How to source wild ingredients, sustainably and ethically,for herbal medicine


By Susan Curtis

The increasing demand for wild plants as ingredients for food, cosmetics, wellbeing and medicinal products poses major ecological and social challenges. Many of the herbs and essential oils we love and use – from juniper and liquorice to elderberry and frankincense – are collected from the wild. In fact it is estimated that around 85% of medicinal and aromatic (MAP) plant species used in herbal medicine are gathered from the wild. Continue reading “How to source wild ingredients, sustainably and ethically,for herbal medicine”

The multiple healing qualities of the herb burdock


Burdock is one of those seemingly magic herbal remedies which is good for so many aspects of our health.

Burdock is popular in both Western and Chinese herbal medicines for its detoxifying effects — it’s a great herb to try if you have skin problems, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin infections. It’s also a traditional liver tonic. Continue reading “The multiple healing qualities of the herb burdock”

Helpful tips for building your own herb garden

herb garden

By Ethan A Huff

Spring is in the air, which means the sweet essences of flowering citrus, leafy greens and other fresh fare are soon to follow. But for some people, joining in on this bountiful chorus with their own vegetable or herb gardens might sound too intimidating, or they’re not exactly sure where to start. If this is you, the following tips will help simplify the learning curve and get you on track to reaping your own delightful harvest right from your own backyard. Continue reading “Helpful tips for building your own herb garden”

How Clematis Brings Us Back To Earth


Photo by Pixabay on

By Judith Reid of Nature Knows Best

For years I used Bach Flower remedies and simply thought of them as essences in bottles, without giving a thought to the actual flowers used to make them. This all changed when I started studying the essences in earnest and now I enjoy going on an adventure in the wilds of Surrey, trying to spot as many as possible.

Seeing the actual flowers, where and how they grow, can often give us clues as to their wonderful qualities. A good example of this is when we look at CLEMATIS.  Last weekend, in between all the excitement of Olympic cycling in Dorking, I came across lots of Clematis when out walking with friends.
Continue reading “How Clematis Brings Us Back To Earth”

The Miraculous Healing Properties of Herb Robert

I’ve had this weed growing in the gravelled part at the front of my house for ages, and I always pull it out. But no matter how often I pull it out, it comes back, and this Spring, there it was again, grown even bigger and spread. I was about to extract it again, when I suddenly noticed that its stalks were a dark red colour and there was a bud on each stalk. Then I looked at leaves, and gradually it dawned on me that what I was looking at was Herb Robert. Continue reading “The Miraculous Healing Properties of Herb Robert”

The Secrets of Australian Aborginal Bush Medicine

The Chinese drank tea from sweet wormwood leaves to cure chills and fevers, Egyptians used a herb from a plant called khella to help pass kidney stones, and all around the world, leeches were placed on sores to stop blood from clotting.

While these traditional methods of treatment are well known natural cures, Australian bush medicine, much like the bush itself, has been very much a mystery…until now. Continue reading “The Secrets of Australian Aborginal Bush Medicine”

Effective natural remedies for hayfever sufferers


So it looks like the hayfever season is nearly upon us again, in the UK.

After a mild winter and then a brief cold snap, the forecasters are warning that the birch pollen hay fever season is starting early this year. It has already begun in the south of the country, and is expected to reach Scotland by mid-April. Continue reading “Effective natural remedies for hayfever sufferers”

Five Top Herbs To Beat the Flu


We’re well into the ‘flu season now, and so what better time to look at natural cures and in particular, herbs that help?

There are no known cures for the common flu but there are many natural flu remedies that are highly effective at easing flu symptoms and reducing the duration of the illness. Certain herbs have been used as natural flu remedies for generations and can provide both protection from the flu and relief of symptoms. Here are the top five anti-flu herbs to keep around. Continue reading “Five Top Herbs To Beat the Flu”

Drink a cup of thyme a day

pexels-photo-135168.jpegby Barbi Trejo

Thyme is a delicate herb which is both pungent and hot with a penetrating fragrance. It is also a fabulous herb for healing a large number of ailments. It is known to increase the flow of urine and to help in menstruation. It helps in the delivery process and prevents miscarriages; in fact, it cleanses all the organs of the body. The Abbess Hildegard von Bingen used thyme for nervous disorders, leprosy and paralysis.

Continue reading “Drink a cup of thyme a day”

What is herbal medicine and how does it work?

pexels-photo-165228.jpegThe government’s announcement today that it would bypass EU legislation in order to stop hundreds of perfectly useful herbs disappearing off the shelves of our health foods shops came as welcome news to the more than six million UK customers who consult herbal medicine practitioners.

Under the new plans, herbal medicine practitioners will have to sign up to a register, by law.

Continue reading “What is herbal medicine and how does it work?”

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