25 behavioural signs that your cat is in pain

Cat owners the world over are familiar with their pets’ individual personalities, habits and preferences, and are adept at spotting when their feline friends’ behaviour differs from the norm. However, understanding what these changes mean can be a much more difficult task.

International veterinary scientists have therefore come together and identified 25 behavioural signs displayed by cats which could indicate that they are suffering pain. Continue reading

Holistic health consumers are more intelligent and more successful in life

By L S Devon

A resilient and courageous heart will set a template for wellness inside, and the answers will come to them, in faith, from nature, from within. People who have struggled with their own health problems and overcame them through personal study and implementation have found that alternative medicine is not alternative at all. It’s the real deal. Nature is alive with answers, and healing starts within.

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Tailored acupuncture lessens pain intensity in chronic pain

Nine weekly sessions of individually tailored acupuncture lessen perceived pain intensity, and improve functional capacity and quality of life, in people with the chronic pain condition, fibromyalgia, finds research published online in Acupuncture in Medicine.

The beneficial effects were still evident a year later, the findings show. Continue reading

The Real Truth About Essential Oils That Nobody Talks About


By Anya V

Despite the fact that thousands of people report successful use of essential oils to help treat various health ailments, mainstream medical community tries to dismiss their claims.  Essential oils are everywhere; if you follow any blogs, you will find them in DIY, survival, natural health, and mommy blogs. So do essential oils really work, or are they just expensive fragrant quackery? Continue reading

The Therapy Book – the best and fullest guide to hundreds of holistic health therapies

By John Board

I’m very pleased to announce that my holistic health therapy guide, The Therapy Book, is now out in paperback. It seems a long time ago now, when the idea first came to me, that I had to write that book. It was because I’d found that there was no one comprehensive resource which contained authoritative information on every holistic therapy available. Continue reading

Holistic remedies for children with worms

by homeopath Marie McLoughlin

Has your child ever had worms or some such parasite?

The word ‘parasite’ comes from the Greek word “parasitos”, which referred to someone who ate at the expense of another. It only later came to be an epithet for someone said to take without giving back, like the perpetual dinner guest who never returns the invitation. Continue reading

Mucus – is it our friend or foe?

It’s interesting to read various conventional, medical reports on mucus and find different answers. They all agree that mucus is our friend – unless we are really sick and overproducing it to the point we can’t breathe.

Accounts vary from saying we produce 1 quart, 1.4 quarts, 2 quarts, or a gallon a day. We can safely say we produce a quart or more of mucus a day. This mucus lines our mucous membranes from our nose and sinuses throughout our digestive tract. Continue reading

Ebola: Solutions and remedies from a classical homeopath

by homeopath Marie McLoughlin

I have been through international airports a few times since the announcement of the Ebola pandemic and, on talking to security and other airport staff, they had no protocol in place or even any word from head office of any precautions they should be taking.

I have had no Ebola patients so far, and I don’t realistically expect to have any in the near future. Nor did I hear from any patients suffering from H1N1 in 2009, or any SARS virus sufferers in 2003, so I am refusing to panic.

Having said that, I did spend some time considering which remedies might be good candidates, such as Genus Epidemicus, ie homeopathic prophylaxis. Continue reading

“Once you understand the difference between orthodox and alternative medicine, you realise there is no alternative!”

Image: Mind Body Spirit Odyssey by Emily Balivet

By John Board

Author of The Therapy Book

You can’t help noticing over the last few years that the growing disillusionment with mainstream health providers is increasing exponentially, as they become more and more mired in endless scandals of cover-ups, fraud and cronyism between the pharmaceutical industry and so-called independent health watchdogs, doctors, physicians and healthcare trusts. Continue reading

How homeopathy heals mosquito bites and bee stings

by Marie McLoughlin

My husband always reacts very badly to bites and stings, especially mosquito bites. His immune system seems to react in an over blown way to the histamine response, and the site of the bite swells, gets red, hot and extremely itchy.

He has even swollen so badly that his leg has been bursting with spots of fluid which his oedema tightened skin could not contain, eeww, nasty!!

So, this time, I took a few pictures to document the amazing properties of the Homeopathic remedy, Apis Mellifica, made from Honey Bee. Continue reading