserved in vegetable glycerol which gives a sweet taste and makes them gentle, safe and alcohol-free – plus, like most flower essences, there are no known contra-indications. We’re proud to be associated with such a cutting edge product that supports children of today and helps them through their growing pains as they traverse the up and downs of life.

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Gift the harmonic healing of sea shells and sea flowers this Christmas!

FrequenSea Essences, Sprays and Spa

Deep sea healing at Christmas

sea shells With our gorgeous FrequenSea essences, sprays and spa products, you don’t need to live on the coast or be a deep sea diver to bask in and benefit from the wonders of the deeps. We’ve encapsulated the bioresonant qualities of sea shells, seaweeds and sea flowers to bring harmonic healing from the choirs of marine life into your life in an easy and accessible way.

Frequensea Essences, Sprays and Spa products make wonderful gifts for tucking in Christmas stockings – or hang them on the Yule tree!

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A wonderful Christmas gift for balancing the chakras with songs of flowers and crystals!

Chakra Oils

Each of our beautiful Chakra Oils sings with bioresonant sounds of semi-precious stones and other gifts from Mother Nature’s rich cornucopia. We’ve used natural dyes for the colours and added fragrant essential oils and absolutes.

These spray oils are excellent for clearing, purifying and balancing the chakras and are used by many healing practitioners over a range of different healing therapies. They are also ideal for helping to cope with the mental and emotional stress of conflicting family values or awkward relatives at Christmas.

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Christmas night – time to wallow in some sound healing luxury with Bach flowers!

Bach Flower Spa

woman-detox-bath-recipesBask in a luxurious Bach Flower bliss!

It’s Christmas Night and someone else is doing the washing up, so you can have some well-deserved Me time… time to wallow in sound healing luxury with our deliciously gorgeous Bach Flower Spa products!

All of our luxurious and deliciously aromatic Bach Flower Spa products are made with shea butter and cocoa butter and blended with essential oils and Vitamin E. The shower and bath gels are fully foaming and beautifully cleansing with aloe vera and calendula extract. They are free from harsh sulphates and parabens and, to complement our butter products, we use aloe vera rich cream with sweet almond oil and coconut butter.

They also make great gifts and stocking fillers!

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Coral Sound Healing Essences – perfect stocking fillers for Yule


FrequenSea Coral Luminaries

If flowers are the stars of the Earth, then perhaps these extraordinary other-worldly and vibrant calcium carbonate blooms, built by microscopic sea creatures, could be called the stars of the bottom of the deep blue sea.

These stunning marine coral luminaries – like submarinal stars – create their own harmony of the spheres when they vibrate with octaves of sound that create frequencies of colour – and from which sound healer Colin Kingshott has derived essences which help us to bridge dimensions as well as connect with our Divine feminine and masculine selves.

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Unique healing gift – an exciting upgrade on Bach flower essences that encapsulates sound healing

Bach Flower Sound Essences

girlrbnatureWelcome to an exciting 21st century upgrade on the original flower essences that were discovered by the English homeopath Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s.

Already very successful in helping to dispel negativity and rebalance the mood at a deep level, Bach Flower Sound Essences carry an enhanced potency by adding in technology based on new discoveries about sound healing, using vibrations from Nature which will quickly rebalance and reharmonise your wellbeing at the atomic level.


If you want to feel better this Christmas so that you can enjoy the festivities, do check out these essences to see which one will suit you best. You can pay us through your PayPal account and we’ll ship it straight to you.

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Absolutely unique Christmas gift spray – to balance and calm the aura with the gentle healing of butterfly wings

Butterfly BioResonance Sound Sprays

With one of these wonderful Butterfly BioResonance Sound Sprays in your medicine box, you’ll be able to build something very special into your energetic healing – the beating of the wings. These unique cutting edge remedies are made from new sound technology which has encapsulated the vibrational sound of the beating of wings into each healing product. Continue Reading