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Canada’s NFU calls for halt in sale of GM alfalfa seeds

Saskatoon – The National Farmers Union (NFU) has written to Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay asking him to take immediate action to stop Monsanto licensee, Forage Genetics International, (FGI) from selling genetically modified (GM) alfalfa seed in Canada this spring. The NFU also asked the Minister to put border controls in place to prevent importation of contaminated conventional alfalfa seed from the USA. Continue reading

General Mills to label all GMO foods – thanks to Vermont!

A watershed moment has just occurred in food transparency. General Mills (GM), the same company that tried to impair genetically modified food-labeling by donating more than a million dollars to defeat legislation in several states, is about to label its products containing genetically modified ingredients.

Along with being part of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) – Big Food’s national lobby group, GM has announced that it will label all their products if they contain genetically modified ingredients. Continue reading

Most meat in the UK comes from animals fed on GM feed

This article is not from a swivel-eyed conspiracy rag, unless we consider the Daily Mail as such. On The Holistic Works, we’ve been pointing out the same thing for years … and have even produced a specially-created app which is free of charge and that gives you GM information about thousands of foods on sale in the UK – including those that are GM, and those that contain meat and dairy from animals fed on GM-feed. You can download our free Shop GMO-Free in the UK app here. Continue reading

The Great GMO Food Labeling Fight: What Now?

Twenty-two years after the controversial introduction of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) into the U.S. food supply, with no independent safety testing nor labeling required, a critical mass of Americans1 have made it clear that they want to know whether the food they are eating contains genetically engineered (GE) ingredients.

Another significant segment, organic and natural health consumers, have made it clear that, given a choice, they will refuse to buy GMO-tainted foods, spending approximately $55 billion a year on foods labeled as “organic,” “non-GMO,” or “100 percent grass-fed.” Continue reading

UN conference attempts to force adoption of GM crops and livestock

(Rome, Monday 15 February, 2016) Just when the biotech companies that make transgenic seeds are merging, the corporate vision of biotechnology is showing up at FAO.

At today’s opening of the three-day international symposium on agricultural biotechnologies convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, more than 100 social movement and civil society organisations (CSOs) from four continents have issued a statement denouncing both the substance and structure of the meeting, which appears to be another attempt by multinational agribusiness to redirect the policies of the UN agency toward support for genetically-engineered crops and livestock. Continue reading

The Bill Gates Foundation is ‘breaking traditional farmers’ in Africa

We hear so much from the Bill Gates media about how GM foods are so necessary for starving people of Africa. This article from a presentation by Mariam Mayet is in a series which features interviews with grassroots African leaders working for seed and food sovereignty, the decolonization of Africa’s food system, and the preservation of traditional farming practices.

Continue reading

Taiwan bans GMO food in its schools

Another country is taking action on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Taiwan has banned schools across the nation from serving GMOs to students, citing health and safety concerns. Taiwanese legislature passed amendments to the School Health Act a few weeks ago to stamp out raw genetically modified ingredients as well as processed food containing GMOs. Continue reading

Find your nearest GM-free supplier at the touch of a button with our free app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK

One of the great features of our free-to-download Shop GMO-Free in the UK app is a quick fire button to help you quickly find your nearest organic and GM-free suppliers. Continue reading

BBC Panorama under attack for its false portrayal of GM aubergines in Bangladesh as a ‘success’

By GM Watch

BBC Panorama’s programme, “GM Food: Cultivating Fear”, has come under attack from a Bangladeshi journalist for falsely portraying Bt brinjal (eggplant/aubergine) cultivation in Bangladesh as a success. The programme, which aired on 8 June, featured pro-GMO campaigner Mark Lynas visiting a Bt insecticidal brinjal field and enthusing about the performance of the crop, which was claimed to reduce insecticide sprays and help farmers avoid the effects of pesticide poisoning. Continue reading

Tell the World – which products in UK shops contain GMs

The power of social media is ballooning every day, with politicians and various other assorted villains becoming more and more wary of becoming the subject of a Twitter bomb, or a huge furour on Facebook.

This is why we’ve incorporated a very special feature in our free-to-download app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK, in which you can instantly tweet or send into your Facebook stream the GM-status of any food item. Continue reading

TTIP, which will bring GM foods flooding into our shops, has now been rubber stamped through EU parliament

Today I heard that certain members of the European Commission were expressing concern, after the Greek referendum No vote, that the ‘contagion of democracy’ may spread further to other countries.

It’s when this sort of sentiment trickles out from what is in effect an unelected, unaccountable and unaudited ruling junta of non-tax paying billionaires that we can start to see the writing on the wall. Then we begin to realise that letters, petitions and protest marches will do nothing to change their minds in the voting on TTIP today because few of them are interested in what we think; they’re not even pretending that we live under a democracy anymore. Continue reading

TTIP will bring GM foods flooding into our shops, and they won’t be labelled

Currently, all food producers selling their products in the UK are legally required to list on the package label when it contains GM ingredients … but all that is set to change under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

When TTIP passes through Parliament into law here – I’m not saying ‘if’ because of how much MPs are being bribed to pass it – GM foods will come flooding into our supermarkets and the packets won’t be labelled. This is because there will no longer be any law to say they should be. The British public is already being mentally prepared by heavily-biased propaganda television programmes and as we speak, Monsanto is planning on moving to Britain, no doubt to be better placed to mop up all the tax-free breaks on this new windfall. Continue reading