Turmeric now officially a ‘smart cancer killer’

Turmeric has long been one of the most prized spices from the East, but its benefits extend far beyond the wonderful flavor and color it lends to many recipes. The health-promoting properties of turmeric have been known for millennia, but only recently has it been discovered that the bright orange spice is also a powerful ally in preventing and curing cancer.

It’s been cultivated for more than 5,000 years in the tropics of Asia, where the brown-skinned root with the bright-orange flesh has been valued for the treatment of a number of conditions including “toothache, chest pain, urinary tract infection, flatulence, jaundice, menstrual discomforts, bruises, hemorrhage, and colic.”

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Eight essential oils to relieve asthma and other respiratory conditions

Asthma is a chronic or acute inflammation of tissue that causes the lungs and airways to swell.  When asthma attacks occur, the inside walls of the airways become inflamed, causing them to become sensitive and making breathing hard. Symptoms include wheezing, chest tightness, coughing, and breathing problems.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils that come from the aromatic compounds of a plant. They are extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots and other parts of certain plants.

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Liver-protecting molecule hidden from the public

By Mike Adams

I’ve recently learned that the U.S. federal government is actively blocking the public from learning about an herbal molecule from licorice root that can be added to alcoholic beverages to dramatically reduce the liver toxicity caused by alcohol consumption.

The liver protective effects of this plant-based molecule are astonishing, yet the TTB (which regulates alcohol) is demanding this molecule be censored from public knowledge and not mentioned on alcohol labels. Continue reading

The Real Truth About Essential Oils That Nobody Talks About


By Anya V

Despite the fact that thousands of people report successful use of essential oils to help treat various health ailments, mainstream medical community tries to dismiss their claims.  Essential oils are everywhere; if you follow any blogs, you will find them in DIY, survival, natural health, and mommy blogs. So do essential oils really work, or are they just expensive fragrant quackery? Continue reading

In the Alchemist’s Garden – The Passage of the Snail

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

The ancient Egyptians honoured the scarab or dung beetle for several reasons, and not least because it oriented itself and navigated its path via the Milky Way.

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The Ayurvedic herbal cure for Ebola-like symptoms

Most of us are beginning to see through the latest piece of Theatre of the Macabre – about there being a possibility of an Ebola epidemic in countries outside of Africa – and realising that it’s just the usual suspects up to their usual tricks. As we witness the booming share price of the Monsanto company, Tekmira Labs, which has developed the only possible vaccine for Ebola, we can start to get a handle on the real truth behind the so-called Ebola epidemic. (If you’re still not sure what’s going on, please read my article: Ebola Turning Out to be Joint Psy and Biowarfare from George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates.) Continue reading

Top five powerful herbs to combat fatigue naturally

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Natural cough remedies – part 2: In praise of the common mallow


By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

Common mallow, I’ve come to realise, is probably the most under-rated herb in my garden. I bought it a few years ago when I needed something to fill up a damp corner that never gets any sun. It seemed to be quite unimpressive looking, with its dull bluey-green leaves, but I thought it would do to fill the space. Instead, it has turned out to be a stalwart friend in times of need, with a myriad of medicinal benefits that I had no idea about before. Continue reading

Overcoming infertility with Chinese herb schizandra chinensis

Schizandra chinensisBy Kyle J Norton

Fertility is a natural process to insure the survival of human species. Through natural selection, we produce many offspring when the reproductive system works at its peak in the suitable environment with plenty foods around. On the other hand, the reductive system may completely shut down, or work at its minimum state, and we produce fewer offspring when the environment is hostile, including fewer foods around, war, epidemic, etc. But regardless, most women are capable to conceive sometimes before menopause. Continue reading

Natural cough remedies made with herbs and honey

pexels-photo-811106.jpegBy Ishtar Babilu Dingir

If like me, you’ve been the victim of a nasty virus, you’ll know that once all the streaming, sneezing and sniffles are over, you’re often left with the legacy of a nasty cough which won’t seem to shift. My ex-husband had a similar virus and, he told me, his cough went on for weeks afterwards. Mine, in the end, would dive underground during the day – only to rise up at four in the morning and wake me up with a persistent hacking cough. I also found that the coughing put enormous strain on my back muscles which ached like mad the next day. Continue reading